Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Well folks, when you're right 47% of the time, you're wrong 53% of time.  Moose took a bath again last week, going 5-9-0 to drop further below .500 for the season.  If anything though, I have shown you how bookies make money.  Some of the world's greatest casinos have been built on the corpses of lousy gamblers like me.  I will not let a few bad weeks stop me though.  Bring on week six!

Pittsburgh (-5.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Pittsburgh.  The Titans have screwed me over every week and deserve to lose every game for the rest of their existence for being so shitty.  The presence of Rashard Mendenhall should help the Steelers win this one handily.

Cincy (-1) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  Haden is back.  The Dawg Pound will be rocking.  Cleveland gets their first win.

Indianapolis (+3) at NYJ
PICK: Indy.  Luck is already a great quarterback, and they are playing for their sick coach.  Should be a close game.

Kansas City (+3.5) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa.  Leg-breaker Schiano and his squad of goons should be well rested and ready to collect after a bye week.  Meanwhile the Chefs are so bad, they are getting cheered when they get hurt. 

Oakland (+8.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  Oakland is pretty bad, and Matt Ryan rarely loses at home. 

Dallas (+3.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  I think Dallas will be exposed as a not very good team in this game once and for all.

Detroit (+4.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Detroit.  I don't think the Eagles have the ability to win a game by more than 3 points.  They waste the entire first half turning over the ball, then stage a furious comeback to win by 2.

St. Louis (+3.5) at Miami
PICK: St. Louis.  This is purely a conference pick.  I like the NFC West.  They are tough.

NEP (-3.5) at Seattle
PICK: NEP.  Not sure about this one, but I think the NEP have a potent enough offense to win by 7 or so. 

Buffalo (+4.5) at Arizona
PICK: Buffalo.  This is a risky pick, because Buffalo has looked absolutely dreadful the past few weeks.  I think Arizona is falling back to earth though.

Minnesota (+2) at Washington
PICK: Minnesota.  I like the Minnesota Vikings to cover the spread against the Washington Redskins.

NYG (+5) at San Francisco
PICK: NYG.  This is going to be a real slobberknocker.  The Giants won't be able to go after that special needs kick returner on the 49ers anymore with Ted Ginn back.  I like the 9ers to win at home, but in a close one.

Green Bay (+3.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Green Bay's defense, made almost totally of 1st round picks, is non-existent.  I'll take the undefeated Texans, not running away though.

Denver (+2) at San Diego
PICK: Denver.  NO DOUBTER, why not?  It's getting pretty comical at this point.


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