Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

No blood after last week; seven up, seven down to remain right where I started.  Moose is currently on a tear of three straight No Doubters though.  This week we have a bunch more out of division games, with only two inter-division games on the slate.  At least we have a couple more weeks of evidence to base our picks on though.  Let's go through the games, and hope to get over .500 on the season.

Kansas City (+8) at San Diego
PICK: Kansas City.  Both of these teams are a mess.  Nothing would surprise me in this game, but I'll take Kansas City and the points.

Arizona (+10) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Time to pack it in Arizona.  Your 4-0 start was good, but it is just a distant memory now.

Detroit (-3.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Detroit.  Detroit is starting to resemble the Cardiac Cats of years past, staging comeback after comeback.  I like them to show Jacksonville who's boss this week.

Chicago (-3.5) at Tennessee
PICK: Chicago.  Fuck the Titans.  I think I have to do it to end this awful losing streak; NO DOUBTER of the week baby!

Denver (-3.5) at Cincinnati
PICK: Denver.  Manning and Co. are starting to look pretty stout out there in the Mile High City.

Carolina (+3) at Washington
PICK: Carolina.  They are not as bad as their record indicates, and they almost beat the Bears last week.  Look for the Panthers to put one in the win column this week.

Baltimore (-3.5) at Cleveland
PICK: Baltimore.  The fact that I am hesitant at all with this pick tells me that I respect Cleveland's defense.

Miami (-2.5) at Indianapolis
PICK: Indy.  I like the Colts at home I guess.

Buffalo (+10) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Buffalo is really bad.  Good thing they spent all that money on Super Mario Williams.  Fitzy will probably also throw several interceptions.

Minnesota (+5) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  Minnesota got exposed last week.  Seattle is also a really tough place to play.

Tampa Bay (+1.5) at Oakland
PICK: Tampa Bay.  I've been pretty adept at judging leg breaker Schiano and his band of street toughs.  I'll take them to beat Oakland in the Coliseum.

Pittsburgh (+3.5) at NYG
PICK: NYG.  Pittsburgh is never healthy.  Oh, except when they played the Eagles.

Dallas (+4.5) at Atlanta
PICK: Dallas.  Atlanta is due for a loss, and I have a feeling they might be overlooking this Dallas team.

Philadelphia (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Philadelphia.  The Eagles either win this game or get blown out.  I'd be fine with either.


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