Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Talk Transgressions Very Well

After nearly 3 months of silence (seems like longer than that doesn't it?) Tiger Woods is ready to say "Hello world" once again. He has planned a press conference for Friday at 11am where he will presumably discuss his future plans. According to freelance columnist Todd Haselton, Tiger plans to announce that he is taking upa career in baseball with the Chicago White Sox. As trusted a source as Todd is, I for one believe that this means that Tiger will be re-joining the PGA Tour fairly soon. I would expect Tiger to be back playing golf by the Masters, if not sooner.

Why would Tiger Woods decide to make this press conference now? He hasn't said anything to anybody in the last three months, but all of a sudden on a random Friday he has decided to break his silence. It has got to be because he is about to announce that he is coming back. It wouldn't make sense for it to be anything else. I doubt very much that Tiger would have a public press conference to announce that he is taking the rest of the year off. He would just send out a press release like he did when he announced that he wouldn't be starting the season. This press conference has got to be to announce his return, and perhaps to pay a little lip service to his transgressions. I dug up this old commercial, whose theme song seems oddly fitting now, for your viewing pleasure.

Let's take a look at the upcoming schedule on the PGA Tour. In a little over a month we have the Arnold Palmer Invitational, defending champ: Tiger Woods. Two weeks after that, you guessed it, the Masters. Tiger Woods has been a fixture at both of these tournaments since his rookie year and it is my estimation that he will be back for both of them. Bay Hill for a tune up, then the Masters to re-assert his dominance. The one thing that may change this is Tiger's respect for Arnold Palmer. If Arnie wants Tiger to come back for his tournament, you can bet he'll be there, but if not Tiger might just wait until the Masters. You can be sure that Tiger Woods will be back making shots like this one soon though.

In my opinion, this whole "taking time off to be with my family" thing was a farce. The damage Tiger did to his family seems beyond repair, so what exactly could he have been doing all this time? His wife is intent on leaving him (how could she not after that chorus line of mistresses?) and his kids are too young to understand all of this, so it seems to me that Tiger was just sort of being a politician with his image. You know, putting in the face time to make it appear like he is on the road to recovery without really doing much. Speaking of recovery, I wonder how he fared at the sex rehab clinic. Anyway, all this time it has seemed to me that Tiger is like a little kid who's mom is holding him by the arm and cleaning his face before he can go play with his friends. All Tiger really wants to do is play golf, but he had to wait for the critics to be satisfied with his self imposed punishment. Now he feels like he can get back to playing with his friends.

On Friday, Tiger will speak about his past and his future, and apparently make some sort of apology to his family. It will be interesting to see if his speech is very candid or if it is robotic and prepared like every other statement he has made so far. The former would probably lead to much more acceptance and forgiveness, but I would expect the latter. One thing you can be sure of though, Tiger is ready to hit the links and probably unleash hell on the rest of the PGA Tour season. With majors at Augusta, St. Andrew's and Pebble Beach all in one year, this is too good to miss out on. Get back out there Tiger!

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  1. Tiger needs to come back to the tour. If Elin divorces him it will be interesting to see who greets him on the 18th green after he wins 10 or so tournaments this year.

    FYI, Lehigh was losing by 9 at the half but came back to beat Colgate by 11. Big matchup this sunday vs Lafayette.