Friday, December 28, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Just the facts this week folks.  I am away from my desk and with limited time to operate.  Moose went 10-6 last week, while that dumbass the coin went 9-7.  Here we go for week 17.

NYJ (+3.5) at Buffalo
COIN: Buffalo

Miami (+10) at NEP
PICK: Miami
COIN: Miami

Baltimore (+2.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincy
COIN: Baltimore

Cleveland (pick em) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Pittsburgh
COIN: Cleveland

Houston (-7) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy (No Doubter)
COIN: Houston

Jacksonville (+4) at Tennessee
PICK: Tennessee
COIN: Tennessee

Philadelphia (+7.5) at NYG
PICK: Iggles

Dallas (+3) at Washington
PICK: Dallas
COIN: Washington

Chicago (-3) at Detroit
PICK: Detroit
COIN: Chicago

Green Bay (-3) at Minnesota
PICK: Minnesota
COIN: Minnesota

Tampa Bay (pick em) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta
COIN: Tampa Bay

Carolina (+5) at New Orleans
PICK: New Orleans
COIN: New Orleans

Kansas City (+16) at Denver
PICK: Kansas City
COIN: Kansas City

Oakland (pick em) at San Diego
PICK: San Diego
COIN: Oakland

Arizona (+16.5) at San Francisco
PICK: Arizona
COIN: San Francisco

St. Louis (+11) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle
COIN: St. Louis

SEASON RECORD: 104-111-7
COIN: 19-13

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

After another lackluster week (I ended up 7-9), I might as well rename this post The Coin's Weekly Picks.  The coin capped off a solid week with a 10-6 record, proving I know nothing about picking football games.  Or, that the coin knows more than we think.  At the very least, it has warranted another week of evaluation to see how it fares against another slate of games.  In that regard, it is the Nick Foles of coins.  I really need to get my act together if I want to have any shot at .500 at the end of the season.  Let's take a look at week 16:

Atlanta (-3.5) at Detroit
PICK: Atlanta.  The Falcons have home field throughout the playoffs in their sights.  I think they will take care of business against Jim Schwartz's boys.  He has last control of that team and will probably get canned.
COIN: Atlanta

Tennessee (+12.5) at Green Bay
PICK: Tennessee.  I haven't been keeping track of my Tennessee pick record lately, but I'm sure it's very lousy still.  Green Bay has had some unremarkable wins lately, and I think 12.5 is a lot to give away for them.
COIN: Green Bay

Oakland (+8.5) at Carolina
PICK: Carolina.  Cam Newton has rattled off two wins in a row.  I don't think Carson Palmer or Terrelle Pryor will stop it from being three in a row.
COIN: Carolina

Buffalo (+4.5) at Miami
PICK: Buffalo.  Miami either looks amazing or terrible.  Fitzy is probably playing for his job with the Bills.  Will the Bills ever be good again?  Those three statements are unrelated.
COIN: Buffalo

Cincinnati (+4) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Cincy.  At halftime of last Thursday's game, there is no way I make this pick.  The Bengals are pretty solid in every phase of the game though, and I think Pittsburgh is starting to crumble despite Big Ben's solid pump fake game.
COIN: Pittsburgh

NEP (-14.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: NEP.  Many, many points to give up.  But BB will be on a warpath this week after so many turnovers last week, and a loss at home.  The NEP will throttle Jacksonville, and probably not take Brady out of the game despite being up by 30.
COIN: Jacksonville

Indianapolis (-6.5) at Kansas City
PICK: Indy.  I read some horrible stat about the Chiefs the other day that they had averaged 9.5 points in their last four losses or something.  Nerdy Voiced Andrew Luck has the playoffs in mind, and a win at KC would go a long way.  Chalk this up as my NO DOUBTER of the week.  Side note: Gwen is SHREDDED
COIN: Kansas City

New Orleans (+3) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  I have been really impressed with Dallas the last few weeks, and I would like them to represent the NFC East in the playoffs.  The only thing they have done wrong is let that bozo on the sidelines last week.  Conversely, New Orleans keeps burning me.  I hate you guys.
COIN: New Orleans

Washington (-5.5) at Philly
PICK: Washington.  Regardless of who is playing qb for the 'Skins, the Eagles will give them enough turnovers to win by at least six.  I am already picking who I want in the draft: Teo, Mathieu, a fat OL and a new tight end maybe?
COIN: Washington

St. Louis (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: St. Louis.  The Bradford to Amendola show came back with a bang last week, much to the chagrin of an old man's glasses.  Meanwhile Tampa Bay is really going out with a queef.
COIN: Tampa Bay

NYG (-2.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  T Sizzle and Ray Rave could both be back this weekend in a big game for both teams.  I just don't trust the Giants defense.

Minnesota (+7.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Matt Schaub just remembered that Andre Johnson is on his team.  Over/under on carries for Adrian Peterson?  30?
COIN: Minnesota

Cleveland (+13.5) at Denver
PICK: Denver.  The Broncos have won nine in a row.  Their defense is one of the best at getting after the passer, and they can stop the run.  They also have a good guy on offense. 
COIN: Denver

Chicago (-5.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  I don't like either of these teams, but now is usually the time of year when Crybaby Cutler throws a temper tantrum and wrecks the season.  Can you say 8-8 anyone?
COIN: Chicago

San Francisco (-1) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  This is going to be an incredible game.  I think the 12th man pushes Seattle over the top at home, otherwise these teams are almost exactly the same.
COIN: San Francisco

San Diego (+2.5) at NYJ
PICK: San Diego.  Norv gets a win!  Now go shave that acne beard!

The coin and I are on different ends of the spectrum today.  We will see how the weekend unfolds.

COIN: 10-6

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another week in the trenches, and another 7-7-2 outcome.  That is the fourth outcome of seven right and seven wrong.  My next experiment will be to see how my record compares against simply flipping a coin.  I bet they end up about the same.  That sounds like a larf, might as well try it this week.  Heads will be home, tails will be away.  Here we go!

Cincinnati (-4.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Philadelphia.  The boo birds in Philly have started to rally behind this lame duck crew.  I think the Iggs can hang in there with the Bungals.  Both defense and offense are starting to improve.  I might as well make this my NO DOUBTER of the week.  That way it will be more fun. 
COIN: Philadelphia

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago
PICK: Green Bay.  Chicago's offense is a big old mess right now, and based on the fact that ESPN is not beating the nickname "Peanut" Tillman to death anymore I'm assuming they've stopped getting turnovers on defense too.
COIN: Chicago

NYG (+1.5) at Atlanta
PICK: NYG.  "Show me" game for Atlanta.  I bet they come out and lay an egg.
COIN: Atlanta

Tampa Bay (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Tampa.  New Orleans burned me again last week.  I WILL QUIT YOU!  RIP Heath.
COIN: Tampa

Minnesota (+3) at St. Louis
PICK: Minnesota.  Adrian Peterson is on a mission.  He will be the deciding factor once again.
COIN: Minnesota

Washington (-1) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  I think Robert Griffin is silly to play in this game after watching his wet noodle of a leg last week.  I also hate to say it, but it already looks like he is going down the path of Cunningham, McNabb, Vick etc. with injuries. 
COIN: Cleveland

Jacksonville (+7) at Miami
PICK: Jacksonville.  Both of these teams aren't very good.  I don't think the Dolphins are better to the point where they win by more than seven though.
COIN: Miami

Denver (-2.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Denver.  The Ravens are getting Ray Rave and possibly T Sizzle, whom I recently learned finished his degree at Ball So Hard University, back this week.  The Broncs still come in and smack them I think.
COIN: Denver

Indianapolis (+8.5) at Houston
PICK: Indy.  We saw what happened to Houston on Monday.  After that, 8.5 is a lot to give to any team.  Let alone one with nerdy-voiced Andrew Luck.
COIN: Indy

Carolina (+3) at San Diego
PICK: Carolina.  Scam Newton is starting to play like the quarterback we saw last year.  Side note: it has been funny to watch so many players (Newton, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews) with commercial deals suck so bad this year.
COIN: Carolina

Seattle (-5.5) at Buffalo
PICK: Seattle.  Great to see the Seahawks dismantle the Cardinals last week.  I think the 4-0 Cardinals free fall is one of the best stories this year.  I like them to put the whooping on Buffalo as well.  This could be the end of the line for old Fitzy in Buffalo.
COIN: Buffalo

Detroit (-6) at Arizona
PICK: Detroit.  4-9?  Let's make it 4-10.  Poor, poor Larry Fitzgerald.
COIN: Arizona

Pittsburgh (-1.5) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  I was impressed by the 'Boys comeback win against Cincy last week.  I'm also impressed by diva WR Dez Bryant wanting to play this week.  Some toughness coming out of Big D!  Meanwhile the Steel Curtain just lost to darts team goalie Norv Turner.
COIN: Dallas

Kansas City (+3) at Oakland
PICK: Oakland.  I pity the market that is subjected to this vile game.
COIN: Oakland

San Francisco (+5) at NEP
PICK: NEP.  BB might make mincemeat out of another one of the NFL's highly respected defenses.  I also don't like the 49ers offense against a very stout run defense.
COIN: San Francisco

NYJ (+2) at Tennessee
PICK: NYJ.  Talk about a dud of a Monday Night game.
COIN: Tennessee

I fully expect the coin to beat me.  All hail the coin!

