Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

I am doing what I can to get to make ends meet after a tough week last week.  Moose went a paltry 4-11-1 in a week of upsets and blowouts, and needs to get back on track in week 4.  Let's have a look at this week's matchups

San Francisco (-3) at St. Louis: The Niners are coming off of two bad losses in a row and Colin "Heliocentric" Kaepernick-us is doing commercials for what have to be the worst wings I have ever seen.  Harbaugh must be so pissed.  They gotta win this week or he kills somebody.  PICK: San Francisco

Pittsburgh (-2.5) at the London Vikings: Big Ben in London?  Makes sense.  I'll take the Steelers despite the Vikings' raucous home crowd. PIC: Steelers

Baltimore (-3) at Buffalo: The Ravens defense is starting to gel it seems.  Also, the EJ/CJ combination is stalling out.  PICK: Ravens

Cincinnati (-4.5) at Cleveland: Just when I lose faith in Chudzinski, he totally redeems himself!  I'm on board for life. Remember, Chudzinski is watching you!  PICK: Browns

Indianapolis (-8.5) at Jacksonville:  Jacksonville has a legit chance to go 0-16.  PICK: Colts

Seattle (-2.5) at Houston: Reliant Stadium is a tough place to play, but I think the Seahawks are going to go in there and smack Matt Schaub around.  PICK: Seattle

Arizona (+2.5) at Tampa Bay: Arizona has looked okay at times, and Tampa is starting rookie Mike Glennon.  Legbreaker might be swimming with the fishes if they start 0-4.  PICK: Arizona

Chicago (+3) at Detroit:  Tough call.  I'm thinking to myself; "Chicago is 3-0 and is a 3 point dog?  C'mon man!"  But I'm gonna take Detroit.  PICK: Detroit

NYG (+4.5) at Kansas City: Andy Reid vs. Tom Coughlin.  PICK: Kansas City

NYJ (+3.5) at Tennessee: How the Jets are 2-1 is completely beyond me.  Hopefully Tennessee demolishes them.  PICK: Tennessee

Dallas (-2) at San Diego: Phil Rivers' offensive magic sputtered out last week just in time for me to reap no fantasy points from Eddie Royal.  Meanwhile Dallas realized that running the ball is good.  PICK: Dallas

Washington (-3) at Oakland: No reason to have any faith in Washington right now.  Gotta prove it if you are the favorite.  PICK: Oakland

Philadelphia (+10.5) at Denver:  This game should be fun to watch.  I'm hoping the Eagles showing last week was attributed to the lousiness of Thursday Night Football, but I'm sensing a Broncos blowout and a long undefeated start for Peyton Manning.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  PICK: Broncs

New England (+2) at Atlanta:  Atlanta has been listless lately.  Moreover, their defense has been porous.  Listless and porous is no way to go through life.  PICK: NEP

Miami (+6.5) at New Orleans: Let's see if the Dolphins are for real this year.  PICK: Miami

LAST WEEK: 4-11-1
OVERALL: 20-26-2

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