Thursday, February 4, 2010

Media Day

I bet you thought this post was going to have something to do with the Super Bowl or the amount of TV coverage that the Super Bowl gets. You are wrong you idiot. With a catchy title and a snappy picture I was able to lure you in, but now I am just going to post some quality youtube videos. Yes, today I will be borrowing a page from one of TPLIYP's greatest allies; Tum's Rum. Let me be clear in mentioning that Tum's Rum was not an ally during the Koey reign of terror though. In fact TPLIYP declared an embargo during that regime. In any event, here for your viewing entertainment are some sweet youtube vids that I would like to champion for John Q. Reader.

Before got rid of the pop culture grid, my favorite thing to read about was what was playing on each athlete's iPod. It was mostly dreck, but it was an interesting look into someone's personality. Here is what I have been rocking lately;

Lets start the bidding with a little Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash duet. I was going to include a video created by "AndrewBrownie2" in honor of Andrew Brown, but it featured a weird shirtless dude about half way through.

Next we have a Simon & Garfunkel song that I think is a ripping good one. Especially on a foul weather day such as today.

Third we have Trey Halstead with a mustache. I'm talking of course about Jim Croce. This is the best version I could find of the song. Pretty sad.

No offense to any cops out there, but this song is pretty good. The video is pretty terrible though. Also, foul language is prevalent throughout the song, so be careful.

Last but not least, the lead singer of the Church Choir.

Take those songs home and chew on them. Now for a little look into New Haven culture. Everybody thinks that their local business owner has the worst commercials, but these are just dog gone terrible. Where has the Coan Oil girl gone?

Why is that woman video taping people while they sleep? Please visit Connecticut.

I will never go here. Catchy jingle though.

Im pretty sure this commercial is national, and I actually really like it for some reason.

I think Robert Canelli has touched all of these children. SCIENCE. MATH.

There was another commercial for a pawn shop that featured a guy dressed up like one of these henchman, but I couldn't find it. Another commercial for Bob's of Milford Car Dealership finishes with a woman saying "He Just Wants to Get You A Loan!" but obviously if you are not looking at the TV where the slogan appears it sounds like "He just wants to get you alone!". I would re-think that slogan if I were Bob.

Finally, I don't watch too much SNL, but the episode with Charles Barkley was freaking hillarious. I could only find one clip on youtube, but you can watch the full show on

On another note, it is about time for the Golden Pencil awards again. Looking for some fresh new categories for the year. Ideas?


  1. I think I was the first to catch the Croce-Trey comparison, but in honor of TPLIYP's bicentennial I'll let it slide. I'd be remiss if I didn't take you for a spin down my recent Youtube list:

    Great rendition of "The Rising" by Sting in honor of the Boss at the Kennedy Center awards. I think it's high-time they rename the Kennedy Center, the People's Center, as after all its the People's seat, not the Kennedy Seat:

    Next we have a new hit by John Mayer. This guy just keeps churning out catchy quasi-fruity pop songs. I also always think about Todd when I watch this, not sure why:

    Moving on, a clip from Bonnaroo, the legendary annual festival in Manchester, TN. The festival has moved more mainstream in recent years, as evidenced in this video. We have here the Boss, staple of mainstream rock, pairing up with Phish, symbol of the late 90's jam-band movement and all-around counterculture idols. Enjoy!:

    Finally, I leave you with a montage from the end of the third season of the greatest TV show ever:

  2. I was totally expecting the last clip to be from Seinfeld. Dorne, what do you have to say for yourself?

  3. I've been compared to John Mayer more than Jim Croce, thank you very much.

  4. Literal cheesedorne - there was no montage from the 3rd season of Seinfeld. There was one as part of the final episode, and there was one for the 100th episode.

    Another thing I've noticed recently, mediocre shows are lasting much longer than they used to. I've recently seen My Name is Earl in syndication, meaning its over 100 episodes. WTF? That show is awful, Jason Lee should go back to being lead guitarist for Fever Dog.

  5. God dammit Dorne! Jason Lee was the singer. Billy Crudup was the guitarist.

  6. *guitarist with mystique. Also the band was called Stillwater, not Fever Dog.