LAST WEEK: 7-7-2

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Moose is fighting mad after a positively terrible 4-12 week.  Not only that, my No Doubter was ruined by a meaningless punt return touchdown by Damaris Johnson at the end of the Eagles game.  Now Moose's back is up against the wall, and it's time to come out swinging.  Let's try and rebound with this week's games. 

Denver (-10) at Oakland
PICK: Denver.  Last week Denver roughed up a decent Tampa Bay team, and this week takes on the lowly Raiders in the Black Hole.  Moose also predicts a high Spanish population at this game.

Baltimore (+2.5) at Washington
PICK: Washington.  Terrell Suggs is out for the Ravens again, and Robert Griffin III is looking transcendent as a rookie QB. 

Kansas City (+6.5) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  The Brownies don't usually win by a lot, but I have a feeling the Chiefs are about to fall flat after an extremely emotional week last week.

San Diego (+6.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Pittsburgh.  The Steel Curtain might be getting Big Ben back this week.  Even if they don't, Norv Turner wants no part of this game.  The weather will freeze the pizza that is his face.

Tennessee (+5.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  I'm skewing toward the home team this week.  Plus, I like watching the Colts and hate the Titans.

NYJ (-2.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Jacksonville.  At least Jacksonville's QB doesn't run headlong into his teammates' bums. I'm pretty sure they'd throw you in a snake pit for that in owner Shahid Khan's home country. 

Chicago (-3) at Minnesota
PICK: Chicago.  Minnesota is 1-4 in their last five games, and only really play well when they can run all over the other team.

Atlanta (-3.5) at Carolina
PICK: Atlanta. Isn't Atlanta good?  Didn't Carolina just lose to the Chiefs?  I'll make this my NO DOUBTER of the week, but I feel like I'm about to be scammed.

Philadelphia (+7.5) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Philadelphia.  The Iggs have taken a bitter pill over the past few weeks, casting off all the players and coaches responsible for a terrible locker room environment.  I think they come out and play well this week against the Leg Breaker and his henchmen.

St. Louis (+3) at Buffalo
PICK: St. Louis.  Jeff Fisher knows a thing or two about beating Buffalo.

Dallas (+3) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincinnati.  I'm basing this pick solely on what the Bengals did to the Giants earlier this year. 

Miami (+10) at San Francisco
PICK: San Francisco.  Miami has been playing better lately.  But I think the 49ers power running and strong defense will expose the 'Phins.

New Orleans (+5) at NYG
PICK: New Orleans.  Two of the more inconsistent teams in the NFL.  I keep going to the well with New Orleans and they keep burning me.  I'll try one more time.

Arizona (+10) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  The Cardinals have no offense. 

Detroit (+7) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  I will use this space to discuss what a dirtbag Ndamakong Suh is.  He keeps getting called out for dirty plays, yet for some reason keeps defending himself by saying "I would never do that," or "I'm not that type of player."  You clearly are that type of player, and you ALWAYS do that.  I don't get what we're missing here.  Suh's repeated violations are also a microcosm of Jim Schwartz's control over this team.

Houston (+3.5) at New England
PICK: New England.  The game of the century!  I'm taking New England because the last time the Texans had to go up against an offense like this (Green Bay) they got burned.  Also, BB.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

In case you were curious, that is the logo for the Palmer High School Moose.  Great football program run by Coach Rod Christiansen up there in Palmer, Alaska.  Also, in case you were curious if you mix up the "s" and "p" in blogspot in the web address you get redirected to some wacko religious site.  The spread is a real thing folks, and it is amazing how well it works.  Moose went another level week at 7-7-2 last week with some zany finishes that contributed to a .500 finish yet again.  With that said, we have also seen that the spread can be cracked.  Thus, the cause endures.  To week 13!

New Orleans (+3.5) at Atlanta
PICK: New Orleans.  Tough loss at home last week for the Saints.  They will be fighting for their playoff lives this week and it will show. 

Seattle (+3.5) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  The Seahawks stink on the road.  Should be a good smash em up old time football game though.

Minnesota (+8) at Green Bay
PICK:  Minnesota.  I like AP to run wild against a shaky Packers defense.

San Francisco (-7) at St. Louis
PICK: San Francisco.  San Fran has figured something out with terrorist look-alike Colin Kaepernick.  Is he the next Steve Young? No.  He's not an asshole.

Arizona (+4.5) at NYJ
PICK: NYJ.  This seems like one of those games that the NYJ will randomly win, just when you think they are totally hopeless.  They are also free from the yoke of Fireman Ed, which will buoy their spirits immensely.

Carolina (-3) at Kansas City
PICK: Carolina.  I keep picking against teams fresh off victories against the Eagles, and it keeps backfiring.  I'll change my ways this week.

Indianapolis (+4.5) at Detroit
PICK: Detroit.  The Lions got screwed against one of the best teams in the league on Thanksgiving.  I like them to handle their business at home this week.

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Buffalo
PICK: Jacksonville.  The Jags have been scoring points in buckets lately.  One thing that will hurt them though, is the signing of all-pro bozo Jason Babin. 

NEP (-7.5) at Miami
PICK: NEP.  The Pats defense is looking mighty good all of a sudden.  Although you can never script a NEP-Buffalo or an NEP-Miami game.

Houston (-6) at Tennessee
PICK: Houston.  Poop.

Tampa Bay (+7) at Denver
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano keeps games close.  Plus his bookies heard a lot of people are taking Denver in this one.

Pittsburgh (+8) at Baltimore
PICK: Pittsburgh.  Despite having a Charlie D'Donte Batch at qb, the Steelers can usually keep the game pretty close.  I expect a whole lot of running the ball in this one.

Cleveland (pick 'em) at Oakland
PICK: Cleveland.  The Brownies are flying high after a big win against the Steelers.  I would rather be a fan of them than the Eagles right now.  That is awful.

Cincinnati (-2.5) at San Diego
PICK: Cincy.  The Chargers will find a way to lose this game. 

Philadelphia (+10) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  Yes sir, chalk it up as my NO DOUBTER of the week.  It will be interesting to see the new ways that Eagles Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles has developed to give up touchdowns. 

NYG (-2.5) at Washington
PICK: NYG.  I have gotten the Giants games wrong a good amount this year as well.  Tough to forecast.  I think the Redskins are due for a reality check though. 

LAST WEEK: 7-7-2

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

An ugly week last week dropped Moose back under .500 on the season.  I caught Foles fever and it hindered my ability to impartially pick games.  However, I thought I had several good potshots in my commentary, and we will continue with that positive momentum.  The other good news is that Thanksgiving week will let me get right back to work.  We will right the ship this week!

Houston (-3) at Detroit
PICK: Houston.  It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a Detroit Lions loss.  Ndamukong Suh's recklessness will be center stage as well.  Look for him to deliver the Hogan leg drop to somebody.

Washington (+3.5) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  Once again, don't be fooled into thinking that any team is good after they beat the Eagles.  On a side note, I am very disappointed with the dismissal of the robotic turkey on FOX.  His replacement CLEATUS is nowhere near as annoying/awesome.  He also doesn't respond to my tweets asking about the robotic turkey.

