Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Back to back solid weeks for the Moose and two No Doubters in a row slammed home.  Talk about easy money.  If you were placing bets on No Doubters, you'd be living in the Hollywood Hills by now.  In week nine, we get over the hump for the season.  Let's go!

Cincinnati (-3) at Miami: The Bengals rolled the Jets last week and are looking mighty strong.  I think they sink the floundering Dolphins.  Make Thursday night my NO DOUBTER again.  PICK: Cincy

Atlanta (+7.5) at Carolina: Cam is looking good.  Matty Ice is looking bad.  7.5 is a lot to give up in a divisional game, but I think the Panthers cover.  PICK: Carolina

Minnesota (+10.5) at Dallas: I don't think Minnesota has the defense to control Dallas, or the offense to keep up with them.  PICK: Dallas

New Orleans (-6) at NYJ: The NYJ are very up and down.  They get pasted by Cincy last week, but beat the Pats the week before.  I think the downward trend continues.  PICK: New Orleans

Tennessee (-3) at St. Louis: Kellen Clemens does not inspire any confidence.  Prep school face like you read about though.  PICK: Tennessee

Kansas City (-3) at Buffalo: Kansas City is due for a let down.  And nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.  PICK: Buffalo

San Diego (-1) at Washington: San Diego off the bye week.  The Skins haven't played a full four quarters all season.  PICK: San Diego

Philadelphia (+2.5) at Oakland:  Hopefully Foles can avoid another concussion this week.  Against the Cowboys he looked like he went a few rounds with Drederick Tatum.  If he stays healthy I think the Eagles defense can contain the Raiders and score some points.  PICK: Eagles

Tampa Bay (+16) at Seattle:  Seattle's offense is a little ragged.  If Tampa can limit the turnovers, they can cover.  A big if.  PICK: Tampa Bay

Baltimore (-2.5) at Cleveland: Yuck.  PICK: Baltimore

Pittsburgh (+6.5) at NEP:  The best description I heard of this game is that it will be "a rock fight."  NEP by a TD.  PICK: NEP

Indianapolis (-2.5) at Houston: Gotta think the Colts are going to dominate here.  PICK: Indy

Chicago (+10.5) at Green Bay: Who is Chicago's qb now?  I was a big fan of Hanie.  PICK: Green Bay 

OVERALL: 58-60-2

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

In hindsight, Moose Calls would have been a brilliant name for my weekly picks.  I'm not surprised that I didn't come up with something that clever though.  I can take solace in a 9-6 week seven however.  Let's continue the march towards .500!

Carolina (-6) at Tampa Bay: Unfortunately Tampa Bay and Jacksonville don't play each other this year.  That would be must see tv.  Carolina is at .500 after a miserable start to the season.  Look for them to throttle the Bucs.  PICK: Carolina NO DOUBTER

San Francisco (-16.5) at Jacksonville: The London Jaguars are a mighty foe, and should be able to keep the 49ers from winning by 17.  PICK: Jacksonville

Dallas (+3) at Detroit: Dallas held the Eagles to three points last week and are pretty proud about it.  The Lions are going to score way more than that.  PICK: Detroit

NYG (+5.5) at Philadelphia:  If the Eagles win, it is going to be close.  Not sure how healthy Vick is, and the Giants defense is improving.  PICK: NYG

Cleveland (+7.5) at Kansas City: Cleveland's defense is strong enough to hold the Chiefs offense in check.  But this all comes down to Jason Campbell at quarterback.  I could see the Browns scoring 0 points on Sunday.  Chudzinski is probably so sad right now.  PICK: Kansas City

Buffalo (+11.5) at New Orleans: The Saints are coming off of a bye after a tough loss to the Pats.  They get real and act real against Buffalo.  Side note: Demamp has REALLY aged the past two years or so.  PICK: New Orleans

Miami (+6.5) at NEP: The NEP make a statement this week after an embarrassing and questionable loss to the NYJ last week.  PICK: NEP

NYJ (+6.5) at Cincinnati: The NYJ got everyone's hope us last week.  Let down city this week.  PICK: Cincy

Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Oakland: Steelers and the Raiders.  40 years ago this game really would have meant something.  Classic autumn wind is a Raider game.  PICK: Oakland

Washington (+12.5) at Denver: Washington is going to get blown out by the Denver Broncos.  It's been really exciting to watch Robert Griffin press conferences since Tuesday though.  PICK: Denver

Atlanta (+2.5) at Arizona: Atlanta bounced back with a win last week.  But strange things happen in the desert.  The Cards are bringing the Guatemalan insanity peppers on D, and Carson will have his spirit guide with him this week.  PICK: Arizona

Green Bay (-9) at Minnesota: Good call on Josh Freeman!  Are we sure he doesn't have a permanent concussion?  Even with injuries, look for Rodgers to romp.  PICK: Green Bay

Seattle (-11) at St. Louis:  No Slingin' Sammy B for the Rams has me excited to start Seattle's defense in fantasy football this week.  PICK: Seattle

OVERALL: 49-56-2

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catch 22

Now that my Brandel Chamblee rant is over and done with, I can now start with my think-piece on the NFL as promised.  Roger Goodell and the NFL have come under increasing fire in the past few years to protect the athletes from injury in the NFL.  Changes have been made to protect the quarterback, protect defenseless receivers, and most recently to prevent one player from pushing another player in the back to block field goals (mentioned in jest).  Despite these changes however, concussions still appear to be on the rise in the NFL.  Part of this is no doubt attributable to the improvement in diagnosis of head injuries, but could another part of it be the evolution of the passing game?

If you were to take a look at the top-10 NFL career passing yardage leaders, only one of them (Fran Tarkenton) played before the 1980s.  When expanded to the top-20, you could add Dan Fouts, Johnny Unitas and Jim Hart (and one year of Joe Montana).  All the rest of the quarterbacks have played in an age where passing has become option #1 and rule changes have been make to proliferate passing yardage.  Hashmarks have been moved in, the quarterbacks have been given more protection, and basically any contact with the receiver beyond five yards has been outlawed.  What has been the result?  Record passing and receiving numbers, yes.  Record attendance and viewership, yes.  But could this also be contributing to more and more injuries? 

Think about it; receivers like Calvin Johnson and Malcom Floyd that are 6'5" and 225 pounds can now run their routes at sub 4.5/40 speeds without a defensive back being allowed to do anything to slow them down.  He is basically forced to stay away from the receiver until the last second when the ball arrives.  That all but guarantees that the two players are going to collide with a pretty fantastic amount of force.  That might not be contributing to all of the head trauma in the league, but I would argue it certainly has head an effect and certainly could be avoided.  Why hasn't the NFL corrected this problem?  Simple, follow the money.

Long gone are the days when a successful team won games 14-6 with a "three yards and a cloud of dust" mentality.  The NFL recognized that that style didn't garner viewers or sell tickets.  So they took the reins off of offenses in order to get more butts in the seats.  When it is apparent that this stressing of the passing game has coincided with increased head injuries in the game, they have balked at changing the rules because the money keeps rolling in.  They pay lip service to caring about the players, but the bottom line is the bottom line. 

There is no doubt that this is not the only factor in the rise in concussions in the NFL.  Players are bigger, stronger and faster than ever.  Concussions that would have gone undiagnosed in the past are now being treated with better technology and training.  These things have certainly contributed to the rise in reported concussions over the year.  However, the NFL has had its own hand in the rise in concussions by chasing viewership, attendance and ultimately money.  In an effort to become a pass happy league, the NFL has allowed players to reach dangerous speeds on the field, which has no doubt led to more concussions as well.  Re-instituting hand-checking, bump and run coverage, etc. would no doubt slow these receivers down and cut down on some of the high-speed injuries that have occurred.  But would the NFL make more money?  That is the question that they are more concerned with.

Building His Brand(el)

I was working on a nice little think-piece about the NFL and Roger Goodell, but unfortunately that will have to wait because I am fired up right now about this Brandel Chamblee story.  For those of you who are not familiar with Brandel Chamblee, he is a former PGA Tour golfer that now works as an analyst on the Golf Channel.  He has been extremely critical of Tiger Woods this year ever since his two-shot penalty at the Masters, and recently published a puff-piece giving Tiger Woods a grade of "F" for the 2013 season.  Tiger's agent has since responded, threatening legal action and blowing the story up even more.  As a die-hard Tiger fan, I can't help but have an opinion on this.  However, I will try to be impartial and easy on the vitriol in this response.  It's tough when you have to look at that wimp with a stupid haircut though.

