Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What The Hell's Going On Out There!?!

I chose to open this post with the legendary words of Vince Lombardi, but I will not be talking about football or Vince Lombardi today. No, what I am in fact referring to is the lousy product that is both the NBA and NHL playoffs. The only reason that I even have an inkling of what is going on in the NHL playoffs is because the Flyers are still alive and trounced the rival Devils in the opening round. Somehow, six days after the Flyers dispatched the Devils in 4 games, they still do not know who they are playing in the second round. What in the hell is with the wait? The NBA playoffs are no different, and something has got to be done about these god damn lagging playoffs.

The Washington Capitals opened up their series against the Canadiens on April 15th. That was the day I saw the Swami lecture at UNH. Since then I can't even remember what I have done, yet the Capitals and Canadiens still have not decided a winner. Is there a reason that the hockey and NBA playoffs should drag from mid-April to mid-June? Honestly, two months for playoffs? Something needs to change here.

Why is it that teams get a day off in between every single playoff game? I don't understand this. If they are not traveling, why do they need an extra day off? Scheduling should reward those who win quickly, and punish those who go deep into series by forcing them to play a more grueling schedule with more and more back to back games. Quite simply, if this were done, it would make the playoffs way more exciting and cut the playoff time in half.

It is fairly obvious that the systems in place in both the NBA and NHL for the playoffs are not working. The NHL got worse ratings that the NFL Draft this weekend, and the NBA has been losing hundreds of millions of dollars for a few years now. They need to do something to make the playoffs more interesting. The way it is now, half the teams make the playoffs and the post-season is almost as long as the regular season. It just doesn't make sense.

Both the NBA and the NHL need to either eliminate teams from the playoffs, shorten the playoffs, or do both to garner more interest. The way it is now, my hometown team making the playoffs doesn't really mean that much at all to me. Whereas in football and baseball, if your team makes the playoffs it is a huge deal. Take the hint guys.


  1. I agree with your point about shrinking the days off during the serieses(sic.). I'd also suggest lopping 10-15 games off the NBA season. The league went into the playoffs with a whimper, overshadowed by the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James saga. If a team can't get the job done in the regular season of 65 games, they don't belong in the playoffs.

  2. another big problem with the NBA and NHL playoffs is that they both happen at the same time. There is just too much going on for 'regular' fans to care.

    As a side note, both the Bruins and the Celtics are in the playoffs yet I haven't seen a single person wear a Bruins or a Celtics tshirt/jersey around Boston or on the T. WHAT UP WIT THAT BOSTON?

  3. Yeah when you couple two playoffs going on at the same time as the beginnings of the baseball season, NFL draft, May sweeps, warm weather, booby tassles, and two WWF pay-per-views, how are people supposed to keep up? On the other hand, "playoff quality" basketball is superior to the regular season, and this average joe finds himself tuning into several series just for curiosity sake.