NEP (-6.5) at NYJ
PICK: NEP.  I am hesitant to make this pick with no Gronk for the Pats.  However, their defense is looking up and their offense is still pretty scary.  I hope they wear those nice red unis as well.

Oakland (+8) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincy.  The Bengals defense is pretty good.  Carson Palmer also hates playing in Cincinnati.

Pittsburgh (pick 'em) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  With no Big Ben, Cleveland wins this game to show that they are this year's "good bad team" a la the Lions of years past.

Buffalo (-3) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  The Colts return home licking their wounds, but they will beat the Bills.

Denver (-10.5) at Kansas City
PICK: Denver.  The Chiefs might want to kick the tires on Elvis Grbac or Steve Deberg at this point.

Tennessee (-3) at Jacksonville
PICK: Tennessee.  Over under on QB changes in this game is 1.5 as well.

Minnesota (pick 'em) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  The Bears looked pretty putrid against San Francisco last night, but will likely have Jay Cutler back against the Bikes.  They will also be able to contain Adrian Peterson I think.

Atlanta (-1) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Atlanta.  The leg breaker pulled a fast one on me last week.  This week he is not so lucky.  I'll make this my NO DOUBTER of the week.

Seattle (-3) at Miami
PICK: Seattle.  And now the award for the team that traveled the furthest to be here...

Baltimore (-1) at San Diego
PICK: Baltimore.  Despite the injuries, the Ravens are still playing tough.  Meanwhile, fun fact about Norv Turner; "Turner has coached the most games in NFL history among head coaches with an overall losing record." -Wikipedia

San Francisco (-2) at New Orleans
PICK: New Orleans.  The Saints are on a roll.  I would consider them a legitimate threat to win the NFC at this point.

St. Louis (+2.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  I can't believe I'm picking Arizona.  This is silly. 

Green Bay (+2.5) at NYG
PICK: Green Bay.  The NYG have looked pretty meek over the last few weeks.  That said, they always beat the Packers, so I dunno.

Carolina (+2.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Carolina.  How on earth are the Panthers underdogs?  The Eagles literally do nothing well. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

The spread did its job again last week as Moose went an even 7-7.  After racking my brain for hours upon hours, I would have done just as well flipping a coin.  This week we have quite a few divisional match ups to separate the men from the boys.  Let's get right into it.

Miami (+2.5) at Buffalo
PICK: Buffalo.  The Bills can't play defense at all, but they sure can play offense.  I'll take them and 2.5 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in the cold weather.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Washington
PICK: Philly.  Nick Foles is gonna be living large in the city of Philadelphia after this week.  All hail the Foles Dynasty!  Having lost five in a row, nothing could make me more confident in the Eagles as my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK!

Green Bay (-3.5) at Detroit
PICK: Green Bay.  Detroit got shredded by the Vikings last week, and now face an even more prolific offense.  By the way, does anybody else really hate the young kid version of the fat Aaron Rodgers fan from the state farm commercials?

Arizona (+10) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  I haven't checked, but I'm assuming Arizona has kept losing since week 4?

Tampa Bay (-1.5) at Carolina
PICK: Carolina.  Trap game for leg-breaker Schiano and his bookies.

 Cleveland (+8) at Dallas
PICK: Cleveland.  Dallas has only won one game by more than 8 points, and that was a fluky game last week against St. Nick Foles.

NYJ (+3.5) at St. Louis
PICK: St. Louis.  Slingin' Sammy B has got his #1 target in Danny Amendola back, and the Jets are calling each other turrible.

Indianapolis (+9) at NEP
PICK: Indy.  This will either be a Colts win, or a blowout by the Pats.  I'll take my chances with nerdy voice Andrew Luck.

Jacksonville (+15.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  The Jags have already lost by 17 or more a total of 5 times.  Their owner could also double as the fall guy in a low-budget action film.

Cincinnati (-3.5) at Kansas City
PICK: Cincy.  Who did the Chiefs beat?

New Orleans (-5) at Oakland
PICK: New Orleans.  I'll take the gold and black over the silver and black.  The Saints are starting to look mighty once again.

San Diego (+7.5) at Denver
PICK: Denver.  I'm tired of looking at pockmark faced Norv Turner on the sidelines.  The San Diego sun has done nothing for his complexion.

Baltimore (-3.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Baltimore.  Byron Leftwich.

Chicago (+5.5) at San Francisco
PICK: Chicago.  In a battle of backup qbs, Jason Campbell will prove how worthless Jay Cutler really is. 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

A report surfaced that Las Vegas reported record losses after last week's NFL slate came to an end on Sunday evening.  Knowing that, it is abundantly clear that MWP is creating worldwide intrigue and the glitterati of the gambling world are taking notes.  After a blistering 10-4 record last week, Moose is back in the black baby!  In addition, I am back to .500 on No Doubters, and finally picked a Titans (fuck them) game correctly.  Let's keep the good times rolling with this week's picks.

Indianapolis (-3.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Indy.  They are really rallying around their coach, and are actually a good team.  Jacksonville is not.  NO DOUBTER of the Week coming on Thursday night?  LET'S DO IT!

Buffalo (+11) at NEP
PICK: NEP.  Nobody has the wheels fall off the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Athena Snowstorm, Soren Kierkegaard Day, Feast of St. Bartholomew, Armistice Day (New Zealand, France, Belgium), Polish Independence Day, and any others before fat Berman wishes them to you days in advance in a pretend sincere fashion.

NYG (-4) at Cincinnati
PICK: NYG.  Bad loss last week, but they should be able to beat up on Cincy.

San Diego (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa.  Doug Martin is looking like a young Emmitt Smith, and Norv Turner is actively trying to be fired at this point I think.

Denver (-4) at Carolina
PICK: Denver.  Colts 2.0 are off and running and their defense is quick enough to contain Killa Cam.

Tennessee (+6) at Miami
PICK: Miami.  You know why.

Oakland (+7.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  The Raiders backfield is in shambles on the road against a still solid defense, I'll take the Edgar Allan Poes. 

 Atlanta (-2.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Atlanta.  Don't let the game against the Eagles lead you to believe that the Saints are good.  The Falcons will torch their defense.

Detroit (-2.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Detroit.  The Lions are coming on strong and the Vikings are fading.  Adrian Peterson could always rack up like 250 yards though and turn this game the other way.

NYJ (+6) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  The NYJ might turn to Tebow in this one, but the 12th man will reign supreme.

Dallas (-1.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Dallas.  I'll take the team that can throw the ball sometimes and get after the QB over the team that turns the ball over, can't block, can't tackle, can't defend the pass, can't pressure the QB and can't score in the red zone.  Wait 'til you hear the boos in this one.  Fire the spare tire!

St. Louis (+11.5) at San Francisco
PICK: St. Louis.  That is a lot of points to give up to a decent division rival.

Houston (+1) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  Tough call, essentially which conference do you like better.  I'll take the Bears at home.

Kansas City (+12.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Pittsburgh.  Kansas City should be relegated to the UFL after this season.  Call up the Las Vegas Locomotives!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

No blood after last week; seven up, seven down to remain right where I started.  Moose is currently on a tear of three straight No Doubters though.  This week we have a bunch more out of division games, with only two inter-division games on the slate.  At least we have a couple more weeks of evidence to base our picks on though.  Let's go through the games, and hope to get over .500 on the season.

Kansas City (+8) at San Diego
PICK: Kansas City.  Both of these teams are a mess.  Nothing would surprise me in this game, but I'll take Kansas City and the points.

Arizona (+10) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Time to pack it in Arizona.  Your 4-0 start was good, but it is just a distant memory now.

Detroit (-3.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Detroit.  Detroit is starting to resemble the Cardiac Cats of years past, staging comeback after comeback.  I like them to show Jacksonville who's boss this week.

Chicago (-3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Chicago.  Fuck the Titans.  I think I have to do it to end this awful losing streak; NO DOUBTER of the week baby!

Denver (-3.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Denver.  Manning and Co. are starting to look pretty stout out there in the Mile High City.

Carolina (+3) at Washington
PICK: Carolina.  They are not as bad as their record indicates, and they almost beat the Bears last week.  Look for the Panthers to put one in the win column this week.

