Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Brian Cushing took the league by storm this past season with 87 tackles, 5 sacks, 4 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles. As if that wasn't enough, he also has great hair. Naturally, Cushing took home Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in the off-season after such a great season. A few days ago, it was revealed that Cushing will be suspended 4 games next season for violating the PED policy of the NFL in September. Because of this, the Rookie of the Year award will be voted on again. Makes sense. Wait a minute, Cushing is on the ballot again? Huh?

So, let me get this straight, Cushing's steroid use was serious enough that he should be stripped of his rookie of the year award, but not serious enough that he is still on the ballot? Does this make sense to anyone else? This bizarre turn of events shows just how jaded everybody is by steroid use in sports. Cushing, who was caught using hCG in September to elevate his testosterone levels after steroid use, should be removed from the ballot altogether.

Think about the repercussions of this vote; if Cushing wins the award again it basically means that nobody cares that he was on steroids. Is that the kind of precedent the NFL wants to set? I'm surprised that Roger Goodell hasn't stepped in and removed Cushing from the ballot. Make the writers choose a player who wasn't caught using last year. Don't even give them the option to choose Cushing.

Man wins award. Man loses award for cheating. Man could possibly win award again despite cheating. If that isn't a microcosm of the confusion of the steroid era then I don't know what is. Nobody seems to know what to do with these juicers and it is embarrassing. Goodell, draw a line in the sand. Kick Cushing off the ballot, or just make sure he doesn't win. If he were to win again, it would be just another example of steroid users getting away scot free.

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