Thursday, September 27, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Call me Jim Cramer because I am getting back to even!  With a little help from the zebras on Monday night, Moose was able to go 8-7 last week, returning to .500 on the year.  With each passing week, the true talent is rising to the top, and the spreads become a bit more cut and dry in terms of favorites and underdogs.  With that said, let's get into week 3 of MWP.

Cleveland (+12) at Baltimore
PICK: Cleveland.  Cleveland has only lost by 10 at the most this year, and the Ravens are on very short rest coming off of the Sunday night game.  The Brownies can keep it under 12 in the Modell Bowl.

NEP (-4) at Buffalo
PICK: NEP.  3 losses in a row for BB and the NEP?  I am afraid to even think about that.  These New England-Buffalo games are usually pretty wild though.

Minnesota (+5) at Detroit
PICK: Minnesota.  Minnesota, fresh off of ruining another No Doubter for me, looks tough.  Detroit does not.  The Vikes take one on the road.

Carolina (+7) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  Atlanta seems like the real deal, and the dome will be rocking.

San Francisco (-4) at NYJ
PICK: San Francisco.  No Revis could mean trouble for the Jets.  I like the 49ers to regain momentum after a bad loss.

San Diego (+1) at Kansas City
PICK: San Diego.  Another baffling spread.  Possibly an overreaction to the Bolts getting blown out at home by Atlanta.

Tennessee (+12) at Houston
PICK: Tennessee.  Houston has been straight rolling teams, but Matt Schaub can only have like 8 brain cells left after last week.  They are due for a stinker, but still win.

Seattle (-2.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Seattle.  This should be a good game between two up and coming teams.  Seattle's defense will make the difference though.

Miami (+6.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  This defense does not allow touchdowns.  It's scary son.

Oakland (+6.5) at Denver
PICK: Oakland.  That wobbly Manning arm has me concerned.  I'll take a fat Janikowski leg over it any day.

Cincinnati (-2.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Bengals.  This game will probably suck.

New Orleans (+7.5) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Tough game for the Saints to break the streak.  I'll take the Pack to take out their frustration from the refs on the hapless New Orleans defense.

Washington (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano's defense should be able to put a lid on Robert Griffin III, while Josh Freeman scores enough points on the 'Skins defense sans All-Pro Linebacker Brian Orakpo.

NYG (+1.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: NYG.  And guess what, it's my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK!  Giants fans may think I am just trying to put the curse on them right now, but the Eagles offensive line is a mess.  I see the Giants' apes running wild and helping ring in the Nick Foles era by decapitating Michael Vick.

Chicago (+3.5) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  Chicago's offense is really sucky.  Dallas' defense is pretty good. 


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  1. I dunno about SD/KC, Bill. KC did also just win a tight one against the 'Aints.