Baltimore (-3.5) at Cleveland
PICK: Baltimore.  The fact that I am hesitant at all with this pick tells me that I respect Cleveland's defense.

Miami (-2.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  I like the Colts at home I guess.

Buffalo (+10) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Buffalo is really bad.  Good thing they spent all that money on Super Mario Williams.  Fitzy will probably also throw several interceptions.

Minnesota (+5) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  Minnesota got exposed last week.  Seattle is also a really tough place to play.

Tampa Bay (+1.5) at Oakland
PICK: Tampa Bay.  I've been pretty adept at judging leg breaker Schiano and his band of street toughs.  I'll take them to beat Oakland in the Coliseum.

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at NYG
PICK: NYG.  Pittsburgh is never healthy.  Oh, except when they played the Eagles.

Dallas (+4.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Dallas.  Atlanta is due for a loss, and I have a feeling they might be overlooking this Dallas team.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Philadelphia.  The Eagles either win this game or get blown out.  I'd be fine with either.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Moose is riding high after last week's blistering 8-4-1 record and another No Doubter in the win column.  The only things left to do are get the overall record back over .500, and somehow pick the Titans game correctly.  Let's take a deep dive into this week's matchups, which include another Thursday night snoozefest and the annual London game.

Tampa Bay (+6.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano has been able to hang in there with some of the league's more prolific offenses.  I think they can keep it close with Minnesota.

NEP (-7) at St. Louis
PICK: St. Louis.  I don't like the NEP secondary one bit.  I think the NEP win like last week in a close one.  You sound like you're from London!

Jacksonville (+14) at Green Bay
PICK: Jacksonville.  The Packers offense is rolling, and the Jags will be without MJD and possibly Blaine Gabbert.  However, 14 points is just way too much to give away.  Also, the Packers defensive captain Chucky Woodson is not playing.

Indianapolis (+3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Tennessee. The streak ends this week!  Fuck the Titans!

San Diego (-2.5) at Cleveland
PICK: San Diego.  An embarrassing loss two weeks ago helped Moose get his first No Doubter right.  This week the Chargers come in and dominate after a bye.  Otherwise Norv Turner gets canned.

Atlanta (+2.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Atlanta.  The only reason I can think of for Atlanta to get 2.5 in this game is that the Eagles are 13-0 coming off of a bye week under Andy Reid.  This year is unlike any other though.  You would think home field might be another reason, but I bet Eagles fans turn on their team very quickly in this one.   The Eagles lose in my NO DOUBTER of the week.

Seattle (+2) at Detroit
PICK: Seattle.  Detroit looked miserable against the Bears on Monday, and play another good defense on short rest.  Meanwhile Seattle hasn't played since last Thursday.  I'll take rest, defense, running game and two points on the road.

Miami (+2.5) at NYJ
PICK: NYJ.  The NYJ won in overtime on the road in their last matchup with the Dolphins, and I think they have improved since then.  The NYJ win this one on their home turf.

Carolina (+7.5) at Chicago
PICK: Carolina.  The Bears defense is stifling, but their offense is not so great.  I think the Panthers keep it close enough to cover the spread in this one.

Washington (+4.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Washington.  Robert Griffin III is doing some magical stuff on offense.  I think they surprise the Steelers with a win at Heinz Field.

Oakland (-2) at Kansas City
PICK: Oakland.  Brady Quinn is playing for Kansas City.

NYG (-2) at Dallas
PICK: NYG.  Giants go on the road and crush Dallas after narrowly escaping the Redskins.

New Orleans (+6) at Denver
PICK: New Orleans.  If you haven't noticed, the Saints are starting to put up big numbers on offense again.  I'll take that offense and six points more than I'll leave it.

San Francisco (-6.5) at Arizona
PICK: San Francisco.  The Cardinals are starting to stink up the joint.  I like them to finish 8-8.

LAST WEEK: 8-4-1

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Finally, in the sixth week of MWP we can put a no doubter in the win column!  Not only did the Broncos give me a no doubter win, they also put me at 7-7 for the week.  No blood, and building momentum for week seven.  Here we go baby!

Seattle (+7.5) at San Francisco
PICK: Seattle.  San Fran just got embarrassed at home by the NYG, so you would think they bounce back strong against Seattle.  However, I think these teams are extremely closely matched.  San Francisco might win, but only by a point or two.

Tennessee (+3) at Buffalo
PICK: Buffalo.  Fuck the Titans in their stupid asses.

Arizona (+6) at Minnesota
PICK: Minnesota.  Arizona is beginning to fall apart I think, but this is still a decent amount of points to give up between two good defenses.

Cleveland (+2.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Cleveland.  Two in a row baby!

Baltimore (+6.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Houston is coming off of a bad loss and Baltimore just lost their top cornerback and Ray Ray.  Look out.

Green Bay (-5.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Green Bay.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  Green Bay is starting to fire on all cylinders. 

Dallas (-2) at Carolina
PICK: Dallas.  The Cowboys showed some heart last week in a tough loss.  I like Romo to torch the Panthers defense.

Washington (+5.5) at NYG
PICK: NYG.  After the Giants demolition of the 49ers last week, how can you not make this pick?  Oh right, the Giants always play to the level of their competition.  I'll still take them though.

New Orleans (-3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: New Orleans.  I'll take the Saints coming off a bye to continue to right the ship against division rival/legbreaker Schiano.

NYJ (+10.5) at NEP
PICK: NYJ.  The NEP secondary is absolutely dreadful.  I think the NEP will win, but not by 10.5 in this division game.

Jacksonville (+4) at Oakland
PICK: Oakland.  I also predict that the last remaining Jaguars fan gets put in a coma in the Coliseum parking lot.

Pittsburgh (-1.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Pittsburgh.  This seems like one of those "Prove It" games that the Bengals always lose.

Detroit (+6) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  The Bears defense looks pretty legit even though I hate them.  Crybaby Cutler should be able to huck it and chuck it on the Lions defense as well.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Well folks, when you're right 47% of the time, you're wrong 53% of time.  Moose took a bath again last week, going 5-9-0 to drop further below .500 for the season.  If anything though, I have shown you how bookies make money.  Some of the world's greatest casinos have been built on the corpses of lousy gamblers like me.  I will not let a few bad weeks stop me though.  Bring on week six!

Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Pittsburgh.  The Titans have screwed me over every week and deserve to lose every game for the rest of their existence for being so shitty.  The presence of Rashard Mendenhall should help the Steelers win this one handily.

Cincy (-1) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  Haden is back.  The Dawg Pound will be rocking.  Cleveland gets their first win.

Indianapolis (+3) at NYJ
PICK: Indy.  Luck is already a great quarterback, and they are playing for their sick coach.  Should be a close game.

Kansas City (+3.5) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa.  Leg-breaker Schiano and his squad of goons should be well rested and ready to collect after a bye week.  Meanwhile the Chefs are so bad, they are getting cheered when they get hurt. 

Oakland (+8.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  Oakland is pretty bad, and Matt Ryan rarely loses at home. 

Dallas (+3.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  I think Dallas will be exposed as a not very good team in this game once and for all.

Detroit (+4.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Detroit.  I don't think the Eagles have the ability to win a game by more than 3 points.  They waste the entire first half turning over the ball, then stage a furious comeback to win by 2.

St. Louis (+3.5) at Miami
PICK: St. Louis.  This is purely a conference pick.  I like the NFC West.  They are tough.

NEP (-3.5) at Seattle
PICK: NEP.  Not sure about this one, but I think the NEP have a potent enough offense to win by 7 or so. 

Buffalo (+4.5) at Arizona
PICK: Buffalo.  This is a risky pick, because Buffalo has looked absolutely dreadful the past few weeks.  I think Arizona is falling back to earth though.

Minnesota (+2) at Washington
PICK: Minnesota.  I like the Minnesota Vikings to cover the spread against the Washington Redskins.

NYG (+5) at San Francisco
PICK: NYG.  This is going to be a real slobberknocker.  The Giants won't be able to go after that special needs kick returner on the 49ers anymore with Ted Ginn back.  I like the 9ers to win at home, but in a close one.

