Monday, November 9, 2009

Upon Further Review

You know what really grinds my gears? Referees that suck. I'm not going to say that the Eagles lost the game last night because of one call, but it certainly didn't help. On top of a terrible ball spot on the previous play, the Eagles got hosed on a ball spot on 4th and inches in the 4th quarter last night. Of course, Dandy Andy Reid threw the red flag and the play was reviewed. After a minute or so of reviewing the play, the referee came out from under his little shelter and simply said "Upon further review, the play stands." Are you kidding me? Sure I was upset that the Eagles didn't get the first down, but seriously, referees need to be a little more eloquent when they turn their mics on.

As a result of that play, the Eagles wasted their last challenge and in turn lost their final timeout. The replays they showed on NBC looked like McNabb had gotten the necessary yardage for a first down, but maybe the ref saw something we didn't. Unfortunately, we will never know because all he said after looking at the replay was "The play stands." What a cop out. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. I want to know in detail what he saw that led the play to stand. Not just that it stands. Besides Andy Reid's abysmal challenge record (something like 20% worse than the league average), referees not explaining their decision making is one of the most frustrating things in all of football.

Honestly, has anyone ever complained that a ref has been too wordy with his explanation? Never. When referees explain why they made the call they did, it helps everyone better understand what is going on. When they don't explain their thought process at all, it doesn't help anybody. Did the ref yesterday see McNabb touch the ground before the rest of us? Was the ball placement perfectly accurate? Was their simply not enough evidence to overturn the call? We don't know because the ref hid behind the rulebook call. Grow some balls ref.

Sure I am upset that the Eagles lost the game yesterday, but I am much more upset at the way the referee chose to review and explain that one play. It was a huge play with the game in the balance, and in order to avoid scrutiny perhaps, the ref simply upheld the ruling on the field with no explanation as to why. In this era of high definition and 360 degree camera angles, the referee in last night's game must have seen SOMETHING that led him to uphold the ruling on the field. I think it should be his responsibility, and all refs for that matter, to let us know everything they can about why they made the call that they did. Otherwise, they are just giving us the business out there.

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