Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Never Get Shotgun

Todd's favorite holiday is upon us! That's right it is 4/20, and now that you have had a few hours to come down from that massive bubbler hit you took of the hindu kush at 4:20 p.m. let's take a look at a few other people in the sports world who might be celebrating with you. So grab a box of soft batch cookies, take a few drops of visine and try to stay focused. Here is a list of athletes who were definitely grillin' the grass today along with the countless hordes of rich white kids from Colorado who have Dave Matthews Band on repeat right now with a cool 6 pack of Magic Hat #9 sitting next to their bean bag chair.

The NBA has got to have the highest concentration of players who smoke the dank. They have teams called the Nuggets and the Blazers for crying out loud! It seems only right that those two teams should play every year on this day. Even if they don't though, we know that Rasheed Wallace, Damon Stoudamire, Josh Howard, Scot Pollard are all. As a matter of fact, the NBA should change their logo from Jerry West to this man because so many of their athletes are puffing the Panama Red.

Dock Ellis. If you don't remember him, he was the man who threw a no hitter while tripping on acid. He was probably smoking j's in the dugout in between innings.
What do you think Manny was doing in the Green Monster in between innings. That's right, being Manny. A.k.a. grillin the ganja.
What about Josh Hamilton? He was definitely high when he got all those tats.
Tim Lincecum got busted at a high school party with some sticks and stems in his pocket, but the cops let him go because they thought he was a minor and didn't want his 'rents to ground him.
Last but not least we have two old dudes; Ron Washington and Bill "Spaceman" Lee. Definitely tokin' today.

I'm gonna guess Ricky Williams didn't show up for voluntary workouts today. He definitely rolled up a honey dutch of Cambodian red and watched Beavis and Butthead all day. Michael Vick and Randy Moss were probably comatose on the couch next to him. How did they pay for the weed you ask? Straight cash homie.
Then there is the king of them all, Nate Newton. Many years ago, he was caught with 212 pounds of kush in his car. Probably on his way to Todd's.

The Bode Man definitely smokes blizzies along with his raging alcoholism. Vaya con dios, brah.

There you have it. With athletic success comes a lot of dough, and with a lot of dough comes a lot of reefer for most of these guys. Let us salute them on their national holiday, and salute Todd and Todd Dog as well.


  1. wasn;t kareem abdul jabbar a fan of the kumba?

  2. I think you forgot about the Big Chief in your description of NBA tokers. Robert Parish was known to spark one time and a gain, helped him with his discipline. Interestingly, the guy was also a yoga fanatic.

  3. Freddy couples probably smokes weed