Monday, April 5, 2010

The Butler Did It

With the NCAA Championship upon us this evening, I figured I would offer my insights on the importance of this game. Let me start by saying, holy lord there are going to be a lot of white boys on the court tonight. While you already know my thoughts on white quarterbacks, I would never venture to say that only white basketball players win the title. However, I think that these pasty, ugly, gangly white boys are symbolic of the right way to play basketball. While I will be rooting for Butler to pull it out tonight, I must say that both of these teams offer us hope for the future of basketball.

Effort. Teamwork. Passing. Running the offense. Staying in school. This is what you think of when you watch both the Butler Bulldogs and the Duke Blue Devils play this season. Does it have anything to do with the fact that a lot of their players are white? Probably not. But it is certainly interesting to note. Many years ago, it was a Texas Western team with all black guys that shocked the world by winning the NCAA Championship. This year hopefully it will be the Butler Bulldogs, a team with a bunch of corn fed white boys, that shocks the world by winning the title.

Whether it is the Bulldogs or the Blue Devils, both of these teams play the right way, and Duke should not be vilified just because they are playing Butler. Duke has earned everything they have gotten this year and are no doubt the favorite to win the championship now. Either way it turns out, this game should send a signal to all coaches that recruiting the one and done guy is not an avenue to success in college basketball.

I know I am beating a dead horse, but guys like John Wall, Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and the like should be avoided by big time college basketball programs. Think about all those things I mentioned earlier when I talked about what comes to mind while watching Butler and Duke. One and done guys don't care for any of these things. John Wall only wants to get his 25 points, dominate the highlight reel on ESPN and make his draft stock rise. Does this sound like a guy who is going to lead your team to a championship? I don't think so.

Though my brackets were destroyed very early this year, I couldn't be happier with the way that this tournament has shaped up. Butler versus Duke is exactly how college basketball should be played. Hopefully tonight will only make that even more obvious. I am predicting a thriller being won by Butler on the last shot. Coming soon on TPLIYP: Masters Preview.


  1. As you've made your thoughts well known about guys bolting college early, how do you feel about Da'Sean Butler's injury? The guy tore his ACL, MCL and bumped up his kneecap nicely. Not to mention he had to rub noses with the Huggy bear on national TV. His draft status is permanently affected and he will forever make less money in the NBA. Was the juice worth the squeeze for Butler just to win a NCAA championship that no one will remember three weeks from now?

  2. Nobody would have heard of De'Sean Butler if he hadn't played this year. So, yes.

  3. Debatable, he had similar stats last year and didn't get tongued by a fat drunk

  4. Last year West Virginia finished 7th in the Big East and was ousted in the first round of the tourney. Not a very memorable year. Now Butler is known by everyone. Let me paraphrase "The Sandlot" here; 7th place Big East guards get remembered, but Final Four Huggy Bear lovers never die.