Sunday, July 11, 2010

Awwwww Derby!

I could be writing about how big of a fool Lebron made out of himself on Thursday evening with his ridiculous one-hour television special that only needed to be all of three minutes long. However, I am taking the high road and looking forward to what should be a very exciting home run derby tomorrow in Anaheim. That said, I will definitely be intertwining some "Lebron-isms" into this post, and just about every post going forward. The derby in Anaheim tomorrow appears to be pretty wide open, as there is nobody putting up huge power numbers this year in the field. To me, this is a sign of the times. The steroid era is over and the pitching era has clearly been ushered in. While there might be a few less homers flying out of the yard tomorrow, it should still be very exciting as always. "At the end of the day" I like Nick Swisher to win the whole darn thing.

Angel Stadium is very symmetrical, going 330 feet down either line and 408 to dead center. The only difference is that left-center is about 15 feet deeper than right center. Therefore, there is no real advantage to hitters from a certain side of the plate. Moreover, there are no absolute bombers in the field. With a lot of the top power hitters refusing to participate, we sort of have the second tier of power hitters in the major leagues going at it tomorrow. Not quite Podsednik versus Eckstein, but with the steroid era seemingly over that is the way we are going.

Out of Corey Hart, Chris Young, Matt Holliday, Big Poopi, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera, Vernon Wells and Nick Swisher, I think Swisher will "bring his talents" to Anaheim and win the derby. When Swisher is able to jump on a ball, he puts everything he has into it. Some people think that this might lead to a guy getting tired, but lava lamp Prince Fielder proved this wrong last year when he won it all. Moreover, Swish has been a fan favorite ever since he played with the Oakland "organ-eye-zation" and will feed off of the crowd energy. "This has been a difficult time for me," but I like Swish to take home the silver bats tomorrow night.

This year's home run derby cast definitely highlights the fact that the steroid era is over. Pitchers are dominating baseball (as we have seen with all the no-hitters this year) and power hitting is on the decline. Still, the cast of characters is very solid this year and I think it should be enjoyable especially since there is no clear favorite, and no hometown player. "At the end of the day" look for the owner of Thunderbolt to bring home the derby crown, and Mareo (#15) to go crazier than he did when slugger John Jaha crushed one homer at the derby at Fenway in 1999.

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