Friday, February 5, 2010

Stupid Bowl Preview

The time has come for me to offer up my thoughts on Super Bowl 44. You can count on TPLIYP for some thoughtful commentary because unlike Dan Kaplan, I actually know what is going on. I have never asked how many points a two point conversion is worth, and I am also not registered as attending a party on facebook that until this week was entitled "Super Bowl XLIII". In true New Orleans tradition, I will be putting the TPLIYP curse on the Colts by predicting them to be Super Bowl champs this year.

During my senior year at Lehigh, I was one of the first people to jump on the Saints bandwagon. I made bets with several people in the Fall that the Saints would win the Super Bowl that year because I thought that they would defy the odds created by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, much like how a team called the Patriots defied the odds and beat the St. Louis Rams after 9/11. Needless to say, I was incorrect as the Saints bowed out in the NFC Championship (a possible prelude to the TPLIYP curse?), but I was onto something. Since I started making that prediction, I have been to New Orleans twice and developed a great admiration for the city. As if that wasn't enough, the extension of the Forwood Theory requires me to root for the Saints. Obviously, my allegiance is with the Saints in Super Bowl 44, but I think that the Colts will win

The Colts are no stranger to the Super Bowl, having beaten the very team the Saints lost to in the NFC Championship in 2007 to become Super Bowl Champs. Peyton Manning is now considered to be the best quarterback in the NFL by far and in my opinion he is probably the best ever. The way he can sit at the line of scrimmage and audible until he finds the best play to pick the defense apart is borderline unfair. If you put him on any team, that team would at the very least make the playoffs. Moreover, we have found out that Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne aren't as good as everybody thought they were. Peyton Manning has made Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon look just as good. So much for the argument of Manning having better players than other teams. He makes them that good

As far as X's and O's are concerned, I think that the Colts have the upper hand on defense even without Dwight Freeney. They tackle better and have a better secondary than New Orleans. Moreover, the Saints defense will be rendered completely useless by Peyton Manning. How do you stop a quarterback that you can't get to? It's like he has a cheat sheet with answers to every defensive scheme you can come up with. The Saints only hope is probably in the turnover battle

On offense, I again give the edge to the Colts. The Saints are obviously very high powered, but the Colts just do what needs to be done without as much flash. Dallas Clark is probably the deciding factor in the equation, as both teams have a steady run game, great quarterbacks and several good receivers. Advantage Colts again

On special teams, I will say it is a push. While Reggie Bush is a huge X-factor and could decide the fate of the game, the Colts kicking game is much more reliable with Matt Stover. Field goals are just as important as anything else in the Super Bowl. Taking into account all these different factors, I give a pretty hefty edge to Indianapolis. Regardless, I will be pulling for the Saints and hoping that the TPLIYP curse manifests itself yet again. Who Dat?

Indy 34
Nawlins 28


  1. Is TPLIYP hiring for a fact-checker? Last time I checked, the Colts were in the AFC and that the Saints had lost to da Bears in the 2007 NFC Championship.

  2. kind of makes me want to stop following...that one hurt

  3. Try reading it again Dome. I was saying that the team the Colts beat, (da Bears), was the team that the Saints lost to in the NFC Championship. I wasn't saying that the Colts beat the Bears in the NFC Championship. C'MON MAN!! And stop pouting DKapps.

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