Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

With college students across this great country icing down coolers and gassing beers in preparation for the upcoming school year, I thought it the appropriate time to enlighten you all with a college football preview. With camps underway already, it is difficult to contain the excitement of the upcoming season. This season will have a very different landscape from the previous one due to numerous marquee players heading on to the NFL; however, it appears as if Alabama is the favorite to win the BCS title again. Let's break it down week by week and look at the top matchups, as well as look at some of the top contenders for the BCS crown this year.

Boise St vs. Virginia Tech: Right off the bat we have a great matchup. Boise St. (#5) and Virginia Tech (#6) will put their BCS Championship hopes on the line in week 1, and whoever wins should be considered a big contender for the title. Boise St. may have the edge on paper, but Virginia Tech may have the home field advantage at the "neutral" site of Landover, Md.

UConn vs. Michigan: Pencil in UConn as a sleeper in the Big East this year. With a transfer running back from USC and an experienced core, they could surprise some folks. Week 1 in the Big House will be a good measuring stick for how they fare.

Oregon St. vs. TCU: A solid test for the Horned Frogs right away. Let's see if they can repeat their magic from last year.

Miami vs. Ohio St.: Ohio State has been the BCS bridesmaid quite often in the past few years, and has caused a lot of people to disrespect the Big 10. This year could be different for the Buckeyes, but Miami will be a solid test here as they continue to rebuild their program.

Penn St. vs. Alabama: A huge test for the Nittany Lions in Tuscaloosa. Expect a low scoring game here. This week could decide who is the top dog in the Big Ten.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan St.: This would be the first good look we get at Brian Kelly's Fighting Irish. This is a let down game every year for the Irish, and we will see how they perform under the new regime. The winner receives the Megaphone Trophy.

Iowa vs. Arizona: Another measuring stick to see where two conferences are at in terms of talent. Iowa is a Big Ten contender and the Desert Swarm could surprise some people in the Pac-10.

TCU vs. SMU: The Battle for the Iron Skillet will probably be a blowout in favor of the Horned Frogs, but SMU is slowly getting back to respectability after receiving the death penalty ages ago. The entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area will surely be abuzz this weekend.

Oregon St. vs. Boise St.: Two high scoring teams squaring off on the Smurf Turf. Gotta love it.

West Virginia vs. LSU: Noel Devine is definitely on Heisman watch this year. Tough trip to Death Valley in week 4 though.

Arkansas vs. Alabama: A real test for the Tide here, and a possible let down after the Penn St. game. I have it from an inside source that Ryan Mallett is going to win the Heisman and the Hogs are going to win this game.

Notre Dame vs. Boston College: "Holy war, bro!"-Dorne

Texas vs. Oklahoma: The Red River Shootout doesn't quite have the luster of years past, but it still features #3 against #8, and is still one of the coolest events in all of sports.

Penn St. vs. Iowa: HUGE GAME in the Big 10. The winner should be looking pretty rosy for a chance at the Big Ten championship.

Alabama vs. Florida: After this game, one BCS contender will be on the outside looking in.

LSU vs. Florida: No Tebow, but it should still be a good game in the always powerful SEC.

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota: C'mon git drunk at the battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe, formerly the battle for the Slab of Bacon.

USC vs. Stanford: Mareo will most likely be cheering on the mighty Cardinal at the game this year, as he was when this happened. Though he will certainly be wearing that shirt, if Stanford wins this year it will not be the biggest upset ever.

Nebraska vs. Texas: A Big 12 slugfest. Not for long though.

Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin: Another solid Big Ten battle for Big Nappy's Badgers.

TCU vs. BYU: Offense vs. defense. Who will give? If TCU gets by Oregon St. in week 1, this will be their next big test to see if they are BCS bound.

LSU vs. Auburn: The Tiger Bowl

Penn St. vs. Minnesota: The battle for the Governor's Victory Bell could be a trap game for the Nittany Lions

Oregon vs. UCLA: The Ducks are sort of the only team standing in the Pac-10 this year, and have a chance to take over as the conference power in light of USC's troubles. This is the start of a difficult stretch for them.

West Virginia vs. Connecticut: This is gonna be an awesome game. i expect about 800 rushing yards between the two teams.

Oregon vs. USC: Here is Oregon's chance to assert themselves as the Pac-10 powerhouse of the future.

Michigan vs. Penn St.: Mark Forwood would rather have Penn St. win this game than the Eagles win the Super Bowl. The Forwood Amendment?

Florida vs. Georgia: The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Sure to be some serious bros (Remis?) and CHICKS at this game. I doubt anyone really cares about the Okefenokee Oar that the winner gets though.

WEEK 10:
TCU vs. Utah: The final test for TCU on their way to another possible BCS berth.

Alabama vs. LSU: The Saban Bowl is in Death Valley this year, and could derail the Tide's run at back-to-back BCS titles. I would be careful if I were Nick Saban that week.

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech: Tyrod Taylor could be putting the finishing touches on a Heisman run, and Virginia Tech a BCS run, at this point. The Wreck are the last big test for the Hokies in 2010.

WEEK 11:
UConn vs. Pittsburgh: This game could decide the Big East.

Penn St. vs. Ohio State: This game could decide the Big Ten.

WEEK 12:
Lehigh vs. Lafayette: Get ready for some bottle smashing, potty tipping, beer gassing fun. Hopefully Lehigh can keep their momentum going.

Yale vs. Harvard: NERDS!

WEEK 13:
Texas A&M vs. Texas: I can honestly say that I have watched the Lone Star Showdown every year for as long as I can remember. A Thanksgiving tradition.

LSU vs. Arkansas: According to my inside source, this game will be the coronation of Ryan Mallett.

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St.: Bedlam.

WEEK 14:
USC vs. UCLA: Slim pickens by this time of year. The Victory Bell is on the line though.

WEEK 15:
Army vs. Navy: Mareo will probably be at this game too. Probably wearing some slick Navy sweatpants too.

As we all know, I am not a solid forecaster when it comes to college football. i think my best pick last year was calling Virginia Tech to beat the Hurricanes, whom ESPN was busy fondling the balls of. This year, you gotta like Alabama to roll back to the BCS Championship again. Who they play is a mystery though. Therefore, I am gonna force the hand of the BCS Committee and say that they take on either Boise St. or TCU for the BCS Championship. It will be a groundbreaking matchup, but I like Bama to win it again. Roll tide!

Mark Ingram is once again the Heisman favorite, especially with all the famous quarterbacks in the NFL now. As always though, I like Noel Devine to throw his hat in the ring. Moreover, my inside source could be onto something with Ryan Mallett, and lastly I like Terrelle Pryor.

The college football landscape this year has changed drastically now that Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow are playing pro ball, and now that USC has been cut down. This leaves Alabama and everybody else in the picture for the BCS Championship. Let's kick back and enjoy the upcoming season ladies and germs. It should be a good one. There you go D Money, a non-golf post. Tomorrow we will go right back to golf.

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  1. Kudos on highlighting the BC-Notre Dame match. The snooty lace-curtain Irish team made a stink about ending the Holy War matchup with their blue collar brethren. Logic prevailed and the matchup will continue indefinitely.

    Watch for this Cheese at Pat O'Briens on 88th and 2nd all season (or at least until BC stops being competitive). Things to watch for in the upcoming season include the continued dominance of the BC O-Line, the emergence of Luke Kuelchy as a top-flight linebacker, the return of heroic senior Mark Herzlich, and the ongoing QB drama. Should be another exciting season at the Heights.