Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

No blood after last week; seven up, seven down to remain right where I started.  Moose is currently on a tear of three straight No Doubters though.  This week we have a bunch more out of division games, with only two inter-division games on the slate.  At least we have a couple more weeks of evidence to base our picks on though.  Let's go through the games, and hope to get over .500 on the season.

Kansas City (+8) at San Diego
PICK: Kansas City.  Both of these teams are a mess.  Nothing would surprise me in this game, but I'll take Kansas City and the points.

Arizona (+10) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Time to pack it in Arizona.  Your 4-0 start was good, but it is just a distant memory now.

Detroit (-3.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Detroit.  Detroit is starting to resemble the Cardiac Cats of years past, staging comeback after comeback.  I like them to show Jacksonville who's boss this week.

Chicago (-3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Chicago.  Fuck the Titans.  I think I have to do it to end this awful losing streak; NO DOUBTER of the week baby!

Denver (-3.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Denver.  Manning and Co. are starting to look pretty stout out there in the Mile High City.

Carolina (+3) at Washington
PICK: Carolina.  They are not as bad as their record indicates, and they almost beat the Bears last week.  Look for the Panthers to put one in the win column this week.

Baltimore (-3.5) at Cleveland
PICK: Baltimore.  The fact that I am hesitant at all with this pick tells me that I respect Cleveland's defense.

Miami (-2.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  I like the Colts at home I guess.

Buffalo (+10) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Buffalo is really bad.  Good thing they spent all that money on Super Mario Williams.  Fitzy will probably also throw several interceptions.

Minnesota (+5) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  Minnesota got exposed last week.  Seattle is also a really tough place to play.

Tampa Bay (+1.5) at Oakland
PICK: Tampa Bay.  I've been pretty adept at judging leg breaker Schiano and his band of street toughs.  I'll take them to beat Oakland in the Coliseum.

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at NYG
PICK: NYG.  Pittsburgh is never healthy.  Oh, except when they played the Eagles.

Dallas (+4.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Dallas.  Atlanta is due for a loss, and I have a feeling they might be overlooking this Dallas team.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Philadelphia.  The Eagles either win this game or get blown out.  I'd be fine with either.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Moose is riding high after last week's blistering 8-4-1 record and another No Doubter in the win column.  The only things left to do are get the overall record back over .500, and somehow pick the Titans game correctly.  Let's take a deep dive into this week's matchups, which include another Thursday night snoozefest and the annual London game.

Tampa Bay (+6.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano has been able to hang in there with some of the league's more prolific offenses.  I think they can keep it close with Minnesota.

NEP (-7) at St. Louis
PICK: St. Louis.  I don't like the NEP secondary one bit.  I think the NEP win like last week in a close one.  You sound like you're from London!

Jacksonville (+14) at Green Bay
PICK: Jacksonville.  The Packers offense is rolling, and the Jags will be without MJD and possibly Blaine Gabbert.  However, 14 points is just way too much to give away.  Also, the Packers defensive captain Chucky Woodson is not playing.

Indianapolis (+3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Tennessee. The streak ends this week!  Fuck the Titans!

San Diego (-2.5) at Cleveland
PICK: San Diego.  An embarrassing loss two weeks ago helped Moose get his first No Doubter right.  This week the Chargers come in and dominate after a bye.  Otherwise Norv Turner gets canned.

Atlanta (+2.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Atlanta.  The only reason I can think of for Atlanta to get 2.5 in this game is that the Eagles are 13-0 coming off of a bye week under Andy Reid.  This year is unlike any other though.  You would think home field might be another reason, but I bet Eagles fans turn on their team very quickly in this one.   The Eagles lose in my NO DOUBTER of the week.

Seattle (+2) at Detroit
PICK: Seattle.  Detroit looked miserable against the Bears on Monday, and play another good defense on short rest.  Meanwhile Seattle hasn't played since last Thursday.  I'll take rest, defense, running game and two points on the road.

