Friday, May 14, 2010


Binocu-gate. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? I could see that on a t-shirt. Soon enough it probably will be on a t-shirt too, because Rockies manager Jim Tracy has decided to be a little bitch about this whole stealing signs business. Stealing signs is a part of the game. If Jim Tracy wants to stand on his pedestal and say that his team doesn't steal signs too then he is a total moron. Every team does it, but the Phillies definitely didn't have to be this obvious about it.

Baseball is a game of failure. A guy who fails 7 out of 10 times at the plate is an all-star. Because of this, baseball players and teams try to get any advantage that they can and one of these is by trying to pick up the other team's signs. If a team is not creative enough with their signs that the other team is able to decipher them, then they deserve to get them stolen. However, a man sitting in the bullpen with binoculars and talking on the phone? That's a little much.

I have several problems with this approach by the Phils; first this guy is not a player. Stealing signs should only be done by a player, because then the pitcher has the recourse to throw one at his noggin. Secondly, technology should not be used. Binoculars and telephones take the skill out of stealing signs. If that were okay then everybody would be stealing everybody else's signs. While the media would like you to think that the Phillies are the only team doing this, I guarantee you that every team has a "camera in center field", or a guy in the bullpen, or a guy just watching the game on TV and calling down to the dugout. The Phillies were just way too obvious about it. If you are going to steal signs, don't sit in plain view in the bullpen with a set of Bushnells.

Similar to the "Spygate" controversy, I think the most important thing to remember in all of this is that the Phillies are not winning all of these games because they are cheating. They are just a good team. In no way is the 2008 World Series championship tainted by this, nor are any other wins. As for Rockies manager Jim Tracy, let he without sin cast the first stone and, in the words of Charlie Manuel; "Keep crying."


  1. Question, don't people usually stand on podiums instead of pedestals? Or a soapbox even?

    I think the whole sign system in MLB is antiquated, teams should do a better job getting signs into the pitcher. As I've stated on SpyGate, I think anything a team does on the field is fair game to be read/videotaped. The fact that it was the nerdy Daniel Stern wannabe bullpen coach makes the Phillies look worse though.

  2. I think it is possible to stand on a pedestal; a la "The Joust" in American Gladiators.