Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth!

Forget about Ari Gold bringing a football team back to Los Angeles, Jerry Jones should be more worried about keeping his own team under control this year. The Cowboys are no doubt one of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year, but as Jerry Jones should well know chemistry is a huge part of a team's success. It appears that just when Dallas though it had gotten over the T.O. saga that another one is waiting in the wings. If Dallas is to go far this year, Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips need to get Dez Bryant to know his role and shut his mouth.

Dez Bryant defended his refusal to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads during training camp by saying that he was drafted "to play football" and not to carry shoulder pads. Hey Dez, I joined a fraternity to party and meet girls, not to clean toilets. But guess what, clean toilets I did. Rookie hazing is a right of passage, and by refusing to participate in it you are already alienating yourself from your team. Moreover, was anybody else in the NFL drafted specifically to carry shoulder pads? I don't think so, but they all did anyway. Don't be a prima donna Dez, just know your role and shut your mouth.

By refusing to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads (side note: Roy Williams should be carrying his own shoulder pads for as much as he's getting paid and as little as he is producing) Dez Bryant is essentially saying that he is more important than the Cowboys rookies, veteran players, and traditions. Doesn't this sound like another recent Cowboys receiver who quickly wore out his welcome in Big D and is still looking for a job in the league? Furthermore, doesn't this sound like the exact opposite of Miles Austin? There is a right way and a wrong way to conduct yourself in the NFL, and Dez Bryant is already establishing his conduct as the latter.

This may seem like a minor incident for a high-quality team like the Cowboys, but little things like this can go a long way in affecting team morale. Jerry Jones obviously took a risk on drafting Dez Bryant, and it appears that the talent is definitely there. However, it looks like Dez Bryant could already be blossoming into the next T.O. Be careful what you wish for Cowboys fans.