Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When's the Next Haley's Comet?

Every once in a while, when Mercury aligns itself with Jupiter and the moon spins without moving, we are treated to one of nature's most beautiful phenomenons, the Double Manning Face. This weekend, if you happened to be looking at your TV as the sun set you were lucky enough to witness this miracle of nature. These sightings are indeed so special because rarely if ever do we see Peyton Manning lose a game anymore. Quite frankly, we were very lucky to see the Double Manning Face this Sunday, because the Colts should have won that game. I for one do not see the point of resting the Colts starters against the Jets. Moreover, you could see it on Manning's Manning Face that game, he wanted to go 16-0.

Rookie coach Jim Caldwell defended his decision to rest his starters against the Jets on Sunday, costing them their perfect season in a 29-15 loss. He argued that a player could have gotten injured and that he wanted his team to be fresh for the playoffs. In my opinion, these are two of the stupidest arguments that I have ever heard for taking players out of the game.

Coaches need to know that you can not protect against injuries. Injuries are freak accidents that can happen any time, on or off the field. Players get injured just as often in practice, does that mean that the Colts starters are not going to practice either? Moreover, taking players out of the game in the second half leads to them not being prepared to play a full game and forgetting what game conditions are like. Leave the starters in for the full game for crying out loud. Peyton Manning has started 206 games in a row, he is in no danger of getting injured out there. Let him go for the perfect season.

Another phrase I hate is players being "fresh" for the playoffs. Rusty is the word I would use. These guys are going to be a step behind guys that have had to play for however many weeks in a row. The Colts can use the bye week that they earned to "freshen up", that's what it is for. For now, keep them playing a full game. Or if you want to take them out, take them out against the Bills, who the Colts backups could probably beat to preserve the perfect season. A perfect season doesn't come around too often, and Jim Caldwell threw it all away for no good reason.

Maybe this I why I like Bill Billabill so much. He never would have taken his players out in this game, and didn't in 2007. He would have used every minute on the clock and every available starter to step on the throat of the other team and then twist his white sneakers, spraying blood all over his baggy fit Dockers. Sure the Pats did not win the Super Bowl that year, but they made it there, and losing had nothing to do with their starters being injured or "unfresh". God, I feel like I am writing for a Summer's Eve ad or something. Every time the Colts have rested their guys, they have ended up bowing outt short of the Super Bowl. From here on out, the protocol should be if you are undefeated, play your starters all the way. For now, we will just have to settle for taking joy in the warmth provided by the Double Manning Face.

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