Green Bay (+3.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Green Bay's defense, made almost totally of 1st round picks, is non-existent.  I'll take the undefeated Texans, not running away though.

Denver (+2) at San Diego
PICK: Denver.  NO DOUBTER, why not?  It's getting pretty comical at this point.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a hot start last week, Moose fell apart in the afternoon games to plummet back under .500 for the season.  Not only that, but I have missed on three No Doubters in a row.  There is only one game between division rivals this week, so we will be able to see how these divisions fare against each other.  However, it will be tough for a prognosticator such as myself to pick this week's games.  Nonetheless, I will give it my best shot. 

Arizona (-1.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Arizona.  The Cardinals needed overtime to outlast the 'Phins last week.  Have they been figured out?  Perhaps, but I'll still take them this week in the Lou.

Atlanta (-3) at Washington
PICK: Atlanta.  The undefeated teams stay undefeated.  Washington's lack of defense concerns me in this game.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Philadelphia.  Andy Reid knows how to beat the Steelers somehow.  I don't get it.

Green Bay (-7) at Indianapolis
PICK: Green Bay.  The Packers have been screwed over by the refs too many times.  They come out guns blazing against Indy and pick up the win. 

Cleveland (+9) at NY Giants
PICK: Giants.  One more week until Haden gets back Browns fans.  Until then, I like the G-Men by 10.

Tennessee (+5.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Tennessee.  I think I have been wrong on every Tennessee game so far (fact checkers?).  Matt Hasselbeck will be the wild card in this one.  I could just as easily see them getting blown out again though.

Miami (+3.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincy.  Sucky.

Baltimore (-6) at Kansas City
PICK: Baltimore.  The Ravens will pick apart this mistake prone offense.

Seattle (+3) at Carolina
PICK: Carolina.  Cam and his weapons on offense will be too much for the Seahawks pass rush.

Chicago (-6) at Jacksonville
PICK: Chicago.  Chicago is on the rise.  I think.  That punk bitch Cutler could sabotage them though.

Denver (+6.5) at NEP
PICK: Denver.  I think the NEP will win, but it will be close.  

Buffalo (+9.5) at San Francisco
PICK: San Francisco.  Buffalo's running game has hit the skids.  The Niners defense and run game should go wild here.

San Diego (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: San Diego.  New Orleans has gotta win sometime right?  Not this week though. Another curious line involving San Diego.

Houston (-8) at NYJ
PICK: Houston.  The Jets pretty much have nobody now on offense or defense.  I'll make this my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK. 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ryders on the Storm

Every two years, we are treated to what is in my opinion the greatest athletic spectacle in all of sports.  Some might argue that the World Cup or the Olympics surpass this, but in those events there is often a great disparity of talent.  Others might argue the Super Bowl or the World Series, but in those there is no pride for country involved.  In the Ryder Cup, you have players who play as individuals all season long coming together and playing for team and country.  Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and it is almost always a close and spirited match.  There is really no other game like golf, and there is really no other spectacle like the Ryder Cup.

This year the Ryder Cup returns to the United States at Medinah Country Club outside Chicago.  Keeping with tradition, home Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III has been able to alter the course setup to his liking, and this year it will favor the bombers.  The rough has been cut way down to maximize distance, giving guys like Tiger, Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, Phil and Keegan Bradley some added distance over the relatively shorter, with the exception of Rory and Nicolas Colsaerts, Euros.  Suffice it to say there are going to be a lot of low scores out there this weekend.  As usual, it is anybody's game.  Let's take a look at each player on both squads.


Jimmy Furyk: Furyk has been a lousy fourball (two guys from each squad play against each other in best ball match play) throughout his Ryder Cup career, but is a vet and should hold his own.  You can't not pick Jim Furyk for your team.

Tiger Woods: Tiger has a losing record overall in the Ryder Cup, but I like him to come back strong this year, especially on a course he has dominated throughout his career.  It would be great to see him paired up against Sergio Garcia for a throwback to Medinah in '99.

Bubba Watson: I'm a little worried about Bubba.  He hasn't been playing great golf lately, and is not a great putter overall.  He will be helped by the course conditions though.  

Keegan Bradley:  Keegan is made for this type of thing.  A fierce competitor with the ability to take opponents out of their game.  I expect big things for him.  RAT just shuddered at that picture.

Phil Mickelson: Apparently Phil is going to pair up with Keegan out there.  I like what that team brings to the table. 

Jason Dufner: Great demeanor for this.  Calm and steady.  If he gets nervous, he'll just throw in another bomber.

Brandt Snedeker: Another rookie I really like for Ryder Cups.  GREAT putter. 

Dustin Johnson: Another guy I worry about.  He wilts under pressure pretty easily, and isn't the greatest putter.  On the plus side, he can mash the ball though.  A Dustin and Bubba combination could win 9&8 one day, and lose 9&8 the next.

Zach Johnson:  Zach is another good putter that I am not worried about at all.  He will succeed this year.

Matt Kuchar: Kuchar was kind of MIA in the second half of the year.  Not sure what to expect from him.

Webb Simpson: Old Webb kind of comes off like a pussy, but I don't think he will back down an inch from these Europeans.  Solid game all around. 

Steve Stricker: Strick Daddy and Tiger are going to pick up where they left off and smoke fools this year. 


Rory McIlroy: Clearly playing the best golf in the world right now.  He and Graeme McDowell also make a nightmare team in group play.

Graeme McDowell: Not playing his best, but he is a stone cold killer on the greens.  A halved match is a win against whatever team he is on. 

Ian Poulter: What Graeme is to team play, Poulter is to singles.  Again, a halve is a win in a match against him. 

Lee Westwood: Historically a good Ryder Cupper, I think his best years are behind him.  I also miss fat Lee Westwood.

Segio Garcia: Undefeated in foursomes.  I was hoping he would never come back to the Ryder Cup.

Luke Donald: Another guy undefeated in foursome play.  I personally don't think he is that good of a player.  I also think he is crazy if he thinks the crowd is going to go easy on him because he resides in Chicago. 

Justin Rose: Another Ryder Cup resurgent.  He will make a good teammate with another limey, but won't play well in singles.

Francesco Molinari: Dave Rattner was the worst player on the 2010 squad, and doesn't have his brother there to protect him this time around. 

Nicolas Colsaerts: The Belgian Bomber is a long hitter, but hasn't played much on American soil.  I don't think he will be that great.

Paul Lawrie: Lawrie made his way into this by winning a bunch of European events.  He hasn't played in a Ryder Cup since 1999.  Don't expect much from him. 

Martin Kaymer: Former #1 in the world, former feared player.  The Machine has fallen way off in the last two years.  He did inspire me to buy a neckerchief though.

Peter Hanson: Speaking of wilting under pressure, the second this guy realized he had the Masters lead he went straight butt zone for the rest of the tournament.  He was also 1-2 in the 2010 Ryder Cup.  I could be thinking of his brother Soren Hansen though.

On paper, I think the U.S. has a lot better players.  The Ryder Cup is not played on paper though.  Europe will certainly play better in foursomes and fourball with their killer teams of McDowell/McIlroy and Westwood/Poulter and Rose/Donald.  However, I think the margin of defeat won't be as great as it has been in years past.  In singles play on Sunday, I think the United States shows their strength and takes the Cup.  U.S. wins 15.5 to 12.5 and brings the Ryder Cup back where it belongs on American soil.  Now everybody leave me alone for the next three days. 

Moose's Weekly Picks

Call me Jim Cramer because I am getting back to even!  With a little help from the zebras on Monday night, Moose was able to go 8-7 last week, returning to .500 on the year.  With each passing week, the true talent is rising to the top, and the spreads become a bit more cut and dry in terms of favorites and underdogs.  With that said, let's get into week 3 of MWP.

Cleveland (+12) at Baltimore
PICK: Cleveland.  Cleveland has only lost by 10 at the most this year, and the Ravens are on very short rest coming off of the Sunday night game.  The Brownies can keep it under 12 in the Modell Bowl.

NEP (-4) at Buffalo
PICK: NEP.  3 losses in a row for BB and the NEP?  I am afraid to even think about that.  These New England-Buffalo games are usually pretty wild though.

