Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From the Desk of: Patrick Lyons

I stopped by lovely stabler arena this past saturday to check out the mens basketball team. It was your pretty standard crowd of about 300 people. Maybe 6 students(they are on break). And there were no Lehigh cheerleaders. Instead they had the Bethlehem Catholic High School(locally known as becahi) cheerleaders jumping around. Last year the team had a great start with all of there non-conference play but got beat up in patriot league play. They were ranked as the #2 team in pre-season patriot league polls this season. TPLIYP was one site that didnt think the team was going to be any good this year.

Once again you were dead wrong with your prediction about the Lehigh mens basketball team. This team is good. Really good. They have a great balance on offense (four players in double digits last night) and also can play solid defense.

Zahir Carrington and Marquis Hall are great players to watch and have been for the past few years. C.J McCollum and Gabe Knutson are two freshmen that are starting and making a huge difference. McCollum scored 31 points the other night including 7 3-pointers. Knutson and Carrington have the ability to dominate the boards. The patriot league always seem to lack good big men. If Carrington and Knutson can continue to play the way they did saturday night there is no reason this time can't win the patriot league.

Keep your eye on the mountain hawks. They won their 6th straight game last night. The other team looking good in the patriot league is the leopards from lafayette. Both are currently 10-6 and will hopefully meet late into the patriot league tournament. This might draw some nice crowds to Stabler. Serving frosty beers during the game might attract a few more fans as well.


  1. and I quote; "Yeah, it's a real motley crew these days over at Stabler Arena and I expect nothing less than an NCAA Tournament berth from the Mountain Hawks this year. Yes sir, the Hawks will have us hearkening back to 2004 when they got dominated by FAMU in the play in game." COME AFTER ME! IM A MAN! IM 40!...SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!

  2. The last time I saw a gunslinger like CJ McCullom was the guy that shot Will's old rooomate in the head on Birkel.

    LVS (Lehigh Valley Sands, not Las Vegas) should open a sports book for Lehigh athletics, that would make things much more interesting.