Miami (+2.5) at NYJ
PICK: NYJ.  The NYJ won in overtime on the road in their last matchup with the Dolphins, and I think they have improved since then.  The NYJ win this one on their home turf.

Carolina (+7.5) at Chicago
PICK: Carolina.  The Bears defense is stifling, but their offense is not so great.  I think the Panthers keep it close enough to cover the spread in this one.

Washington (+4.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Washington.  Robert Griffin III is doing some magical stuff on offense.  I think they surprise the Steelers with a win at Heinz Field.

Oakland (-2) at Kansas City
PICK: Oakland.  Brady Quinn is playing for Kansas City.

NYG (-2) at Dallas
PICK: NYG.  Giants go on the road and crush Dallas after narrowly escaping the Redskins.

New Orleans (+6) at Denver
PICK: New Orleans.  If you haven't noticed, the Saints are starting to put up big numbers on offense again.  I'll take that offense and six points more than I'll leave it.

San Francisco (-6.5) at Arizona
PICK: San Francisco.  The Cardinals are starting to stink up the joint.  I like them to finish 8-8.

LAST WEEK: 8-4-1

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Finally, in the sixth week of MWP we can put a no doubter in the win column!  Not only did the Broncos give me a no doubter win, they also put me at 7-7 for the week.  No blood, and building momentum for week seven.  Here we go baby!

Seattle (+7.5) at San Francisco
PICK: Seattle.  San Fran just got embarrassed at home by the NYG, so you would think they bounce back strong against Seattle.  However, I think these teams are extremely closely matched.  San Francisco might win, but only by a point or two.

Tennessee (+3) at Buffalo
PICK: Buffalo.  Fuck the Titans in their stupid asses.

Arizona (+6) at Minnesota
PICK: Minnesota.  Arizona is beginning to fall apart I think, but this is still a decent amount of points to give up between two good defenses.

Cleveland (+2.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Cleveland.  Two in a row baby!

Baltimore (+6.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Houston is coming off of a bad loss and Baltimore just lost their top cornerback and Ray Ray.  Look out.

Green Bay (-5.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Green Bay.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  Green Bay is starting to fire on all cylinders. 

Dallas (-2) at Carolina
PICK: Dallas.  The Cowboys showed some heart last week in a tough loss.  I like Romo to torch the Panthers defense.

Washington (+5.5) at NYG
PICK: NYG.  After the Giants demolition of the 49ers last week, how can you not make this pick?  Oh right, the Giants always play to the level of their competition.  I'll still take them though.

New Orleans (-3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: New Orleans.  I'll take the Saints coming off a bye to continue to right the ship against division rival/legbreaker Schiano.

NYJ (+10.5) at NEP
PICK: NYJ.  The NEP secondary is absolutely dreadful.  I think the NEP will win, but not by 10.5 in this division game.

Jacksonville (+4) at Oakland
PICK: Oakland.  I also predict that the last remaining Jaguars fan gets put in a coma in the Coliseum parking lot.

Pittsburgh (-1.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Pittsburgh.  This seems like one of those "Prove It" games that the Bengals always lose.

Detroit (+6) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  The Bears defense looks pretty legit even though I hate them.  Crybaby Cutler should be able to huck it and chuck it on the Lions defense as well.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Well folks, when you're right 47% of the time, you're wrong 53% of time.  Moose took a bath again last week, going 5-9-0 to drop further below .500 for the season.  If anything though, I have shown you how bookies make money.  Some of the world's greatest casinos have been built on the corpses of lousy gamblers like me.  I will not let a few bad weeks stop me though.  Bring on week six!

Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Pittsburgh.  The Titans have screwed me over every week and deserve to lose every game for the rest of their existence for being so shitty.  The presence of Rashard Mendenhall should help the Steelers win this one handily.

Cincy (-1) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  Haden is back.  The Dawg Pound will be rocking.  Cleveland gets their first win.

Indianapolis (+3) at NYJ
PICK: Indy.  Luck is already a great quarterback, and they are playing for their sick coach.  Should be a close game.