Minnesota (+5) at Detroit
PICK: Minnesota.  Minnesota, fresh off of ruining another No Doubter for me, looks tough.  Detroit does not.  The Vikes take one on the road.

Carolina (+7) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  Atlanta seems like the real deal, and the dome will be rocking.

San Francisco (-4) at NYJ
PICK: San Francisco.  No Revis could mean trouble for the Jets.  I like the 49ers to regain momentum after a bad loss.

San Diego (+1) at Kansas City
PICK: San Diego.  Another baffling spread.  Possibly an overreaction to the Bolts getting blown out at home by Atlanta.

Tennessee (+12) at Houston
PICK: Tennessee.  Houston has been straight rolling teams, but Matt Schaub can only have like 8 brain cells left after last week.  They are due for a stinker, but still win.

Seattle (-2.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Seattle.  This should be a good game between two up and coming teams.  Seattle's defense will make the difference though.

Miami (+6.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  This defense does not allow touchdowns.  It's scary son.

Oakland (+6.5) at Denver
PICK: Oakland.  That wobbly Manning arm has me concerned.  I'll take a fat Janikowski leg over it any day.

Cincinnati (-2.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Bengals.  This game will probably suck.

New Orleans (+7.5) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Tough game for the Saints to break the streak.  I'll take the Pack to take out their frustration from the refs on the hapless New Orleans defense.

Washington (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano's defense should be able to put a lid on Robert Griffin III, while Josh Freeman scores enough points on the 'Skins defense sans All-Pro Linebacker Brian Orakpo.

NYG (+1.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: NYG.  And guess what, it's my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK!  Giants fans may think I am just trying to put the curse on them right now, but the Eagles offensive line is a mess.  I see the Giants' apes running wild and helping ring in the Nick Foles era by decapitating Michael Vick.

Chicago (+3.5) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  Chicago's offense is really sucky.  Dallas' defense is pretty good. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Welcome back to another edition of Moose's Weekly Picks.  After my first week, I am just a smidgeon under the .500 mark at 6-7-2.  I will try to improve upon that mark this week and get myself back to even.  Unfortunately I can't make a call on the Giants/Panthers game because Koey couldn't put down his wingies and text me the spread in time.  So we will start with the Sunday games once again this week.  Here we go:

St. Louis (+7.5) at Chicago
PICK: St. Louis.  The Bears were my pre-season NFC Super Bowl pick in the annual Sack Lodge fantasy football predictions board.  I must have forgotten that they have Jay Cutler.  Dude is a coach killer.  Rams win this one on the road.

Tampa Bay (+7.5) at Dallas
PICK: Tampa.  Dallas looked good, then shitty.  This week they will be somewhere in between and win a close game against legbreaker Schiano.

San Francisco (-6.5) at Minnesota
PICK: San Francisco.  I can't believe the Niners are only giving 6.5 in this one.  I like them to win big.  As a matter of fact, I will make this my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK.  We all saw how that turned out last week though.

Detroit (-3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Detroit.  I'm picking a lot of road teams this week.  Add Detroit to the list. 

Cincinnati (+3) at Washington
PICK: Cincinnati.  I don't think the 'Skins are as good as everyone else thinks.  Plus they just lost Geico spokesman All-Pro linebacker Brian Orakpo for the season. 

NY Jets (-2.5) at Miami
PICK: Miami.  Tannehill earned his stripes last week after I potshat him.  Miami's defense will stifle the Sanchize and get the W.

Kansas City (+9) at New Orleans
PICK: New Orleans.  This is a tough call.  The Saints have looked terrible in two games.  I think they pull it together for this game at home.

Buffalo (+3) at Cleveland
PICK: Buffalo.  Cleveland has gotten better, but I think Buffalo showed what they are made of last week.  Their offense will overpower the Brownies.

Jacksonville (+3) at Indy
PICK: Indy.  The Jaguars can't throw the ball.  The Colts can.  I like Andy Luck to build on his first win with another W at home.

Philadelphia (-3.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  Everybody knows the Iggs only win by one!

Atlanta (+3) at San Diego
PICK: Atlanta.  I don't know who came up with this line, but I'll take the Falcons in a battle of undefeateds.

Houston (-2) at Denver
PICK: Houston.  Peyton Manning will play better, but I don't know if anyone can stop this high-powered Texans offense.

Pittsburgh (-4) at Oakland
PICK: Pittsburgh.  Oakland has looked terrible the first two weeks.  I don't know what happened to Carson Palmer, but I'll take the Steelers to pick apart the mistake prone Raiders.

New England (+3) at Baltimore
PICK: NEP.  I don't know what the hell happened to the Pats last week, but I can't see it happening two weeks in a row.  They also are not subject to the TPLIYP No Doubter curse this week.

Green Bay (-3) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle. An NFC West clean sweep!  I think the NFC West, led by San Francisco is a super tough division.  I'll take Seattle in a bit of an upset at home.

LAST WEEK: 6-7-2

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

This might be an effort to stay more active with good old TPLIYP.  It might be an effort to see just how well I can forecast games.  Or it might just be a cheap copy of a lot of other websites.  All of that said, I wanted to test my football knowledge by keeping track of my football picks with the spread over the course of an entire season (skipping week 1 and the Thursday night game of course).  Each week, I will endeavor to forecast each game against the spread and check my progress each week.  Sound good?  Let's do it!


Tampa Bay (+7) at NY Giants
PICK: Tampa.  This should be a slobberknocker of a game, to quote the great JR.  I like the Giants to win, but not by more than 6. 

Arizona (+13.5) at NEP
PICK: Gotta go NEP.  Kevin Kolb starting for the Cardinals at Gillette Stadium where Brady is 35-1 in his last 36 regular season starts?  This has all the makings of a blowout.  Consider this my "No Doubter" of the week.  Yep, that's what we're gonna go with.

Minnesota (-3) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  I think the Colts can win this game, and Lukas Oil Stadium is always a tough place to play.

New Orleans (-2.5) at Carolina
Pick: Carolina.  New Orleans is still reeling from the whole bounty scandal fiasco, and Scam Newton is looking to rebound at home after a tough start.  I think Carolina will win fairly convincingly.

Kansas City (+3) at Buffalo
PICK: Buffalo.  Buffalo looked awful last week.  This week they will prove that they are not that bad.

Baltimore (+2.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Baltimore.  Despite several analysts predicting that Vick will have a bounce back game, I gotta go with the Ravens.  The possibility of no Desean Jackson and no Jeremy Maclin could lead to a Ravens blowout.

Oakland (-2.5) at Miami
PICK: Oakland.  Ryan Tannehill looks like one of those quarterbacks that is just not ready to start in the NFL.  The Raiders should win this game by at least 3.

Cleveland (+7) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincinnati.  Cincy will benefit from the Joe Haden suspension, and Brandon Weeden doesn't just look like, he IS, one of those qbs that is not ready to start in the NFL.  He looks like Ben Roethlisberger though, so that's a plus.

Houston (-7) at Jacksonville
PICK: Houston.  Houston is one of the best teams in the NFL.  I like them to win by double digits.

Dallas (-3) at Seattle
PICK: Dallas.  This will be a test to see if Dallas is for real or not.  I think they will win in a close one.

Washington (-3.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Washington.  Robert Griffin III will have one more good week.  Then he will come back to earth.

NY Jets (+5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: NY Jets.  Not sure what to make of Pittsburgh this year.  They keep losing play makers and I think it is starting to catch up with them.  I guess we'll find out.

Tennessee (+6.5) at San Diego
PICK: Tennessee.  This seems like a let down game for the Chargers, who usually stink in the beginning of the season.

Detroit (+7) at San Francisco
PICK: San Francisco.  The 49ers look like one of the toughest teams in the NFL.  Detroit will test their defense, but I like San Fran to dominate.

Denver (+3) at Atlanta
PICK: Denver.  The Broncos could be one of the best teams in the NFL this year.  With Peyton Manning's offense complimenting their relentless pass rush, they are going to upend the Falcons at home. 

