Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TPLIYP Hits 200

Well, it's been over a year and TPLIYP is still in business. Things have changed quite a bit for me in that year and over the last 200 posts. At post 1, I was sitting in my office across from the Schellinator getting myself ready for another brutally boring and painful year at good old St. Sebby's. At post 200, I am sitting in my palatial...imitation...apartment in New Haven, CT trying to ignore the screaming of the crazy lady below me. Over the past 200 posts, I have been right a few times, and wrong a lot of times, as Pat Lyons likes to remind me. In honor of my 200th post, I will be taking a look at my most glaring errors over the past 200 posts. After all, that is why we keep going. To try and get it right next time.

Highest Paid Team Theory
- The biggest error I have made so far, although I think time will prove my overall theory correct, is to predict that the Yanks would not win the World Series this year due to the highest payroll theory. This prediction was doubly painful as the Yanks beat my Phils to disprove this theory. I can take solace in the fact that the Flyers, Raiders and Knicks didn't win the title though. Moreover, I think the Redskins were the highest paid team in football this year. 2 for 2 in football. We got a Situation.

USA Baseball- Ahh the WBC. Seems like it was forever ago. I predicted Team USA to win this one mostly out of xenophobia and the fact that I am way proud to be from this country. This was another doubly painful incorrect prediction as the fate of Team USA came crashing down against Japan almost simultaneously with the clock that landed on my head and sent me to the hospital.

Tiger Woods- I believe I predicted that Tiger Woods would be the front runner in every major tournament last year, and GUARANTEED that he would win the PGA Championship. 0 for 4. God damn it Tiger. Looking back though, Tiger Woods might be the best example of the TPLIYP curse. I endorsed him quite a bit, and look where he is now. Hahah.

MLB Predictions
- Let's start with the positives: I had the Phillies going to the World Series all along. As for the negatives: Cubs winning the Central, D'Backs winning the West, A's winning the West, Indians winning the Central, Red Sox winning the East. Yikes. Baseball is just not my thing. I will not give up though.

NFL Predictions- That brings us to football. Let's see, I picked the Iggs to win the NFC East and the Cowboys to miss the playoffs. I picked the Falcons to win the NFC South and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Massive fail. I had the Pack winning the NFC North and Favre in a wheelchair by midseason. I am happy with how the Vikings season ended though, as you know. In the AFC I had the Pitter Pats winning the Super Bowl, the Steelers winning the AFC North, and the Texans winning the AFC South. Pretty bad, pretty, pretty, pretty bad. My football predictions were another big proponent of the TPLIYP curse. One of my favorite ones was when I predicted Anthony Gonzalez of the Colts would be a huge sleeper this year. Later that week, injury, out for the year.

BB and the NEP- I think every time I picked the NEP to win, they lost. Whenever I praised BB, the team did shitty. TPLIYP might back off of old BB next year. Who am I kidding? I could never stop writing about BB.

BCS Bowl Games
- Wow. Terrible. Just terrible. Tech over Iowa: wrong. Oregon over Ohio State: wrong. TCU over Boise: wrong. Florida squeaking by Cincy: for all intents and purposes, wrong. Texas over Alabama: wrong. TPLIYP curse strikes again. I bet if I had picked Alabama to win, Mark Ingram would have gotten injured and Colt McCoy would be all the rage right now.

That covers most of my prediction hack show over the last 200 posts on TPLIYP. Perhaps in the new year the curse will be reversed, only time will tell. Until then, "the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." I look forward to another year, another 200 posts, and many many more comments from my loyal readers. Many, many thanks.