Monday, January 25, 2010

Pants On The Ground

Justice was finally served to the Vikings on Sunday evening in New Orleans. With only seconds left on the clock and the Vikings only needing a few more yards for a game winning field goal attempt, the Gunslinger returned. I'll admit that I was beginning to worry that I would have to eat a big Brett Favre trash talking sandwich because, his first interception not withstanding, Favre was throwing darts all over the field up until the final play of the game. However, with the game in the balance Favre threw just an absolute classic interception. I can't describe how dumb this was, and all I could do at the time was smile.

With less than ten seconds left, the Vikings were in position to kick about a 52 yard field goal to win the game. Unfortunately, the gravity of the moment must have gotten to them as on the very next play they got called for 12 men in the huddle. No big deal. Just run another play, get what you can, call time out and trust Longwell to kick the field goal. Brett Favre's brain must just completely shut off in these situations. Much like he did with the Packers against the Giants a few years back, Favre threw away a whole season's worth of "managing his throws" and switched on Gunslinger mode. Instead of just scrambling for the few yards lost on the penalty, Favre for some reason decided to make an on the run, across his body throw to the opposite side of the field. Of course it was picked off. Why would you ever decide to make that throw? Once a gunslinger, always a gunslinger I guess.

One could argue that the Vikings would never have gotten as far as they did without Brett Favre, but I would disagree. The NYJ provided a perfect model for how to win without an established quarterback: running and defense. Do you know any other teams that have a good running game and a good defense? Sounds like the Minnesota Vikings to me. As a matter of fact, if they had just called a simple draw play instead of putting the ball in Favre's hands at the end of the game yesterday, they would probably be flying to Miami right now.

As much as the media can play him up for being "a kid out there" and having so much fun, I will always remember Brett Favre for his interceptions. If he does decide to retire (which he should), Brett Lorenzo Favre will go down in history as the interception king of the NFL. There would be no better way to cement that legacy than for his last play as a pro to be yesterday's interception. Lookin like a fool with an interception in the 4th quarter.

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  1. Apparently Brett spent too much time listening to the LMFAO classic, "I'm in Miami, bitch!" song during halftime, leading to his inevitable bad decision-making. In all seriousness, NFL QB's decision-making skills look like theyre on a bell curve. Old man Favre is supposed to be a cagey Jake Taylor vet, not some rookie making ill-advised throws.