Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

A report surfaced that Las Vegas reported record losses after last week's NFL slate came to an end on Sunday evening.  Knowing that, it is abundantly clear that MWP is creating worldwide intrigue and the glitterati of the gambling world are taking notes.  After a blistering 10-4 record last week, Moose is back in the black baby!  In addition, I am back to .500 on No Doubters, and finally picked a Titans (fuck them) game correctly.  Let's keep the good times rolling with this week's picks.

Indianapolis (-3.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: Indy.  They are really rallying around their coach, and are actually a good team.  Jacksonville is not.  NO DOUBTER of the Week coming on Thursday night?  LET'S DO IT!

Buffalo (+11) at NEP
PICK: NEP.  Nobody has the wheels fall off the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Athena Snowstorm, Soren Kierkegaard Day, Feast of St. Bartholomew, Armistice Day (New Zealand, France, Belgium), Polish Independence Day, and any others before fat Berman wishes them to you days in advance in a pretend sincere fashion.

NYG (-4) at Cincinnati
PICK: NYG.  Bad loss last week, but they should be able to beat up on Cincy.

San Diego (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: Tampa.  Doug Martin is looking like a young Emmitt Smith, and Norv Turner is actively trying to be fired at this point I think.

Denver (-4) at Carolina
PICK: Denver.  Colts 2.0 are off and running and their defense is quick enough to contain Killa Cam.

Tennessee (+6) at Miami
PICK: Miami.  You know why.

Oakland (+7.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  The Raiders backfield is in shambles on the road against a still solid defense, I'll take the Edgar Allan Poes. 

 Atlanta (-2.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Atlanta.  Don't let the game against the Eagles lead you to believe that the Saints are good.  The Falcons will torch their defense.

Detroit (-2.5) at Minnesota
PICK: Detroit.  The Lions are coming on strong and the Vikings are fading.  Adrian Peterson could always rack up like 250 yards though and turn this game the other way.

NYJ (+6) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  The NYJ might turn to Tebow in this one, but the 12th man will reign supreme.

Dallas (-1.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Dallas.  I'll take the team that can throw the ball sometimes and get after the QB over the team that turns the ball over, can't block, can't tackle, can't defend the pass, can't pressure the QB and can't score in the red zone.  Wait 'til you hear the boos in this one.  Fire the spare tire!

St. Louis (+11.5) at San Francisco
PICK: St. Louis.  That is a lot of points to give up to a decent division rival.

Houston (+1) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  Tough call, essentially which conference do you like better.  I'll take the Bears at home.

Kansas City (+12.5) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Pittsburgh.  Kansas City should be relegated to the UFL after this season.  Call up the Las Vegas Locomotives!



  1. I didn't know what I was going to see again - a post on this blog or the return of the West Texas Rednecks!

  2. I'd rather trust Paul Blake under center than rely on Moose's ham-handed picks!

  3. Picking Buffalo with the points? Was Chan Gailey replaced with Ed Straight Arrow Gennaro?

  4. Prepare for itemized response:
    1)I have been posting every Wednesday or Thursday since September, so I'm not really sure what that first comment is all about
    3)I picked New England