I have a feeling that this is going to be quite a bit harder than I think.  But I am excited to test my skills.  Here goes nothing!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Can Hear the Ocean's Roar

Welcome to Kiawah Island, South Carolina for the 2012 PGA Championship.  I hope you modeled your wardrobe after Webb Simpson, otherwise you will not fit in.  The Ocean Course at Kiawah has never hosted a major tournament other than the Ryder Cup in 1991, so it will be interesting to see who excels at this new major championship stop.  As always, we will take a look at the course itself and then decide, always incorrectly, who has a good chance to bring home the hardware.

The Ocean Course at Kiawah was built in 1991 by Pete Dye and is truly a gem.  With its ocean views, waste bunkers and tall grass, you would be hard pressed to find another course on the PGA Tour that looks as visually stunning as Kiawah, .  Stretching over 7,600 yards for the PGA Championship, there are three par-fives upwards of 575 yards, and three par-fours at nearly 500 yards each.  It is tough to find an even lie on the course, and wind and bunkers can be treacherous.  The course also features a slope of 151, meaning that it is fairly impossible for the average golfer.  That said, the fairways are quite wide, so this might be the kind of course that favors a bomber and could be taken apart for a super low score. With all of this in mind, let us fancy a guess at who might take home the Wanamaker Trophy at "Glory's Last Shot."

Keegan Bradley- The pride of Holliston, Massachusetts won the Bridgestone Invitational last week after another Furyk collapse, but played well enough to win anyway.  He can also smash the ball off the tee, and is a clutch putter.  Did I mention that he is also the defending PGA Champ?

Dustin Johnson- Dusty is due for a major breakthrough, and Kiawah might be a good course for him.  He might want to brush up on the Heimlich just in case.

Louis Oosthuizen- The Donk's boy played well last week, has the nicest swing on the PGA, and can crush it.  If he can putt well this week, watch out for King Louis!

Fat Phil- I hate to say it, but he has a shot this week even though he has been playing terribly lately.  Wide fairways will help cradle his errant drives, and love handles. 

Bubbs- With few trees and plenty of fairway to work with, look for Bubba to get crazy on this course.  Could he win two majors this year?  Bring on the waterworks!

Rannulph Junuh- High five yourself if you understand this reference.  Or this post's title reference for that matter.  

Enjoy this interesting PGA Championship venue and let's hope for another great major finish!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Open For Business

It's that time of year again folks.  Set your alarm clock for 3 a.m., put on a pot of tea, and fix yourself a plate of bangers and mash.  That's right, it is British Open week.  And, yes, I said British Open and not "Open Championship."  Deal with it you damn limeys.  The British Open throws everything a golf course can at golfers; wind, rain, tall rough, lumpy greens, treacherous bunkers, and narrow fairways.  Bearing that in mind, it is a test of the most well rounded golfer in my opinion.  That is why you often see an old fogey such as Tom Watson, Darren Clarke, or Greg Norman at or near the top of the leaderboard on Sunday.  It takes a lifetime of learning to excel in these conditions.  Royal Lytham and St. Anne's will be no different this year.

The skinny on Royal Lytham is that it is a prototypical British Open links style course.  It has tall fescue, slow bumpy greens, fast and hard fairways, and lousy weather.  However, one key difference is the over 200 bunkers on the course.  Unlike Whistling Straits, where the PGA Championship was held in 2010, most of the bunkers are in play for most players at Lytham and not just for show.  Couple the treacherous bunkers with the wind and rough, and hitting fairways at Royal Lytham is at a premium.  The player that will win this week will be able to hit his ball where he needs to despite the lousy conditions.  Does this scream "Tiger Woods stinger" to anyone else?

Another atypical factor in this championship is slow greens.  In America, most of the greens are lightning fast.  In Europe this is not the case.  Putting aggressively will be tough for some players to get accustomed to, and certainly favors the Euros that are more used to it.  Keeping these factors in mind, here are some players I like to contend this week.

Tiger Woods- If the wind picks up, Tiger's stinger off the tee that cuts through the wind could be the ultimate x-factor here.  He also likes to putt aggressively.  God I hope he wins.

Justin Rose- Justin has finished well at Lytham before, and seems to be at just that age for a breakthrough major performance.  

Rickie Fowler- Rickie, seen here teaching some butthead how to play golf, played very well at last year's British Open in some of the worst weather the tournament had to offer.  He could be a surprise in 2012. 

G Mac- Graeme McDowell is not the Donk's boy, but he has got all the creative shots necessary to add the Claret Jug to his trophy case.  He also keeps his drives low and in the fairway.  HUGE.

Sergio Garcia- Could this be his year?  He's got 7 top-10 finishes in 11 British Opens.  He'll be around. 

LONG SHOT: Ben Curtis
He does everything right that you need to win a British Open.  That's why he won one in 2003.

FOGEY: Tom Lehman
Lehman won here in 1996 despite being sponsored by Dockers.  Maybe if he gets lucky with some weather conditions he can contend again.

That's all folks.  Enjoy waking up early, watching golf at breakfast, and watch out for JUNGLEBIRD!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nittany Lyin'

As a Pennsylvania native who grew up a Penn State football fan, whose family taught at Penn State, and who had friends and family in State College, PA, this sudden outpouring of disgraceful news at Penn State in light of the Sandusky trial has truly put an end to any positive memories I had of that time and place in my childhood.  The fact that seemingly everybody at Penn State knew, and chose to do nothing, about Jerry Sandusky while he essentially set up a rape factory at Penn State has caused me to do a complete 180 on Penn State sports.  However, this is not only a Penn State issue.  The Sandusky fiasco is truly another example of how college sports are systemically corrupt and wield way too much influence over higher learning.

Let me start by saying that it is shocking that Penn State is taking so long to decide on what to do in response to the Sandusky trial and the Freeh report.  In my opinion, they should not wait for an NCAA investigation, they should blow up the entire football program immediately.  The administration needs to do whatever it takes to disassociate themselves from this football program that completely overshadowed every other authority at Penn State.  Destroy it all (starting with any building Sandusky ever came into contact with a child) and focus on academics for the foreseeable future.  When the time is right, rebuild the program and set guidelines in place that never allow any sports program to overpower the university.

Furthermore, Penn State is only a microcosm of the NCAA at large.  While their may not be molestation going on anywhere else, there are certainly larger than life athletic coaches and players whom university administrations are covering up for based on athletic success and money brought in.  The NCAA was set up to foster amateur competition between college STUDENTS and has somehow spun off into something more powerful than colleges themselves.  Instead of figuring out how to punish Penn State, the NCAA commissioner ought to take a look at the steps that the NCAA has taken that led this tragedy to happen in the first place, and let Penn State punish themselves (for once).

I don't think there is any way that Penn State football kicking off in the Fall is going to provide any relief for the entire Sandusky era.  Forget about football.  Let the players transfer, and focus on letting the academic community take a front seat again.  Moreover, if this incident doesn't show once and for all that the NCAA needs to be checked in its power, then I don't think anything ever will.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

U.S. Open Preview

Well folks, it's the second week in June so that can only mean one thing: the Twea Open swings up to New Hampshire this weekend.  Wait, what?  That's not right.  I meant to say it is U.S. Open weekend!  America's major championship returns to the Olympic Club in San Francisco for the first time in 14 years, and promises to challenge golfers after Rory McIlroy's romp at Congressional last year.  At over 7,100 yards and with a par of 70, the Olympic Club is going to be difficult for even the longest hitters.  Giddy Up.

Since the 1998 Open, won by major bozo Lee Janzen, the Olympic Club has undergone major changes.  Basically any knowledge about the greens gained by players in '98 is useless now, so don't be surprised to see an upstart with a hot putter contend and the grizzled veterans seem confounded.  Tantamount among the changes though is the added distance to the course.  Olympic now boasts a par-five that measures over 650 yards and is probably not reachable in two by any player.  Not even Bubbs.  There are also two par-fours over 500 yards.  Yikes.  Tack on to that the usual lightning fast greens and super tall rough of your standard U.S. Open, and you are looking at payback for last year's record low scores at Congressional.  All of these factors would seem to favor a bomber, but as we have seen with unheralded Open winners of Olympic past (Jack Fleck, Scott Simpson, Lee Janzen), anything can happen.  That said, let's try and piece together who might win this thing.

El Tigre- Obvious choice.  Playing his best golf since the greatest U.S. Open performance ever in 2008.  He is driving the ball immaculately, striping his irons, and that spark seems to have returned to his short game.  Tiger wants this one, especially because it is in California. 

