Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

A blase 8-8 finish puts Moose at 112-119-7 to finish out the regular season.  Despite thinking that I know a little bit about football, I finished with a .484 win percentage.  Meanwhile, merely flipping a coin (7-9 last week), resulted in a robust .542 win percentage.  Had the coin had a few more weeks to play, it might have evened out a little more.  However, this grand experiment goes to show you that the spread really does create a genuine toss-up between the two teams playing.  I will continue on making my prognostications into the playoffs, but the coin has decided to quit while it is ahead.  The coin will be missed.


SEASON RECORD: 112-119-7
COIN: 26-22

Cincinnati (+4.5) at Houston
PICK: Cincy.  Houston is fading fast, and the Bengals are playing with a sense of urgency.  The Bengals defense will smack the Texans in the mouth and not look back.

Minnesota (+7.5) at Green Bay
PICK: Green Bay.  Something tells me that the Packers played last week close to the vest and still almost beat the Vikings.  Lambert Field will be going wild for this one.  I'll take the home team.

Indianapolis (+6.5) at Baltimore
PICK: Baltimore.  The Ravens are tough to beat at home, Luck has been throwing a lot of interceptions, and Flacco has been here four times before.  All that adds up to a fairly easy win for the Ravens.  If we are choosing No Doubters in the playoffs, I guess this would be it. 

Seattle (-3) at Washington
PICK: Seattle.  I'll take Russ Wilson in the battle of the rookie qbs.  Seattle's defense won't get burned by Robert Griffin III as easily as Dallas did last week.  In fact, I kind of see him getting injured again in this game.

Buckle up, everyone.  This is usually the best week for pro football of the entire season. 

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