Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Moose was almost 3-1 again last week, until Matt Ryan decided to poop his pants in the second half of the Falcons/Seahawks game.  This week we only have two games, which allows for a little more break down and analysis.  Let's dive right in to championship weekend!

San Francisco (-4) at Atlanta
PICK: Atlanta.  The 49ers really throttled the Packers last week in San Francisco, but I for one was not terribly impressed.  For one, the Packers defense is terrible.  The cheese that Packers fans wear on their heads might as well represent the Swiss cheese Packer defense.  POTSHOT!  Any defense worth a damn would be able to contain terrorist Colin Kaepernick better than that.  I think the Falcons will do so.  The Atlanta offense versus the 49er defense will be just about a wash, what the game will come down to is home field advantage.  Therefore, the Falcons get the edge here.  Make it my No Doubter while we're at it. 

Baltimore (+9) at NEP
PICK: Baltimore.  The last time these two foes met on the field of battle, the Ravens came away with a 31-30 victory on a last second Justin Tucker field goal.  I do not see that being the case this week.  The Patriots defense has gotten much better since that game, primarily due to the addition of jive-talking cornerback Aqib Talib, so I don't see them giving up 31 points again.  Secondly, I don't think that losing Gronk will be that big of a deal for the Pats.  He was a non-factor in the first game this year, and others will step up in his absence.  Finally, the Pats have the home-field this time around.  The Pats win, but the Ravens cover.  The biggest concern I have in this game is the presence of one Bernard "Bone-crusher" Pollard. 


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