Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whoah Canada!

I could play on the Canadian national anthem title until the rapture. I know I have been pretty tough on our neighbors up above the 45th parallel, so I am going to throw them a bone here. The Canadian hockey team is STACKED. Their roster is a who's who of NHL All Stars, and as I write this they are completely dismantling Norway in their opening game. In an Olympics that has gone so so poorly for the True North Strong and Free, by the time the games are over all anybody might be talking about is this hockey team. Winning the gold medal might be easier for the Canadian hockey team than escaping from Canadian Alcatraz.

The Canadian hockey team in 2010 is like an NHL All-Star team on steroids. Or maybe the "All-Time All Madden Team" of hockey. I can honestly say that I know just about every player on the Canadian team, and the names represent most of the best players in the league. If it weren't for a few guys like Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Henrik Zetterberg and maybe Nicklas Lidstrom, team Canada would have ALL of the best players in hockey. Let's just run down a few of the names on team Canada; Jarome Iginla, Sid the Kid, Rick Nash, Mike Richards, Jonathan Toews, Dany Heatley, Chris Pronger and Marty Brodeur. The rest of the team is just as talented making for a nightmare match up for anyone they face. As a matter of fact, those red sweaters bring back memories of another unstoppable hockey team.

Canada has got to be the favorite to win the gold medal this year in hockey. They have by far the best team and are playing in front of their home crowd. How can they lose? Well, does the fact that I am endorsing them as my pick to win it all mean anything to you? Let's see if Canada can survive the curse. I think the good bashing I have given the Canadians recently might balance it out. But we will see. It's a pretty good curse.

As far as the rest of the field shakes out, I like Sweden to take the silver medal. They are another very well stocked team and have great players at all positions with guys like Henrik Lundqvist, and the afforementioned Zetterberg and Lidstrom. In third, I am gonna go with Team USA. They have a solid young core with David Backes, Phil Kessel, Patrick Kane, Zach Parise and Ryan Miller, and could be a force to reckon with for years to come. Moreover, you can never count out Team USA in a year that ends in 0. They could surprise some people. USA?

While I have given Canada quite a hard time for their shortcomings so far, I was really impressed with how good their hockey team looked tonight. They will face much tougher competition as the Olympics go on, but I fully expect them to take home the gold medal. Now, let's sit back and see if they can screw this one up somehow.


    But y'll didn't remember that when slamming ours!!

    TEAM USA ROSTER 2010 Vancouver Olympics

    G Ryan Miller Buffalo Sabres
    G Jonathan Quick Los Angeles Kings
    G Tim Thomas Boston Bruins
    D Erik Johnson St. Louis Blues
    D Jack Johnson Los Angeles Kings
    D Mike Komisarek Toronto Maple Leafs
    D Paul Martin New Jersey Devils
    D Brooks Orpik Pittsburgh Penguins
    D Brian Rafalski Detroit Red Wings
    D Ryan Suter Nashville Predators
    F David Backes St. Louis Blues
    F Dustin Brown Los Angeles Kings
    F Ryan Callahan New York Rangers
    F Chris Drury New York Rangers
    F Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks
    F Ryan Kesler Vancouver Canucks
    F Phil Kessel Toronto Maple Leafs
    F Jamie Langenbrunner New Jersey Devils
    F Ryan Malone Tampa Bay Lightning
    F Zach Parise New Jersey Devils
    F Joe Pavelski San Jose Sharks
    F Bobby Ryan Anaheim Ducks
    F Paul Stastny Colorado Avalanche