Monday, February 15, 2010

D'oh! Canada

America's Hat had some grand plans coming into the Winter Olympics this year. They wanted to "own the podium" and play host to the games in such grand fashion that their national reputation and national confidence would surge to the status of the great countries of the world. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the same old Canada. Not that it really mattered, but Canada is not defying, but continuously perpetuating the stereotypes that they are our dimwitted and simple neighbors to the north. The best words that come to mind when trying to describe the outcome of their master plan for this Olympics are quite simply "epic fail." The games are long from over, but it looks like Canada will never be known for more than the Canadian tux.

Before the Olympic games even began, Canada had already taken an enormous publicity hit. During training, a 21 year old luger from Georgia was killed due to the abnormally high speeds that the luge track produced. The death was attributed to driver error, but it was not the start that Canada wanted to get off to. Perhaps the opening ceremonies could help set things right.

Well, that didn't go very well now did it? I didn't witness the opening ceremonies firsthand, but from what I have read they were just downright embarrassing. Malfunctions everywhere were cause for lots of guffawing from Canada's finest. Here are two great recaps of the embarrassment. Eek. How to lose the world in 10 minutes, huh? Geee wiz.

If there is one stereotype Canada is bucking, it is the cold weather stereotype. The only problem with this is that these are the Winter Olympics we are trying to hold. The land of snow and ice has failed to produce both the former and the latter so far this Olympics, and is causing tons of delays. Though lacrosse is the official sport of Canada as we learned last time, we know that hockey is also their thing. How can they not make ice in the land of hockey? Moreover, we had snow on the ground in 49 states in the U.S. this weekend, how could it rain in Canada? One screw up after another, this is just getting really embarrassing for Canada.

Canada had great intentions, but they just keep screwing things up. Some things are out of their control, but it is almost comical how these mistakes just confirm Canadian stereotypes. Hopefully Canada can turn these Olympics around and maybe start taking home some more medals. Otherwise they will end up worse off in terms of national status than they started. Eh?

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