Sunday, January 3, 2010


New England fans have their hearts in their throats right now as white fan favorite Wes Welker had to be carted off the field after injuring his knee in the first quarter against the Texans this afternoon. When reading the title of this post, you may think that I am questioning Bill Billabill's decision to keep his starters in the game after already clinching a playoff spot. No sir. I am questioning BB's outfit choice. Much like the Dazed and Confused theory that Gerald Ford's football head injuries were effecting the economy, I believe that BB's outfit choices have a serious effect on the Pats. The old trusty grey cutoff has been witness to some of the greatest moments in Patriot history; but when BB deviates from the classic grey bad things happen. BB: stick to the grey!

I know BB is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion, but why is he messing with success? Since he first sported the cutoff sweatshirt, headband and white sneakers, he has tried several variations that have not worked at all. Basically, whenever you see something bad happening for New England, you can trace it back to a BB outfit change. Don't believe me? Let's have a look.

What was BB wearing when Brady got injured? A visor and a windbreaker.

What about the Super Bowl against the Giants? A red hoodie.

What about the Pats two worst losses this year? Same thing for both the Saints and Colts.

Guess what he is wearing today? You guessed it.

What about the spygate game against the Jets? Some kind of weird wide necked wicking t-shirt.

Get the point? Now let's take a look at some of the better moments in New England history and see what outfit BB decided to wear that day.

What was BB wearing when they finished the regular season undefeated? You know it.

What about when they beat the Iggs in the Super Bowl and Firk fought Dill? A touch of grey

Just about every AFC Championship can be attributed to the grey hoodie.

As I type this, the Pats are about to lose to the Texans to close out the season. This game has cost them Wes Welker, and possibly the #3 seed in the playoffs. If you think back to almost every bad loss by the Pats and every good win, there is almost always one common denominator: the grey hoodie. Expect to see it in the playoffs if the Pats are to have any success.


  1. Question: Bill, how do you feel about the pass defense yesterday?
    BB: You know, we want to play well in all facets of the game, running the ball, kicking the ball, returning the ball, catching the ball. We have our eyes set on Baltimore now.

  2. Interesting to hear your comments on the Big 10's domination of the College Bowl season.