Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tribute To Some of the Greatest Sports Fans

Here are some of the best videos of sports fans I could find on youtube. In homage to Sportsnation, which is a stupid show but Michelle Beadle is hot, please comment on which one is your favorite. Here we go.

1. I wonder how this guy felt when he found out Uga died.

2. The incomparable Monty G.

3. "Chillin in the sun" = dancing in the elephant suit.

4. Celtics fans are pretty good.

5. Assist to Dorne on this one.

6. I imagine that going into Lincoln Financial Field as a rival fan is similar to marching for civil rights in the South in the early 60s.

7. New York is no picnic either.

8. We don't come close to those soccer hooligans though.

9. Especially not those pussy Chargers fans...or Colts fans. Can't tell.

10. Can't see his face, but it is probably Firk.

11. Also might be Firk.

12. Most action we have seen from the Browns all year.

13. Me, Dump and Dorne were at this game. Dorne muttered "no way he hits this" right before the shot.

14. Did anybody order me a plain cheese?

15. Everyone thinks they are an umpire.


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