Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boston Strangled

Let's play a little game called texts from last night. Some time around 7:30 or so, shortly after the Flyers scored their first goal of the game, a text went over the wire that looked something like this;
TO: Beef
FROM: William
RE: Flyers
TEXT: How great would it be if they came back and won this game 4-3 also?

Chalk one up on the plus side for TPLIYP. In one of the greatest feats in Philadelphia sports history, the Flyers became only the 4th pro sports team to ever erase a 3-0 deficit in a series and sent the Bruins packing in 4 straight last night. Not only that, after trailing 3-0 in game 7 they came back and won the game 4-3 as well. If that isn't a bit of poetic justice for one of the scrappiest, most hard working teams out there then I don't know what is.

The Flyers were meant to accomplish something like this. They have been forged by trials and tribulations all season. The man in net, Michael Leighton, was not even on this team to begin the season, but was acquired because starter Ray Emery was lost for the season. He is only playing now because Brian Boucher got injured in game 5. Through thick and thin the Flyers just keep plugging away though. Moreover, this team had to win a shootout in the final game of the season against the Rangers to even make the playoffs. That is the kind of do or die, character building experience that enabled this team to come back from 3-0. Finally, they just plain work hard. The best evidence I can show for this is Scotty Hartnell. Sure, he's a goon. No doubt about it. But every time he is on the ice he is going all out. He often tries to skate so fast that he just plain falls over, but he also gets the other team out of their game by being a pest and chips in with a goal every now and then. This team simply had the right make up to win this game and pull off this miraculous comeback.

Going forward, I think the Flyers match up very well against Montreal. Perhaps the craziest thing about all of this is that the Flyers are now hosting the Eastern Conference Finals as a #7 seed. From here on out though, it's all a bonus. I couldn't be happier that the Flyers put the Big Bad B's into the history books as some of the biggest choke artists of all time, and in such poetic and symmetric fashion too. That in and of itself is good enough for me. Obviously I will be rooting for them to win the cup, but in my eyes they've made me happy enough already. All I have to say is, in my best Philly accent "LATS GEW FLOYERS!!"

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  1. Perhaps also poetic justice that it should happen against the city who most recently emerged victorious from a 3-0 deficit comeback.