Thursday, February 11, 2010

They're Shitty Again

Ugh. Just ugh. Despite my acknowledgment that I don't know anything about college basketball this year, there is one program that I do know about. Of course that would be the Connecticut Huskies men's basketball program. Things haven't been so rosy up in Storrs, Connecticut over the past few years, and I am noticing a disturbing trend. Perhaps it is because their recruits are less skilled than they used to be, or maybe its because their offensive scheme is terrible, but the Huskies just can not score the ball on offense.

Two things you will rarely never see happen when UConn plays an opponent are for them to blow out their opponent, or for them to be blown out. Jim Calhoun is easily the best defensive coach in all of college basketball, and his teams play great defense no matter how talented they are. This is perhaps most evident in the fact that UConn leads the nation every year in blocked shots. This commitment always keeps the games fairly low scoring, and in turn keeps UConn close in every game.

On the flip side of this, UConn's offense has been so bad over the last few years that they really never put any team away. UConn can be thoroughly in control of a game because of their defense, but usually never beat an evenly matched team by more than 10. The drawback of having great defensive players like Hasheem the Dream, Emeka Okafor or the great Jake Voskuhl is that they are pretty terrible on offense. This puts increased pressure on UConn's guards, who often settle for low percentage shots in coverage. This problem was very apparent last night against Syracuse as Jerome Dyson was forced to chuck up a 30 foot shot when the team was trailing by 2 with about 20 seconds left. The fact that that was the best opportunity they could get is indicative of a big problem on offense. Unless they get a lay up or a dunk, UConn's offense is not dangerous at all.

Because of their great defense, you can never count UConn out of a basketball game. Just look at how they gave #3 ranked Cuse a run for their money last night, and upset #1 Texas a few weeks ago. However, if they want to be truly successful Jim Calhoun needs to either recruit more offensively skilled players, or come up with a new offensive scheme to create better scoring opportunities. The Huskies offense is downright abysmal and it is getting pretty embarrassing.


  1. In relation to your doldrums column from earlier this week, I couldn't help but notice that this week's biggest sports story was the release of the SI swimsuit edition. In honor of sticky magazine pages in the bathrooms of adolescent boys everywhere, I would like a blog post commentary on the issue. I propose we recruit known swimsuit fanatic and all-around wise guy Halstud to write the post. What say ye?