Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh. Canada.

I happened upon an article in the USA Today(probably the second most popular newspaper behind the Morning Call) recently that touched upon a change in the attitude of Canadians. With Canada hosting the Olympics this year, the country is feeling very strong pressure to make a statement as a nation by putting on a great show for the world. A big part of making this statement is by winning the most medals of any country. The Canadian government has spent millions of dollars on it's "Own the Podium" campaign in order to make Canada more relevant worldwide, and especially in comparison to the United States. Unfortunately, what Canada fails to realize is that we don't care.

Here in the good old US of A, we are pretty into ourselves. We think our country is the best, and we don't really concern ourselves with any other countries. The only times we bother to learn about any other country is if they have something we want, or if they are doing something wrong. Quite frankly, America's hat will never be in either of those categories.

The USA Today article discussed how Americans don't even know the name of Canada's Prime Minister, yet most Canadians know a great deal about our culture. By pumping money into their Olympic athletes, Canada thinks that it will gain more national confidence, and more respect from other countries. This seems like a pretty feeble attempt to gain notoriety in my opinion. No doubt thought of by a dumb Canadian.

Even if Canada wins the most medals of any country, nothing will really change. Americans won't all of a sudden start reading up on Canadian history and changing their dollars in for Loonies and Two-nies. It is nothing personal, we just don't care enough. The True North Strong and Free will always just be a peaceful, cold country with some French speaking losers, good beer and better hockey players (even though the national sport of Canada is lacrosse for some reason). Best of luck in the Olympics Canada, but if you really want to get the attention of Americans you are going to have to do more than win some medals in Vancouver.


  1. You forgot to mention the paltry CFL, America's dumping ground for guys not tall enough or fast enough to play in the NFL. Besides Celine Dion, the only good thing to come out of Canada are a couple of "ballet" dancers from Ste. Catherine St in Montreal.

  2. Molson sucks. I'm gonna have to say Larry Walker was their finest export.

  3. Someone once called me a right-handed Mike Weir. I told em to fuck off.