Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lehigh Hoops: Flying High in '09

With the biggest Lehigh football game of the year upon us this week, what better time to take a look at the Lehigh basketball season? Honestly though, even if Lehigh beats Lafayette this weekend, something has to be done about the football program. Lehigh used to be a perennial powerhouse, and often times competed for the division II title. It was those teams that attracted the kind of Lehigh student that is slowly becoming extinct at Lehigh: the big kid from Pennsylvania who drinks too much. Lehigh is quickly becoming a nerdery it seems and someone has to do something to stop it. Where is Kyle Neptune when we need him?

The Lehigh hoops team is off to a rocky start at 0-2, and will probably not compete in the Patriot League this year, but it can't hurt to dream can it? At first glance at the Lehigh roster, I see this guy. David Safstrom, aka "Sunshine", is just the kind of player Lehigh needs. Look at his stats, in a total of 19 games he has 0 points and 7 rebounds. He is no doubt a defensive stalwart, continuing the tradition of tall awkward guys from Washington. I expect him to add a few rebounds this year that will be more clutch than the Mountain Hawk that bears the same name. A Safstrom for Patriot League MVP campaign is apparently in its early stages already.

Next I wanna introduce you to a real mench, Dave Buchberger. Check out his 3 point percentage. The kid from Cincy clearly made three shots in a row, went on fire, then stepped behind the arc and drained another one. Look for him to keep this percentage up all year and break all the NCAA records.

Next we have Michael Ojo, codename "Mojo". The 6'5" junior went to the same high school as Baron Davis and Austin Croshere. Yeah, and I went to the same high school as the creator of the Island Oasis Frozen Drink Mix. So there. We can all tell stories.

Another guy that caught my eye on this team was John Adams. Hey, hey John Adams. I expect a great year from him.

Finally we have Rob Keefer from my kindergarten alma mater Abington Friends School, and Prentice Small who is probably related to this guy. Yeah, it's a real motley crew these days over at Stabler Arena and I expect nothing less than an NCAA Tournament berth from the Mountain Hawks this year. Yes sir, the Hawks will have us hearkening back to 2004 when they got dominated by FAMU in the play in game. This year, let's hope that they advance past that play in game for the right to get dismantled by a team like Kansas or UNC. That would be uber sweet. Until then though, let's go Mountain Hawks.


  1. Where have you gone Jose Olivaro? Lehigh nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo.

  2. I think Sheldon still has some years of eligibility left.

  3. He has no years of innocence left though, not after our game of naked staredown on the Zoellner steps

  4. Marquis Hall, Rob Keefer and Zahir Carrington can all ball with the best of the patriot league. I have got a little bit of faith that they can turn some heads this year. They might even get 1,000 fans in attendance for a game or two.

  5. BREAKING NEWS: Lehigh wins their home opener against the Bobcats of Quinnipiac. Huge win for the M Hawks.

  6. From what I've observed, I'm not too concerned about nerdery overtaking Lehigh. As long as the Natty Light keeps flowing...