Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Not a great start last week, but we are just getting a feel for the teams in the NFL this year.  I mean, who would have thought the Iggs would come out and stomp the Skins like that?  Well, other than Trent Dilfer that is.  The man is a genius.  I would call all the other guys on Monday Night Countdown idiots, but I picked the Skins too.  Now we have an idea of what teams are looking like, so let's dive into week 2 after a 6-9-1 week 1.

NYJ (+11.5) at NEP: The NEP have lots of injuries on offense on a short week, and the NYJ pulled a win out of their butts rather than buttfumbling last week with a rookie QB.  Too many points for the NYJ.  PICK: NYJ

San Diego (+7.5) at Philadelphia: From the outhouse to the penthouse go the Birds.  Like I said last week, the offense will be amazing.  This time, the defense will probably resemble that second half defense a bit more.  Again I'll take the points on the road.  PICK: San Diego

Cleveland (+6.5) at Baltimore: Home opener for the Super Bowl champs after a bad week 1 loss?  Chudzinski is in trouble.  PICK: Baltimore

Tennessee (+9) at Houston: Houston's defense looks vulnerable, and the Titans crushed the Steelers last week.  Call me a sucker but I'll take road team and the points again.  PICK: Tennessee

Miami (+2.5) at Indianapolis: The Colts survived a squeaker against the Raiders last week.  Nerdy voice will play better this week.  PICK: Indy

Carolina (-3) at Buffalo: I like what I saw from E.J. Manuel last week.  However, I think Scam Newton gets loose this week after being stifled by Seattle in week 1.  PICK: Carolina

St. Louis (+6.5) at Atlanta: Bad loss for the Falcons in week 1.  Gotta make a statement as a Super Bowl contender at home this week.  PICK: Atlanta

Washington (+7.5) at Green Bay: Both teams lost last week.  Washington looked better in the second half against the Iggs, but I worry about their defense and the health of he who must not be named.  Gimme Trey's former favorite team over his current favorite team at home in Lambert Field.  PICK: Green Bay

Dallas (+3) at Kansas City: Hmm.  Fat Andy against one of his old rivals.  I picked the 'boys to win the NFC East, but I think Fat Andy pulls a fast one here and beats the Cowboys.  They were lucky to win last week.  PICK: KC

Minnesota (+6) at Chicago: Good win for the Bears in week 1. I think AP runs over them this week though, as he has a habit of doing.  PICK: Minnesota

New Orleans (-3.5) at Tampa Bay: What did Tampa do last week that would give me any confidence in them?  PICK: New Orleans

Detroit (-1.5) at Arizona: Arizona's defense looks halfway decent.  But you gotta pick your poison with Reggie and Megatron.  Cover one or the other.  Take Detroit in this one.  PICK: Detroit

Jacksonville (+5.5) at Oakland:  Only week 2 and there is already an egregious game.  Might as well make it the inaugural NO DOUBTER of the season.  PICK: Oakland

Denver (-4.5) at NYG: Trap game, but I'll still take Denver.  I'm thinking the game has started to pass frozen-face Coughlin by.  PICK: Denver

San Francisco (+3) at Seattle: Best game of the week.  Two great defenses, but San Francisco's offense looks to be in high gear already while Seattle struggled against the lowly Panthers.  The 12th man will be a factor, but I think San Fran takes it.  PICK: San Francisco

Pittsburgh (+7) at Cincinnati:  Pittsburgh is putrid.  Pretty good wings there though.  PICK: Cincy

 LAST WEEK: 6-9-1
SEASON: 6-9-1

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