Monday, May 7, 2012

What's With the (N)Attitude?

It will be a cold day in hell before TPLIYP is ever accused of being an unbiased sports blog site, but I am honestly very surprised at the negative reaction that Cole Hamels has received for delivering a 93mph heater straight into the flank of Bryce Harper.  Earlier today I lauded Cole for his leadership, cojones and honesty, and thought others would too.  The response this afternoon has caused me to take another look at this story.  Having done that, I still believe that I am right and everybody else is wrong.  Go figure.  Let me say a few more things about this story and I will be done with it.

First and foremost, Nationals GM Mike Rizzo (any relation to Frank?) is a grade-A bozo.  He came out with a statement saying “I’ve never seen a more classless, gutless chicken-shit act in my 30 years in baseball."  He also went on to use the phrase "polar opposite" way too many times and compared hitting a player with a pitch to the Saints bounty scandal in the NFL.  Really Mr. Rizzo?  In 30 years, you haven't seen anything more gutless than a pitcher beaning a hitter just above the waist?  Maybe you should pay more attention.  You also ought to hire yourself a PR person.  I understand that you are trying to bring the Nats franchise back from the dead here, but respect is earned and your team hasn't earned anything 30 games into the season.  Shut your mouth.   

Secondly, what kind of message is Major League Baseball sending by suspending Cole Hamels for 5 games?  I understand it has to be done to set a precedent, but think about it; you are suspending a player for being honest about what he did.  Jordan Zimmerman went and plunked Cole Hamels in the leg an inning or two later and faces no suspension because he lied about it after the game.  If anyone honestly thinks he did not deliberately go after Hamels with that pitch they are crazy.  So one pitcher is suspended and one is not, the difference being that one player told the truth and one lied.  Sounds like a pretty dangerous game, eh?

Finally, is this the first time that a player has ever admitted to throwing at somebody?  Where did this sudden outrage come from?  I believe the great Jose Mesa once vowed to throw at Omar Vizquel every time he faced him, and did.  I don't recall him ever being suspended for 5 games.  Hitting batters and retaliation are part of the game, and should remain that way.  The fact the the league, players and GMs are trying to decide what is kosher and what isn't is just stupid in my opinion. This is nowhere near the level of danger as we have obviously seen with the deaths in the NFL and the NHL, and to play it up as such is ridiculous.  Everybody needs to settle down and let the players play the game. Okay, I'm done.   


  1. Welcome back.

    I really have no problem when pitchers throw at batters if they have a reason for it. Why throw at Bryce Harper besides the awful haircut he has? I don't think Cole wanted to be the pitcher that gave up the first home run to Harper. If the only reason Cole did it was to welcome Bryce to the majors then stealing home was Bryce saying, glad to be here.

    Nats deserve some respect though big cat. Yeah, its early. But they currently have the best record in the NL east which is usually regarded as the toughest division in the national league. They have done it with phenomenal pitching and a ton of walk off wins. They have also done it without Micheal Morse, the best offensive player on the team last year. Zimmerman, Morse, Storen, Howard and Utley will all hopefully be coming off the DL soon. It's going to be a lot of fun to see who the better team is when everyone is healthy. And with werth out for 10 weeks we are going to see a lot more Bryce. I hope with a new haircut.

  2. I think it was really dumb of him to admit that he threw at him. I think that's Cole overcompensating for his runway visits. But I think the way Harper gamed the system to get drafted a year earlier than he was allowed to warranted some sort of punishment. So I'm fine with hitting him. I'm even more fine with Harper subsequently stealing home as a big "fuck you." But I am not okay with admitting that he threw at him just to prove to people that he still has a pair. In the words of bulldog, "forced."

  3. While I hate the Pussification of America as much as the next Glenno, you can't outright say you dinked and doinked a guy on purpose. I'm a huge fan of "welcoming" any rook to the pros, but Cole admitting to hitting "what kind of name is-" Bryce, to me, is the equivalent of beaning a guy after receiving a warning from the ump, which will typically end in a tossing and a suspension.

  4. You guys would never make it in Hollywood baby!