First of all, it would be crazy to think that Brandel Chamblee does not have it out for Tiger for some reason.  Whether he doesn't approve of his lifestyle and decisions, or he is jealous of his skill level and fame, something irks Brandel Chamblee about Tiger.  What else could explain the article he wrote for  Under the guise of season-ending grades for the top golfers on tour, Chamblee light-heartedly recaps 13 other professional golfer's seasons with humorous anecdotes.  He comments on Jason Dufner's wife, how many autographs Phil Mickelson signed, and how pretty Adam Scott is, while spending no more than a sentence or two on any one golfer.  Then he gets to Tiger.  In a paragraph, Chamblee explains how his fourth grade teacher caught him cheating and gave him a 100 on the test, then crossed it out and wrote "F" which he then does for Tiger as well.  It appears that Brandel Chamblee never really grew up from that fourth grade moment as he continues rather transparently to attack Tiger Woods without any real agenda.

After Tiger's agent responded, Chamblee said he was merely defending his "opinion" that Tiger cheated several times this year.  This is an interesting departure from Chamblee's comments earlier this year when he stated it was not his opinion, but fact, that Tiger cheated.  Take a look at this Twitter interaction between Chamblee and resident Golf Channel babe Win McMurry right after Tiger's penalty at the Masters in April:

13 Apr
I appreciate standing up for the RULES of GOLF against who is standing up for HIS OWN OPINION of right/wrong

13 Apr
it's not an opinion that he gained an advantage by taking an improper drop Win.

Chamblee insists it is not his opinion that Tiger gained an advantage by taking an improper drop, but that it is somehow factual and can be proven that Tiger got an advantage and is a cheater.  Now he is saying that it is just his opinion that Tiger was "cavalier with the rules" at the Masters, as well as at other tournaments.  Interesting flip-flop there after he totally crucified Tiger during the Masters and said that his entire career would have a cloud over it if he kept playing and didn't disqualify himself.  

I have a few conclusions to draw from this series of events:

1) Brandel Chamblee is a petty person, and has it out for Tiger Woods for some reason
2) If statement 1 is not true, then Brandel Chamblee must be trying to gain financially off of being the anti-Tiger Woods personality somehow (something I have always accused Phil Mickelson of as well, somewhat jokingly)
3) Statement 2 could be construed as the comments of a blind Tiger supporter.  I'll admit that.  But why else would Chamblee continue to slam Tiger Woods?  He made a stink around the Masters, then stirred the pot again after the season is over?  What is the point?  Ask David Portnoy.  Pageviews = internet dollars.  I feel bad even writing about this because it is just creating more buzz for Chamblee.  Such an irrelevant person should be ignored.
4) Chamblee has no idea what it is like to be under such intense scrutiny and media spotlight, so maybe he should just save the criticism for someone who was actually good at golf:

Brandel Chamblee

Results in major championships

Tournament 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
DNP = Did not play
CUT = missed the half-way cut
"T" = tied
Yellow background for top-10.

5) Brandel Chamblee wouldn't have a job if it weren't for Tiger Woods.  Think about that.  He is paid money because of this person that he thinks is such a disgrace.  Can't be that bad I guess.

6)  Say what you want about Tiger; he should know the rules better, maybe he did wantonly disobey the rules, maybe he should sign more autographs, maybe he shouldn't have cheated on his wife.  But don't be a little bitch who writes a thinly veiled article whose only purpose is to blast someone you don't like.  Be a man, not the fourth grader you so eloquently describe in your article.  Which, by the way, I give an F. 

7) Elk might have said it best right here:

If Tiger Woods sued Brandel Chamblee for his comments what would he hope to get? Some hair spray & a short snap hook ....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another sub-par week for old Moose.  Pretty soon my bookie will have my head on his wall.  5-10 isn't going to cut it in this day and age.  I need a big week this week to get back on track.  Let's get it done!

