Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good First Day

The eyes of the entire world were on Tiger Woods this afternoon as he hit his first tournament golf shot in nearly half a year. Right down the middle. After one day of golf, many of my picks to be competitive are hanging out at the top of the leader board. Meanwhile, Pat Lyons' "Lock of the Week", Louis Oosterhuizen, is sitting at +3. Not so good. However, as the old saying goes; "you can't win a tournament on the first day, but you can lose it." Keeping in mind that the tournament is far from over, and these scores could change in a hurry, here are a few thoughts after the first round at Augusta National in bullet form.

  • One of the most interesting things that I noticed during the entire televised segment of round 1 was that Tiger was talking with his playing partners a great deal. I even saw him laughing it up with Matt "Hoochie" Kuchar. In days gone by, Tiger would basically stone wall his competition and focus only on his own game. It will be interesting to see if this continues into the weekend, especially if Tiger is in the lead.

  • Boom Boom has got a legitimate shot to win this thing. I made fun of his skater shoes at the beginning of the round, but if they help him play better more power to him. I bet he could even borrow a pair from Todd if he needed to.

  • Tom Watson is ageless. At age 60, he looks as fit as a fiddle and put up his best score in 20 years at Augusta. I hope this continues, but Watson seems a bit worried that the length of the course could get to him.

  • On the flip side, Fat Phil looks entirely too comfortable out there. He hasn't played great all year and all of a sudden he just turns the switch. Our one saving grace is that he missed a short putt on 18 to take the outright lead. A good sign for sure.

  • Though I picked him to perform well, I was a little surprised at Tony Kim's solid start. He is putting the ball amazingly. On some putts, he was walking to the hole to pick the ball up out of it before it even dropped. If he can keep that going, I like him to win it.

  • How about Furyk's 44 on the back 9, including a triple bogey 6 on 16? Makes us hackers feel pretty good.

  • Matteo Monassero shot a 71 at Augusta. Not bad. Did I mention that he was born in 1993? Any smug feelings of joy brought on by Furyk's 44 are erased by this.

  • Keep in mind going forward that today's pin placements were very easy. This weekend's placements will separate the men from the boys, so don't take too much stock into today's performances. It certainly doesn't hurt to get off to a good start though. Let's hope this weather holds off, and see what tomorrow brings at Augusta.

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