Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boiler Plate ESPN Rant

I know I do this quite often, but I have to vent somewhere.  Everybody seems more than OK with the diarrhea that ESPN keeps airing to the masses.  Here are just a few things pissing me off this week:

Alabama recruit has Auburn tattoo - I'm sorry, is this a story?  Some writer got multiple paragraphs out of this.  I see one sentence.  That is an amusing anecdote.  That's it.  Show some more hockey highlights you goons.  I am so angry even thinking about this.

Manti Te'o quits Twitter - I'm really becoming fed up with how much Twitter is taken as news these days.  Sure, I use it to get updates on sports and current events, but creating headlines off of someone's Twitter activity?  Stupid.  Now we are getting breaking news (first reported by Darren Rovell of course) that Te'o has deactivated his twitter account.  Smart move by him.  Now ESPN has lost 50% of their material.

Gronk bodyslams friend at bar - I'll close with this story.  I couldn't find the ESPN version, but I assure you I saw it on SportsCenter last night.  This is a perfect breakdown of how ESPN now works.  They are essentially a tabloid like TMZ.  They submit as a "headline" some video tidbit or picture (a la Rex Ryan tattoo), let fans and even the League or team ownership react, and boom.  They turn it around as a story.  Here is Gronk with no shirt on partying.  Let's show it and wait for Bob Kraft's reaction.  Now we have another story.  You see, they are manufacturing their own stories.  Complete hype center garbage.

Instead of getting sports highlights: who won each game, a clip or two of the big plays, and maybe a joke or two that is actually funny, we get manufactured news from ESPN.  I wish some station would step up to the plate and just beat ESPN at their original game; showing sports.  Kind of like how MTV doesn't show music videos anymore.  ESPN doesn't show sports anymore.  They just make it up as they go along.  I apologize for the repetitiveness of this, but I can't help myself.