Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great, Grand, Wonderful!

It appears that the Curtis Granderson deal has gone official today. In a 3 team trade, the Yankees have acquired Curtis Granderson, the D'Backs have acquired Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, and the Tigers have acquired Phil Coke, Austin Jackson, Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth. While I am normally opposed to any moves that the Yankees make, at least this time they are acquiring through trade rather than through their limitless supply of free agent money. Moreover, I think that this trade makes sense for all teams involved. If pressed though, I would argue that the Diamondbacks got the best deal of all participating parties.

While Curtis Granderson may be the big name in this deal, the Tigers and the Diamondbacks did not get the short end of the stick by any means. I don't know much about Austin Jackson or Daniel Schlereth, but they are apparently very highly touted players. I don't think much of Phil Coke, but I thought that a guy named Coke belonged in the Bronx. As for Max Scherzer, he could be the next Justin Verlander, but he failed to break out with the D'Backs and it is always harder to be a successful pitcher in the American League. He still has a high ceiling though. All in all, the Tigers got a good deal in return for two guys, but I'm a little confused as to why they shipped away Edwin Jackson after a good season.

The Yankees certainly upgraded at center field by acquiring Granderson, and in turn upgraded their defense in the outfield altogether as the Melk Man can now play a corner outfield spot. Addition by addition. Offensively though, I don't think this is as good a move as everyone thinks. Granderson's average has been sinking steadily over the years and last year was a meager .249. He is trying for the home run to much, when with his speed he should be hitting the ball on the ground and getting on base. Joe Girardi should put him on the Willie Mays Hayes pushup plan whenever he pops the ball up. He also needs to work on his .188 average against lefties. A good move overall for the Yankees, but Granderson is not as great as he appears offensively.

The real winners in this trade in my opinion are the Arizona Diamondbacks. They add yet another stud arm to their rotation in Edwin Jackson. Last year, he went 13-9 with a 3.62 ERA and 162 K's. Now put him in the NL and watch what happens. Now the D'Backs have an extremely solid rotation including Brandon Webb (if he is healthy), Danny Haren and Edwin Jackson. If their young hitters can ever get it together, they could be a really formidable team. Not to mention, they get a young pitcher in Ian Kennedy with some upside. The Diamondbacks gave up very little, and got a lot back in return. They are the real winners here in a trade where everyone was a winner.


  1. The word on Scherzer by some is that his throwing motion is very poor and puts alot of stress on the arm, And that he will not last long, Schlereth is the son of Mark "stink" Schlereth, of ESPN and retired Bronco and Redskins who won 3 super Bowls,
    I think short term the Yankees come out a winner if Grandeson can start hitting Left handers a little better, But I garee with you the D-Backs may be the long term winner with the addition of Jackson and Kennedy, They may have a Top Level pitching staff

  2. i saw the iron pigs hit kennedy all over coca cola park. its a stretch for him to come back after the surgeries.