Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another week in the trenches, and another 7-7-2 outcome.  That is the fourth outcome of seven right and seven wrong.  My next experiment will be to see how my record compares against simply flipping a coin.  I bet they end up about the same.  That sounds like a larf, might as well try it this week.  Heads will be home, tails will be away.  Here we go!

Cincinnati (-4.5) at Philadelphia
PICK: Philadelphia.  The boo birds in Philly have started to rally behind this lame duck crew.  I think the Iggs can hang in there with the Bungals.  Both defense and offense are starting to improve.  I might as well make this my NO DOUBTER of the week.  That way it will be more fun. 
COIN: Philadelphia

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago
PICK: Green Bay.  Chicago's offense is a big old mess right now, and based on the fact that ESPN is not beating the nickname "Peanut" Tillman to death anymore I'm assuming they've stopped getting turnovers on defense too.
COIN: Chicago

NYG (+1.5) at Atlanta
PICK: NYG.  "Show me" game for Atlanta.  I bet they come out and lay an egg.
COIN: Atlanta

Tampa Bay (+3.5) at New Orleans
PICK: Tampa.  New Orleans burned me again last week.  I WILL QUIT YOU!  RIP Heath.
COIN: Tampa

Minnesota (+3) at St. Louis
PICK: Minnesota.  Adrian Peterson is on a mission.  He will be the deciding factor once again.
COIN: Minnesota

Washington (-1) at Cleveland
PICK: Cleveland.  I think Robert Griffin is silly to play in this game after watching his wet noodle of a leg last week.  I also hate to say it, but it already looks like he is going down the path of Cunningham, McNabb, Vick etc. with injuries. 
COIN: Cleveland

Jacksonville (+7) at Miami
PICK: Jacksonville.  Both of these teams aren't very good.  I don't think the Dolphins are better to the point where they win by more than seven though.
COIN: Miami

Denver (-2.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Denver.  The Ravens are getting Ray Rave and possibly T Sizzle, whom I recently learned finished his degree at Ball So Hard University, back this week.  The Broncs still come in and smack them I think.
COIN: Denver

Indianapolis (+8.5) at Houston
PICK: Indy.  We saw what happened to Houston on Monday.  After that, 8.5 is a lot to give to any team.  Let alone one with nerdy-voiced Andrew Luck.
COIN: Indy

Carolina (+3) at San Diego
PICK: Carolina.  Scam Newton is starting to play like the quarterback we saw last year.  Side note: it has been funny to watch so many players (Newton, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews) with commercial deals suck so bad this year.
COIN: Carolina

Seattle (-5.5) at Buffalo
PICK: Seattle.  Great to see the Seahawks dismantle the Cardinals last week.  I think the 4-0 Cardinals free fall is one of the best stories this year.  I like them to put the whooping on Buffalo as well.  This could be the end of the line for old Fitzy in Buffalo.
COIN: Buffalo

Detroit (-6) at Arizona
PICK: Detroit.  4-9?  Let's make it 4-10.  Poor, poor Larry Fitzgerald.
COIN: Arizona

Pittsburgh (-1.5) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  I was impressed by the 'Boys comeback win against Cincy last week.  I'm also impressed by diva WR Dez Bryant wanting to play this week.  Some toughness coming out of Big D!  Meanwhile the Steel Curtain just lost to darts team goalie Norv Turner.
COIN: Dallas

Kansas City (+3) at Oakland
PICK: Oakland.  I pity the market that is subjected to this vile game.
COIN: Oakland

San Francisco (+5) at NEP
PICK: NEP.  BB might make mincemeat out of another one of the NFL's highly respected defenses.  I also don't like the 49ers offense against a very stout run defense.
COIN: San Francisco

NYJ (+2) at Tennessee
PICK: NYJ.  Talk about a dud of a Monday Night game.
COIN: Tennessee

I fully expect the coin to beat me.  All hail the coin!

LAST WEEK: 7-7-2

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