Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shades of the Past

What was shaping up to be a rather boring Pebble Beach Pro-Am turned into a thriller this weekend due to the resurgence of one David Duval. Duval was once the #1 golfer in the world, but has seen his game go to hell in a handbasket because of injuries and a growing family. Ten years after being #1 in the world, Duval had fallen to #219 and was in danger of losing tour exemption. Last year he made a strong showing at the U.S. Open only to fall back off the radar again. This year will be different though. Duval is looking like the Duval of old, albeit with a few more pounds packed on, and his second place finish this week is a sign of good things to come. Double D is back baby.

In a golfing landscape trying to fill the void left by Tiger Woods, David Duval is probably the last guy that would come to mind to take Tiger's place. While Woods is extremely focused on the course and often vents his frustration audibly and visibly, David Duval is the exact opposite. An unassuming star, Duval took time today to stare out into the Pacific Ocean and admire the beautiful landscape when he probably should have been lining up a very important birdie putt on the 17th hole. He sunk the putt nonetheless.

Tiger's marital shortcomings have also been a huge topic of discussion around the world. As for Duval, after scoring a par and walking in as the clubhouse leader he went to spend time with his family on the practice green. David Duval is a consummate family man and he knows that there is more to life than golf. Here is a man that has his priorities straight.

As for DD the player, he is definitely on his way back to where he once was. After popping up on the leaderboards for a day or two in the past several years, it appears that Duval is now able to consistently put good rounds together. That is a very good sign for the man who once shot a 59 in the final round of the Bob Hope Classic and offered up one of the most classic fist pumps of all time. I would consider him a serious threat for the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach this summer and I could see him picking up a win somewhere else along the way. Duval is back.

Maybe David Duval is the perfect guy to take the place of Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour. An honest, unassuming and upstanding guy who has been to the summit, fallen way off and somehow found his way back again. It certainly makes for a great story and I will be pulling for Dave in every tournament. Now if I can just find my old wraparound Oakley's.

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  1. He could be a good captains pick for the upcoming ryder cup.