Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Look Back

Game's on! GAME'S ON! With the Packers victory last night on MNF coupled with the Vikings bad loss on SNF, I thought back to my predictions at the beginning of the season. I picked the Pack to win the NFC North with the Vikes coming in second. As the Pack continue to look stronger and stronger, especially on D, I began to wonder how my other picks have fared to this point. Let's have a look eh?

NFC East:
I had the Iggs winning the division and the G Men challenging for a wild card spot, followed by the Skins and the Boys hovering around .500. I like where I am at right now with these picks. I think Cowboys fans should adopt this as their theme song, especially with games against San Diego, New Orleans, and the Iggs still to play. I really see the Tony Homo and the Cowgirls going 9-7, the Iggs going 11-5 and the G-Men challenging for a wild card at 9-7 or 10-6. I give myself an A so far on this one.

NFC North:
I had Green Bay winning the division, followed by the Vikes, Bears and Lions. It's a long shot but it could still happen! Think about this, the Jets were 8-3 at one point last year only to go 1-4 down the stretch and miss the playoffs. I doubt the Vikings will miss the playoffs this year, but this is around the time when Old Brett gets a little tired from constant GUNSLINGING. The Pack could close strong and steal the division.

NFC South:
I had the Falcons winning this division and representing the NFC in the Stupid Bowl. D'oh! I did have the Saints making the playoffs though. Ehh? Ehhhh? Clearly the Saints are the class of this division. I did have the Panthers and Bucs right where they are though.

NFC West:
I had this one scoped perfectly from top to bottom. Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog.

AFC East:
The only thing I have wrong in this division is the Jets. They are still fighting for the division after a mid-season slump. The Pats better shape up fast if they are going to make me look good as the AFC Super Bowl representative. Could TPLIYP have a stronger jinx than SI, Madden, Gillette and Casey Dorne combined? We shall see.

AFC North:
Who knew? The Bungals. I had this division all wrong, though I knew the Bengals would be better, and I knew the Browns would be dead last. The Steelers have really disappointed and have let the Bengals take control of this division.

AFC South:
Texans winning the division? Good lord. Clearly messed this one up with the 12-0 Colts securely on top here. Underestimated the Jags as well. I have the Titans right on track though!

AFC West:
I knew the Chargers would win the west, but I had the Broncos finishing in dead last. I hope somehow they still do. I like what I've seen from the Raiders this year, they are really hitting teams in the mouth and look to get better in the coming years. They should turn Jamarcus Russell into a fullback too. I also knew the Chiefs would be bad.

All in all, not too bad I don't think. A few mistakes, especially with the two undefeated teams, but hey I'd like to see you do better. Yes Pat, I'm talking to you. I've attached the links to the original posts if you'd like to take a look.




  1. called out. how bout a lil post on curtis granderson going to the champs?

  2. Which do you like better: C'mon MAAAAN! or JACKED UP!