Monday, July 19, 2010

King Louis

As most likely the only website to even mention the name Louis Oosthuizen before the British Open, I felt it necessary to comment on just how unlikely of a champion he is. "King Louis", which is the nickname we are gonna go with officially here, is one of the most random major champions we have seen in many years. He certainly got lucky with the weather, but he still deserved to win and has become an instant legend in the TPLIYP ranks. The story of King Louis will be almost as infamous as when the New Orleans Saints cornered the "Billy Joe" market in the late 90s by signing Billy Joe Tolliver and Billy Joe Hobert. Had to squeeze that in somewhere, anyway let us pay tribute to the sun king.

Coming into this year's British Open, King Louis had won a grand total of one tournament on the European Tour. He gained some notoriety on TPLIYP for winning the Par 3 tournament at the Masters and gaining the Donk's official endorsement to win the Masters shortly thereafter. Since then though, not much had gone right for King Louis. That all changed at St. Andrews however.

At St. Andrews, everything went right for King Louis. The tournament hinged completely on the weather on Thursday and Friday, and Louis played under the fairest conditions both days. This is what put him in position for the Claret Jug on Sunday. Had he played in the weather that Tiger, John Daly, or Rory McIlroy were subject to, there is no doubt in my mind that he would not have won. Those are the breaks though, and Louis still played great with the lead on Saturday and Sunday to earn the victory. Some people crumble under the pressure, but King Louis was as cool as a cucumber.

Now that King Louis has earned the recognition of TPLIYP, he will probably never win another tournament. Despite his impending doom, TPLIYP is now accepting ideas for signs and slogans to bring to the PGA Championship in August to cheer on King Louis. So far we have "The Oost is Loost," "Oost Rules the Roost," and of course "King Louis". Let's hear what you the fans have for ideas and pay homage to the new king of golf. Now all I need is some press credentials for Whistling Straits.

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