Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

In case you were curious, that is the logo for the Palmer High School Moose.  Great football program run by Coach Rod Christiansen up there in Palmer, Alaska.  Also, in case you were curious if you mix up the "s" and "p" in blogspot in the web address you get redirected to some wacko religious site.  The spread is a real thing folks, and it is amazing how well it works.  Moose went another level week at 7-7-2 last week with some zany finishes that contributed to a .500 finish yet again.  With that said, we have also seen that the spread can be cracked.  Thus, the cause endures.  To week 13!

New Orleans (+3.5) at Atlanta
PICK: New Orleans.  Tough loss at home last week for the Saints.  They will be fighting for their playoff lives this week and it will show. 

Seattle (+3.5) at Chicago
PICK: Chicago.  The Seahawks stink on the road.  Should be a good smash em up old time football game though.

Minnesota (+8) at Green Bay
PICK:  Minnesota.  I like AP to run wild against a shaky Packers defense.

San Francisco (-7) at St. Louis
PICK: San Francisco.  San Fran has figured something out with terrorist look-alike Colin Kaepernick.  Is he the next Steve Young? No.  He's not an asshole.

Arizona (+4.5) at NYJ
PICK: NYJ.  This seems like one of those games that the NYJ will randomly win, just when you think they are totally hopeless.  They are also free from the yoke of Fireman Ed, which will buoy their spirits immensely.

Carolina (-3) at Kansas City
PICK: Carolina.  I keep picking against teams fresh off victories against the Eagles, and it keeps backfiring.  I'll change my ways this week.

Indianapolis (+4.5) at Detroit
PICK: Detroit.  The Lions got screwed against one of the best teams in the league on Thanksgiving.  I like them to handle their business at home this week.

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Buffalo
PICK: Jacksonville.  The Jags have been scoring points in buckets lately.  One thing that will hurt them though, is the signing of all-pro bozo Jason Babin. 

NEP (-7.5) at Miami
PICK: NEP.  The Pats defense is looking mighty good all of a sudden.  Although you can never script a NEP-Buffalo or an NEP-Miami game.

Houston (-6) at Tennessee
PICK: Houston.  Poop.

Tampa Bay (+7) at Denver
PICK: Tampa Bay.  Legbreaker Schiano keeps games close.  Plus his bookies heard a lot of people are taking Denver in this one.

Pittsburgh (+8) at Baltimore
PICK: Pittsburgh.  Despite having a Charlie D'Donte Batch at qb, the Steelers can usually keep the game pretty close.  I expect a whole lot of running the ball in this one.

Cleveland (pick 'em) at Oakland
PICK: Cleveland.  The Brownies are flying high after a big win against the Steelers.  I would rather be a fan of them than the Eagles right now.  That is awful.

Cincinnati (-2.5) at San Diego
PICK: Cincy.  The Chargers will find a way to lose this game. 

Philadelphia (+10) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  Yes sir, chalk it up as my NO DOUBTER of the week.  It will be interesting to see the new ways that Eagles Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles has developed to give up touchdowns. 

NYG (-2.5) at Washington
PICK: NYG.  I have gotten the Giants games wrong a good amount this year as well.  Tough to forecast.  I think the Redskins are due for a reality check though. 

LAST WEEK: 7-7-2

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