Rory McIlroy- Nobody has gone back-to-back at the Open since Curtis Strange, but if Rory is on he could do it.  It's been a few weeks since he has had his A-game, but he showed signs of it last week in Memphis.

Strick Daddy- Stricker hasn't been playing great lately, but he has the kind of game for this.  Accurate drives for the treacherous fairways that seem to let everything run into the rough, good approach and good putting.  He also finished top-five here in '98, not that that means anything.

Matt Kuchar- Hoochie Kuchar has been playing well this year, and he says this course suits his game.  Time to win the big one, buddy.

Dustin Johnson- I don't know if he has the balls to win a major, but DJ won last week and obviously has the distance to attack some of the longer holes at Olympic.


Colt Knost- Dis dude won the 2007 Amateur at Olympic so you know he can play the course.  He could also disappear from the course if he hears the jingle of an ice cream truck though.

Robert Rock- Great driver of the golf ball.  Great hair.  This guy has squared off against Tiger before and won, and someone managed to retain my respect.  That says a lot.

There you have it.  Those are a few guys I think could win the damn thing in San Francisco this weekend.  I can honestly say I'm not super confident about any of them though.  Let's get some feedback from you, the reader.

Friday, June 8, 2012

That Thing of When A Coach Starts to Look Like the Team Mascot

Here's a fun little post for you readers on Friday.  After too many games with a team, it appears that some coaches can begin to resemble their team mascot.  It is as if they have begun to take on the qualities of the very team that they are coaching.  Have a look:

Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski looks an awful lot like a Blue Devil to me. 

What about former Temple head coach John Chaney?  I used to refer to him as the "Wise Old Owl."  Another funny John Chaney quirk was that as he got madder and madder during a game, his tie would get more and more loose until it came off.  Always useful as a barometer of the Chaney anger level.

I noticed our next subject this past season as he suffered through another last place finish with the Redskins.  Poor Mike Shanahan might have to move to tribal land soon, because he is becoming a Redskin.  

Lastly, there is perhaps no more perfect look alike than old Bo Ryan of the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team.

Have a good weekend, folks.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Flu Theory

Besides providing viewers with drama, intensity and amazing highlights, Tiger Woods also reminded me of a darling little theory I have considered over the years this past weekend.  It's a theory that you the reader can take to the bank.  The money bank.  Over the years I have noticed that when an athlete has the flu, watch out.  It is as if the word "flu" is slang for "going to win."  Inevitably, in whatever sport and no matter how serious the malady, the player with the flu comes out on top.  Here are some classic examples of what I am talking about.

Dirk Nowitzki - 2011 NBA Finals: In a rare confluence of the Flu Theory meets the Curse of the Fab Five, Dirk Nowitzki scored 10 of his 21 points in the fourth quarter to erase a nine point Mavs deficit and tie up the series against the Heat.  Of course the Heat went on to lose the series.

Pete Sampras - 1996 U.S. Open: That's right, TPLIYP went tennis on you!  I have never seen this match before, but apparently in 1996 against Alex Corretja, Pete Sampras caught the flu and was puking on the court.  Despite a spirited effort from Corretja, Sampras still hung on for the win.

Tiger Woods - 2012 Memorial: As if Tiger didn't have enough to come back from, he also had the flu this past weekend at Memorial.  Obviously, he was able to rise above it and shoot a final round 67 to take the title.

Joe Montana - 1979 Cotton Bowl: Another game I have never seen.  The legend goes that with the Irish down 20-12 at halftime, Montana's body temperature dropped down to 96 degrees due to flu-like symptoms.  In the third quarter Montana was eating bowls of chicken soup and being covered with heat packs while the Irish fell behind even further, 34-12.  With under eight minutes to go in the game, Joe Cool returned and led the Golden Domers to a 35-34 victory in his last game for the Fighting Irish.

Michael Jordan - 1997 NBA Finals:  This game is known as "The Flu Game" and is the basis of my entire argument.  I remember watching this game as a kid and wanting the Jazz to win.  When I found out Michael Jordan had the flu, I thought Stockton, Malone & Co. had a great chance to take the series lead 3-2 at home in Utah.  Not so fast, my friend.  Apparently, the story goes that MJ could hardly even sit up or walk the day before the game and said there was no way he could play.  On game day, Scottie Pippen wasn't sure if His Airness could even put his uniform on.  The rest is history.  Jordan, collapsing after whistles and leaning on teammates to help him to the bench, scored 38 points and made a huge three pointer with 25 seconds left to give Chicago the lead.  He also had seven rebounds, five assists, three steals and one block.  Kind of makes Lebron look like a little bitch.

I'm sure there are more examples that I am forgetting, but you see my point.  Next time you hear that a player has the flu, don't count them out.  Rather, bet the farm on them winning the game.  Unless of course Juwan Howard is on their team.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Classic Tiger

This blog post is probably adding to a chorus line of previous articles, but having followed Tiger Woods' struggles closely over the last few years it would be silly not to give my thoughts on what looked like a vintage Tiger Woods win on Sunday at Memorial.  His win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational earlier this year might have gotten folks' hopes up a bit early, but this win had all the makings of what made Tiger great for so many years.  This win was "Classic Tiger."

CONSISTENCY: For many of Tiger's recent rounds where he has been in contention for a win (Chevron, Dubai, Bay Hill) he was still wildly inconsistent.  At Dubai, where he went into the final round with a chance to beat some of the world's best talent, Tiger missed fairway after fairway down the stretch.  Not so at the Memorial.  On Sunday, Tiger only missed one fairway and hit 14 of 18 greens in regulation (and birdied one of the greens he missed).  That is what put him in position to win.  He was dialed in off the tee and on the fairways, and didn't have to pull off any crazy shots to give himself a chance to make birdie.  This is what I was talking about in my previous post about Tiger, and it looks like he listened.

COMEBACK: Unlike Tiger's first win at Bay Hill this year, Tiger had to work for this win.  I'm not taking anything away from his first PGA Tour win in over two years, because I'm sure he had some serious doubts about his game going into Sunday with the lead, but nobody really challenged his lead in the final round.  Tiger's lead fluctuated between three and five shots the whole round and he just sort of coasted to victory.  On Sunday, Tiger needed to come back to win it.  He had a sense of urgency and wasn't just checking holes off the scorecard.  Every hole was an important opportunity to make birdie.  He treated it as such and shot one of the lowest rounds on the course on Sunday (67) to take the two shot victory.

FOLLOW THE ROAR: Over the past two years, announcers have made a point of saying that golfers are no longer intimidated by Tiger.  You could have fooled me.  Rickie Fowler, paired with Tiger on Sunday and coming off of a win and two top-fives in previous tournaments, was demoralized by Tiger's surgical attack of the course and limped home with a 12-over 84.  Meanwhile, Rory Sabbatini, who no doubt heard the roars after Tiger's big birdies, missed an important birdie putt to reclaim the lead after Tiger's amazing chip-in and duffed a five-wood on an easy par-five, settling for par where many had birdied.  Sabbatini froze up the entire round and ended up exactly where he started at seven-under for the tournament.  If people are no longer intimidated by Tiger, someone should tell Rory and Rickie.

FEEDING OFF THE CROWD: Again, at Bay Hill there was no real drama for Tiger.  Memorial was quite the contrary.  Tiger used the crowd support and energy to propel him to victory.  I haven't seen him as animated as he was after his chip-in for a long time.  After that, it was all over.  High on adrenaline, he effortlessly birdied the 18th hole to put the tournament out of reach.  With every Tiger win, his confidence grows and crowd support grows.  Along with these two, so too seemingly does his ability to dominate on the golf course.  Suffice it to say the rest of the season is going to be pretty fun.  I'm glad I got my Deutsche Bank tickets early.

After injuries, swing changes, scandals, ups, downs and in-betweens, it finally appears that Tiger Woods is dialed in mechanically.  Now that he is, all of the old key factors in memorable Tiger Woods moments appear to be returning too.  Bay Hill was premature, but after Memorial it looks like we are on the precipice of seeing Tiger Woods take over again.  Bandwagoners feel free to jump on at any time, the Donk and I have been here all along.