Kansas City (+3.5) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa.  Leg-breaker Schiano and his squad of goons should be well rested and ready to collect after a bye week.  Meanwhile the Chefs are so bad, they are getting cheered when they get hurt. 

Oakland (+8.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  Oakland is pretty bad, and Matt Ryan rarely loses at home. 

Dallas (+3.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  I think Dallas will be exposed as a not very good team in this game once and for all.

Detroit (+4.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Detroit.  I don't think the Eagles have the ability to win a game by more than 3 points.  They waste the entire first half turning over the ball, then stage a furious comeback to win by 2.

St. Louis (+3.5) at Miami
PICK: St. Louis.  This is purely a conference pick.  I like the NFC West.  They are tough.

NEP (-3.5) at Seattle
PICK: NEP.  Not sure about this one, but I think the NEP have a potent enough offense to win by 7 or so. 

Buffalo (+4.5) at Arizona
PICK: Buffalo.  This is a risky pick, because Buffalo has looked absolutely dreadful the past few weeks.  I think Arizona is falling back to earth though.

Minnesota (+2) at Washington
PICK: Minnesota.  I like the Minnesota Vikings to cover the spread against the Washington Redskins.

NYG (+5) at San Francisco
PICK: NYG.  This is going to be a real slobberknocker.  The Giants won't be able to go after that special needs kick returner on the 49ers anymore with Ted Ginn back.  I like the 9ers to win at home, but in a close one.

Green Bay (+3.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Green Bay's defense, made almost totally of 1st round picks, is non-existent.  I'll take the undefeated Texans, not running away though.

Denver (+2) at San Diego
PICK: Denver.  NO DOUBTER, why not?  It's getting pretty comical at this point.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

After a hot start last week, Moose fell apart in the afternoon games to plummet back under .500 for the season.  Not only that, but I have missed on three No Doubters in a row.  There is only one game between division rivals this week, so we will be able to see how these divisions fare against each other.  However, it will be tough for a prognosticator such as myself to pick this week's games.  Nonetheless, I will give it my best shot. 

Arizona (-1.5) at St. Louis
PICK: Arizona.  The Cardinals needed overtime to outlast the 'Phins last week.  Have they been figured out?  Perhaps, but I'll still take them this week in the Lou.

Atlanta (-3) at Washington
PICK: Atlanta.  The undefeated teams stay undefeated.  Washington's lack of defense concerns me in this game.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Philadelphia.  Andy Reid knows how to beat the Steelers somehow.  I don't get it.

Green Bay (-7) at Indianapolis
PICK: Green Bay.  The Packers have been screwed over by the refs too many times.  They come out guns blazing against Indy and pick up the win. 

Cleveland (+9) at NY Giants
PICK: Giants.  One more week until Haden gets back Browns fans.  Until then, I like the G-Men by 10.

Tennessee (+5.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Tennessee.  I think I have been wrong on every Tennessee game so far (fact checkers?).  Matt Hasselbeck will be the wild card in this one.  I could just as easily see them getting blown out again though.

Miami (+3.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Cincy.  Sucky.

Baltimore (-6) at Kansas City
PICK: Baltimore.  The Ravens will pick apart this mistake prone offense.

Seattle (+3) at Carolina
PICK: Carolina.  Cam and his weapons on offense will be too much for the Seahawks pass rush.

Chicago (-6) at Jacksonville
PICK: Chicago.  Chicago is on the rise.  I think.  That punk bitch Cutler could sabotage them though.

Denver (+6.5) at NEP
PICK: Denver.  I think the NEP will win, but it will be close.  

Buffalo (+9.5) at San Francisco
PICK: San Francisco.  Buffalo's running game has hit the skids.  The Niners defense and run game should go wild here.

San Diego (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: San Diego.  New Orleans has gotta win sometime right?  Not this week though. Another curious line involving San Diego.

Houston (-8) at NYJ
PICK: Houston.  The Jets pretty much have nobody now on offense or defense.  I'll make this my NO DOUBTER OF THE WEEK.