Monday, April 5, 2010

My 1 Cent

That was easily one of the greatest basketball games I have ever seen. The one thing I took away as very interesting was that, though I may have spaced out for a bit or been looking away, I did not see one dunk the entire game. THAT is how basketball is supposed to be played folks. Did you see the screens, the passing, the defense and the well drawn up plays? THAT is basketball! I may have been wrong about Butler winning (is it really a surprise at this point?), but that game did come down to the last shot and was a classic. If all of college and pro basketball was more like that, we would all be much richer for the experience. Well played Butler and Duke.


  1. WTF is this jennifer hudson rendition of One Shining Moment? Talk about fucking up a classic, how do you replace the original? That's like repainting the Mona Lisa or playing field hockey at the Coliseum!