Monday, November 2, 2009

Wild Weekend In Philly

I apologize for the layoff in postings. The last several days have either seen me traveling great distances, learning the valuable trade of bar tending, or extremely hungover. This weekend however, I was lucky enough to be in the mecca of the sporting universe: Philadelphia, PA. While the Phils did not perform too well, the Eagles thrashed the Giants to takeover first place in the NFC East, and the Flyers and Sixers both looked very tough. There was lots of beer drinking, plenty of mirth, one drunk Firkey, and plenty of green men.

On Friday I headed down to Philadelphia to revel in what would no doubt be one of the greatest weekends in Philadelphia sports history. The Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and of course Phillies were all playing, and all at home except for the Sixers (who cares). Not to mention, Pearl Jam was also in Philly and performing the last concert ever to be held in the old Spectrum. I have fond memories of the Spectrum as a kid. It was there where I watched Sixers rookie Shawn Bradley take the league by storm as a 7 foot 6, 225 pound center. That height and weight combo always boggled my mind. I also once puked all over the concourse, which lead two of my friends to puke everywhere as well. It was awesome. But anyway, it was great to be back in my hometown, especially with everything going on.

Friday night saw me and B Wells get drunk downtown and try to break into every car we found on the way home. Results: unsuccessful. This night was merely prelude to Saturday though. Saturday: Halloween, World Series, and Flyers. The place to be was in the parking lot on Broad and Pattison. Say what you will about places like Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park or Wrigley Field that are nestled into big cities, but if you ask me I'm taking the set up in Philadelphia. All the stadiums are right next to one another and are surrounded by tons and tons of parking. This maximizes the tailgating possibilities. Every lot was full of fans tailgating on Saturday and the atmosphere was electric. I saw about 5 green men (Firk poured beer all over one) and even found another fan with a Matt Stairs jersey. Unbelievable.

Two things that I learned form my trip is that Green Man has become the official mascot of the city of Philadelphia, and that Cole Hamels has become the exact opposite. It is amazing to see how many cheers a simple green man can elicit from a crowd, and how much hatred a poorly playing Cole Hamels can inspire. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Unfortunately, the Phils did not impress on Halloween night but that is not the point. It was just a thrill to have so much going on in one city. If I lived somewhere in between both cities (say Bethlehem, PA) and had the choice of which city to spend the weekend in, I think that I would definitely have chosen Philly. Especially if I had a free ride from a good friend.


  1. Hey Brother! Sorry for not coming to Philly. Alan Berger was in NYC. Getting hit by a car has not made him any less annoying.

  2. No excuse Pat, you could've easily picked up the SEPTA at the awe-inspiring Mechanic St. Depot.