Thursday, June 3, 2010

Showdown at Memorial

This weekend at the Memorial has the urgency of a major championship as Tiger Woods is looking to defend his #1 world ranking from that other fella. Tiger is a 4 time champion at the Memorial, so if there ever was a time to regain his dominance on the tour it would be now. That being said, there are a lot of other sharks in the water this week at the Muirfield Village Golf Club, so let's take a look at how things might go down at the Memorial.

Muirfield Village Golf Club is one of the lone bright spots in the boiling cesspool that is the state of Ohio. The course was founded in 1976 by Jack Nicklaus and since then has hosted the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and U.S. Amateur, as well as the Memorial Tournament every year. The course is a challenge for golfers because of its length, deep rough, strategically placed bunkers and winding rivers. It kind of reminds me of Augusta, if Augusta was surrounded by white trash and landfills. The golfer at the top of the leaderboard on Sunday will probably have a good percentage of sand saves, solid driving accuracy and distance, and good putting numbers. But who will that be?

Though Tiger Woods is the 4 time champion here, I'm not gonna give him the TPLIYP curse by picking him this week. There is just too much turmoil in his life right now, despite the fact that he looked better in the skins game yesterday. Here is who I think might have the edge this week:

Zach Johnson- ZJ won at the Colonial last weekend and has been putting pretty well lately. Look for him to continue his success this week in Dublin. If you don't know who ZJ is, you can't afford it.

Hunter Mahan- Hunter has had an up and down year, but is a solid driver of the ball and can get hot quickly. He also wears some sweet shades.

Sean O'Hair- Sean O'Hair has been a disappointment so far this year. He looked decent in the Skins game yesterday though, and even his mishits were landing in the fairway. He's just too good to be playing this badly all year. He's due, I guess would be the main bullet point of this part of the lecture.

Y.E. Yang- Yang is another good driver of the ball, and could sneak in and steal Tiger's thunder once again.

Robert Allenby- Allenby has been playing solid all year but just has not broken through for the W. He is a solid ball striker and if he can get the flat stick going, he could take home his first win in a long time at the Memorial.

Rory McIlroy
- Like Mahan, Rory can go crazy low in a round. Look for him to be in the hunt.

It's always more exciting to have Tiger playing in a tournament. Hopefully this round will be a solid tune up for him with the U.S. Open just around the corner. I don't think Tiger will win this weekend, but hopefully he is on the right path. Also, I hope he plays well enough to retain his number 1 ranking ahead of that one.


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