Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Bloodbath

As the college basketball blog of record now, I figured I should opine on the hilarity that will be the Lehigh versus Kansas game on Thursday. Hopefully Setonia will comment on the game as well, but for now February 18th, 2010 will be known as "the day Setonia died." I think it is important for us proud Lehigh alumni to remember that six years ago we had to live with the disrespect of the tournament committee putting us in the play in game. Now we at least can enjoy the feeling of being in the actual field of 64. Just enjoy the ride Lehigh fans, because Lehigh is going to get destroyed on Thursday.

Winning the Patriot League regular season title was great. Winning the Patriot League Tournament was even better. Beating Lafayette in the title game was the cherry on top. For all of their hard work and commitment, the Lehigh men's basketball team has earned to right to be demolished by Kansas. To put it in words that Dorne can understand, Lehigh is playing checkers, Kansas is playing five different games of chess at once.

Exhibit A: who on Lehigh's squad is going to cover this man? I could honestly see Cole Aldrich going all Big Country in the Garden on Lehigh and putting up over 40 points pretty easily. There is no one on Lehigh's team that can cover him. Might we see some playing time from David "Sunshine" Safstrom? At least he is tall enough to cover Aldrich. In addition, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins are going to run circles around our stud guard C.J. McCollum, and lock down the Mountain Hawks completely when they have the ball.

This game will probably end up being about 90-40 by the time it is over. It's like a car wreck though, you just have to watch. It can't hurt to dream though; and maybe the Mountain Hawks will just be on fire from the field and shock the world. Maybe all of the Jayhawks will come down with some terrible illness, end up in some crazy situation, or simply fall off the face of the earth ala the players on Mr. Burns' softball team. Let's think positive here. Crazier things have happened before right? Lehigh coach Brett Reed should definitely seize the opportunity to act out the tape measure scene from Hoosiers when the team gets to Oklahoma City.

While this game will most likely end up in a blowout, it is a thrill in itself to even be in the tournament this time of year. For those of us that chose academics and beer drinking over a powerhouse sports program, we can hold our heads high and be proud that the Mountain Hawks are a legit #16 seed this year. Let us hope for the best, and be prepared for the worst. Go Mountain Hawks, thrash those Gayhawks.


  1. Do you believe in MIRACLES????

  2. anyone else extremely disappointed by their storming of the court. couldnt even fill up the floor.

  3. Shutup halstud, there were alot of Lehigh students and alumni celebrating at Stabler as you nursed a non-fat skinny latte. The Badgers dancing this year?

    In all seriousness, I heard that the Lehigh IFC has dispatched shock troops to Oklahoma City. 20 of Lehigh's finest beirut players are driving there now and are prepared to challenge any Jayhawk fans to assorted drinking games. This will determine the true winning team.

  4. Lehigh wins the patriot league and Matt Kuchar is lighting it up on the pga tour. 2 for 2 with my predictions so far.

  5. You are really putting yourself out there Pat. 2 predictions in 2 years.

  6. Pat Lyons doesn't care about black people.

  7. "What Pat?! You don't like black people?!"

    -Rattner, middle of South Bronx

    PS Cheesedorne, the badgers are in the tourney