Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moose's Weekly Picks

After another lackluster week (I ended up 7-9), I might as well rename this post The Coin's Weekly Picks.  The coin capped off a solid week with a 10-6 record, proving I know nothing about picking football games.  Or, that the coin knows more than we think.  At the very least, it has warranted another week of evaluation to see how it fares against another slate of games.  In that regard, it is the Nick Foles of coins.  I really need to get my act together if I want to have any shot at .500 at the end of the season.  Let's take a look at week 16:

Atlanta (-3.5) at Detroit
PICK: Atlanta.  The Falcons have home field throughout the playoffs in their sights.  I think they will take care of business against Jim Schwartz's boys.  He has last control of that team and will probably get canned.
COIN: Atlanta

Tennessee (+12.5) at Green Bay
PICK: Tennessee.  I haven't been keeping track of my Tennessee pick record lately, but I'm sure it's very lousy still.  Green Bay has had some unremarkable wins lately, and I think 12.5 is a lot to give away for them.
COIN: Green Bay

Oakland (+8.5) at Carolina
PICK: Carolina.  Cam Newton has rattled off two wins in a row.  I don't think Carson Palmer or Terrelle Pryor will stop it from being three in a row.
COIN: Carolina

Buffalo (+4.5) at Miami
PICK: Buffalo.  Miami either looks amazing or terrible.  Fitzy is probably playing for his job with the Bills.  Will the Bills ever be good again?  Those three statements are unrelated.
COIN: Buffalo

Cincinnati (+4) at Pittsburgh
PICK: Cincy.  At halftime of last Thursday's game, there is no way I make this pick.  The Bengals are pretty solid in every phase of the game though, and I think Pittsburgh is starting to crumble despite Big Ben's solid pump fake game.
COIN: Pittsburgh

NEP (-14.5) at Jacksonville
PICK: NEP.  Many, many points to give up.  But BB will be on a warpath this week after so many turnovers last week, and a loss at home.  The NEP will throttle Jacksonville, and probably not take Brady out of the game despite being up by 30.
COIN: Jacksonville

Indianapolis (-6.5) at Kansas City
PICK: Indy.  I read some horrible stat about the Chiefs the other day that they had averaged 9.5 points in their last four losses or something.  Nerdy Voiced Andrew Luck has the playoffs in mind, and a win at KC would go a long way.  Chalk this up as my NO DOUBTER of the week.  Side note: Gwen is SHREDDED
COIN: Kansas City

New Orleans (+3) at Dallas
PICK: Dallas.  I have been really impressed with Dallas the last few weeks, and I would like them to represent the NFC East in the playoffs.  The only thing they have done wrong is let that bozo on the sidelines last week.  Conversely, New Orleans keeps burning me.  I hate you guys.
COIN: New Orleans

Washington (-5.5) at Philly
PICK: Washington.  Regardless of who is playing qb for the 'Skins, the Eagles will give them enough turnovers to win by at least six.  I am already picking who I want in the draft: Teo, Mathieu, a fat OL and a new tight end maybe?
COIN: Washington

St. Louis (+3) at Tampa Bay
PICK: St. Louis.  The Bradford to Amendola show came back with a bang last week, much to the chagrin of an old man's glasses.  Meanwhile Tampa Bay is really going out with a queef.
COIN: Tampa Bay

NYG (-2.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  T Sizzle and Ray Rave could both be back this weekend in a big game for both teams.  I just don't trust the Giants defense.

Minnesota (+7.5) at Houston
PICK: Houston.  Matt Schaub just remembered that Andre Johnson is on his team.  Over/under on carries for Adrian Peterson?  30?
COIN: Minnesota

Cleveland (+13.5) at Denver
PICK: Denver.  The Broncos have won nine in a row.  Their defense is one of the best at getting after the passer, and they can stop the run.  They also have a good guy on offense. 
COIN: Denver

Chicago (-5.5) at Arizona
PICK: Arizona.  I don't like either of these teams, but now is usually the time of year when Crybaby Cutler throws a temper tantrum and wrecks the season.  Can you say 8-8 anyone?
COIN: Chicago

San Francisco (-1) at Seattle
PICK: Seattle.  This is going to be an incredible game.  I think the 12th man pushes Seattle over the top at home, otherwise these teams are almost exactly the same.
COIN: San Francisco

San Diego (+2.5) at NYJ
PICK: San Diego.  Norv gets a win!  Now go shave that acne beard!

The coin and I are on different ends of the spectrum today.  We will see how the weekend unfolds.

COIN: 10-6

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