Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Getting the Band Back Together

After nearly a three month layoff, and some time to totally cogitate, I figured it was time to start putting pen to pad again. After nearly two years of writing about everything that came up in the sports world, I was growing weary and my writing was suffering. With some time to sort through all the wonderful things going on in the sports world, I think I can provide a fresh outlook on some of the recent events. Plus, with my post count sitting dangerously close to 300, I have to get to at least 298 to pass that sissy Favre. Then I will turn this site into a merchandise store selling autographed footballs and mini-helmets with the number 298 on them to all my fans. But before I get ahead of myself, let's get a good rant going here.

Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Boston, Chicago. These are the cities that have had the Winter Classic over the last four years. Chicago and Boston I am okay with, Pittsburgh and Buffalo I am not. The NHL has certainly come a long way in bringing itself back from the brink of where the NBA was in the late 70s, but can we get some less bozo cities to host the Winter Classic? I'm thinking New York, Toronto, Montreal or Detroit. Personally, I also wouldn't be against Philly having the game, but something about the prospect of a New Year's day, outdoor hockey game in Philadelphia frightens me. Let's land the Winter Classic in a few more marquee cities though.

Next, did the Celtics sign Shaquille O'Neal to play basketball or to head up their PR department? So far we have seen Shaq in Harvard Square, leading the Boston Pops orchestra, and when I was at the Natick Mall last week I saw a sign saying that he would be their in January. He has played a total of 372 minutes for the Celtics this year, and has probably done three times that amount of appearances. Get your 350 pound, barely able to dunk the ball ass in gear Shaq. A question for another day: How did Shaq's ex-wife not get beaten to death by "The Diesel" (catch my drift)?

Back to the Gunslinger. I would venture to say that he has set the Vikings franchise back at least five years. Adrian Peterson is starting to show some signs of wear and tear, the defense is no longer at its prime, and the receiving corps will be wasted on a new quarterback. Brett Favre has the ability to take a team from contender to rebuilder in two years. Glad I got that one off my chest. Also, looking at my football picks from a few months ago, I did alright! Also, also, my only Giants burn; along with "taking my talents to..." I will be using the phrase "err on the side of..." a lot in the future. Such an educated man Justin Tuck is. Who knew he was also Mayan royalty?

That brings us to Vick vs. Brady for the MVP race. Let's compare stats:

Vick- 2,755 yards passing, 20 TDs, 5 INT, 103.9 QB Rating
Brady- 3,561 yards passing, 31 TDs, 4 INT, 109.9 QB Rating

Vick- 631 yards rushing, 8 TDs
Brady- 17 yards rushing, 1 TD

Basically, there are two ways to look at this and they hinge on how you rate the most valuable player. Brady and Vick's numbers are very similar once you adjust for Vick's rushing value. However, Vick did not play in three games for the Iggs due to injury and only played in the second half of the first game. If he plays in those games, his numbers are probably better than Brady's and the Iggs probably probably don't go 2-2 during that stretch. That to me truly shows his "value" (FFWD to 3:03) to the team. On the other hand, do you discount Vick's season because he was injured and missed three games? It is a total toss-up, and it will probably be decided in the last two games as most people vote on recent memory.

Finally, I would be cheating myself if I did not mention anything about golf in this post. The last post before TPLIYP was put on life support concerned the Ryder Cup. Now we are looking forward to the 2011 season. The Donk and I have discussed, and besides Tiger, our boy for the upcoming season is Jeff Overton. New year, new curse? We shall see. It's good to be back, let's hope I can find the motivation to keep going in 2011. BOOM BABY, YEAH!!