Seattle (-5.5) at Arizona: In the desert, but Seattle is good enough to hold Arizona in check even though their defense seems legit.  PICK: Seattle

NEP (-4) at NYJ: BIG win for the NEP last week.  Injuries will hurt them this week on defense, but I think the offense comes out firing on all cylinders finally.  PICK: NEP

San Diego (-7.5) at Jacksonville: San Diego beat the Colts last week.  Watch them lose to Jacksonville this week. PICK: Jacksonville

Houston (+6) at Kansas City: Houston fans got their wish with Matt Schaub getting hurt.  They get blow out by Fat Andy at Arrowhead this week.  Is Eric Berry NFL MVP?  I can't think of one other good safety.  PICK: Kansas City

Cincinnati (+2.5) at Detroit: Detroit has too many weapons on offense.  Call Joseph Fauria Cris Carter because all he ever does is catch touchdowns.  I wish the Fauria spike was passed down to him though.  PICK: Detroit

Buffalo (+7.5) at Miami: Doug Marrone has been keeping games close with even the most putrid of QBs.  Enter Matt Flynn.  The Bills QB situation this year is resembling the Broncos running back carousel of 2008.  PICK: Buffalo

Chicago (Pick 'em) at Washington: Robert Griffin III looked better last week.  I like the Bears in a toss up though.  PICK: Chicago

Dallas (+3) at Philly: The Eagles haven't won a game at home since 2011.  That's a fact.  Despite D. Ware and D. Murray being out, I think Bryant, Austin and Witten shred this secondary.  PICK: Dallas

St. Louis (+6) at Carolina: Is Cam Newton starting his late season resurgence early?  I think so.  PICK: Carolina

Tampa Bay (+7) at Atlanta: Atlanta is in free fall mode with all of their injuries.  They can still beat the Bucs though.  PICK: Atlanta

San Francisco (-4) at Tennessee:  The Titans keep it close for a while, then field hand Gore breaks free to put it out of reach.  NO DOUBTER.  PICK: San Francisco

Cleveland (+10) at Green Bay: I want to believe in Chudzinski, especially with the Packers down a few wide receivers.  Brandon Weeden is the quarterback though.  PICK: Green Bay

Baltimore (+2) at Pittsburgh: Sucker bet?  Once again, I'll bite.  PICK: Baltimore

Denver (-6.5) at Indianapolis: Game of the week here.  The Colts bounce back from a stinker and Manning face for all!  PICK: Colts

Minnesota (+3.5) at NYG: The NYG gotta win sometime.  PICK: NYG

OVERALL: 40-50-2

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Tough week for the Moose, going 5-9 and losing my perfect No Doubter streak to start the season.  Every week is a new picture though, and as Rod Stewart tells us; "Every Picture Tells a Story."  Great album by the way.  Got it on vinyl.  RAT is probably jealous about that.  Let's see what we can learn from the story of week 5 and try to right the ship this week.

NYG (+7.5) at Chicago: The Giants have lost five in a row to start the season, and managed to get beaten badly by the lowly Eagles last week.  This would seem like a slam dunk for the Bears, but I think Chicago is on a downward slide of their own and the Giants have to win sometime.  PICK: NYG

Oakland (+9) at Kansas City: Fat Andy is 5-0.  Fucking great.  I think they win this week, but not by 10 or more.  PICK: The Autumn Wind is a Raider

Philadelphia (-1.5) at Tampa Bay: Tampa is 0-4, but is coming off of a bye week.  The Iggs have switched gears to Nick Foles at QB with Vick hurt.  I hate to say it but I think Tampa gets their first win this week.  If not, Schiano gets canned.  Mark it.  PICK: Leg Breakers

Green Bay (-3) at Baltimore: Baltimore at home is always risky to pick against.  I'm taking the Packers offense though.  PICK: Green Bay

Carolina (+2.5) at Minnesota: Minnesota now has three bad quarterbacks.  Adrian Peterson probably longs for the days of Tarvaris Jackson.  Yikes.  PICK: Carolina

St. Louis (+7.5) at Houston: Houston looks really bad one week, then trounces a good team the next.  It doesn't make any sense.  The home crowd is gonna turn on Schaub right out of the gate.  Gimme the Rams.  PICK: St. Louis

Pittsburgh (+2.5) at NYJ:  Well now, the NYJ are 3-2.  I still don't understand it.  But I'll roll with it.  PICK: NYJ

Detroit (-2.5) at Cleveland: PICK:


Cincinnati (-7) at Buffalo: No E.J. Manuel for the Bills, and the Bengals managed to hold Tom Brady to no touchdowns last week.  Smart money is on the Red Rocket this week.  Crazy things can happen at Ralph Wilson Stadium though.  PICK: Cincy

Tennessee (+13.5) at Seattle: Seattle looked bad against the Colts last week, but the Seahawks at home is a different animal altogether.  Fitzy goes for multiple picks in this game.  PICK: Seattle

Jacksonville (+27.5) at Denver:  Largest spread in history.  I'm taking the points.  Denver will probably be up 35-0 at halftime and then put in their backups the rest of the game and win by 24 or something.  PICK: Jacksonville

Arizona (+10.5) at San Francisco: We thought Arizona's defense seemed legit last week, and we still think so.  I like them to cover this week but not win per se.  San Francisco's defense got old fast.  PICK: Arizona

New Orleans (+2.5) at New England: The NEP looked putrid last week.  I think their offense has a hard time keeping up with the Saints even with Gronk back in the lineup.  PICK: New Orleans

Washington (+5.5) at Dallas: Dallas ran up the scoreboard last week against Denver but still lost.  I think they hold Washington in check this week.  PICK: Dallas

Indianapolis (-1.5) at San Diego:  This line is so close it makes you wonder if its a sucker bet.  I'll bite.  PICK: Indianapolis

OVERALL: 35-40-2

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moose's Weekly Picks

Another week, another No Doubter slammed home.  Not to mention, a robust 10-5 record in week 4.  This week should be interesting with a lot of good teams playing each other, and several bad teams playing each other.  Let's keep on rolling in week 5!

Buffalo (+3.5) at Cleveland: TCFL -Team Chudzinski for Life.  PICK: Browns

Kansas City (-3) at Tennessee: I never know what to make of Tennessee, but with Jake Locker out, I think they struggle against the Chiefs defense.  PICK: Kansas City

Baltimore (+3) at Miami: Baltimore has struggled on the road, including a loss to the Bills last week.  PICK: Miami

Jacksonville (+11.5) at St. Louis: I wanted to pick the Rams in my survivor pool, but a famous bozo once told me; "don't bet on a bad team."  I think Justin Blackmon is back this week.  PICK: Jacksonville

New England (+1.5) at Cincinnati: The Pats are getting better every week despite missing key players on offense.  The Bengals come off of a huge win against the Packers with a loss to Chudzinski.  PICK: NEP

Seattle (-3) at Indianapolis: Tough game to call.  I'm going with defense though.  PICK: Seattle

Detroit (+7) at Green Bay: The Lions offense is going to give Green Bay fits.  PICK: Detroit

New Orleans (Pick Em) at Chicago: This New Orleans team appears to be on another level after dismantling the Dolphins on Monday.  They are going to be in the NFC Championship picture.  PICK: New Orleans

Philadelphia (+2) at NYG: I want to think the Eagles can win this, but their defense is so bad.  I think any QB could throw for 300 yards on them at this point.  PICK: NYG

Carolina (-2) at Arizona: Another blah game.  Arizona's defense seems legit.  PICK: Arizona

San Diego (-4.5) at Oakland: Philip Rivers is back and cocky as ever.  PICK: San Diego

Denver (-7.5) at Dallas: Denver is proving just how bad the NFC East is this year.  PICK: Denver

Houston (+6.5) at San Francisco: San Francisco had a big win last week and has had a long break.  PICK: San Francisco

NYJ (+10) at Atlanta: The Falcons have shown us nothing this year, but I still think they beat the Jets here.  Make it my NO DOUBTER of the week.  PICK: Atlanta

OVERALL: 30-31-2